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Host a fun and tasty movie night with G.H. Cretors popped corn

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our schedules have been fairly non-stop this month with both of our daughter’s graduating from either middle or high school. When we do get to spend time together at home, one of our favorite ways to spend family time is watching movies.

Host a fun and tasty movie night with G.H. Cretors popped corn

Since both our girls are in their teens, our genre selection has become more varied, but one thing remains constant. Every movie night needs snacks and our family loves popcorn! When the nice folks at G.H. Cretors asked if I’d like to host a movie night, receive their complimentary movie night kit and try their popped corn I immediately said yes, of course! 

My thanks to them for the tasty treats, the Oscar nominated movies Arrival and Moonlight, the cozy blanket to snuggle with and the “obsessively delicious" popped corn! While I did receive products to facilitate today's post, all opinions are my own. 

When the company representative contacted me, I have to confess, the name G.H. Cretors didn’t ring a bell, so I followed the link she provided to learn more.  I’d love to share their story with you now. 

About G.H. Cretors and how they got their tag line Obsessively Good

G.H. Cretors logo

G.H. Cretors history dates back to 1893 with Charles Cretors, confectioner and inventor, who unveiled the first popcorn machine at the Chicago World’s Fair. Their artisanal popcorn is made in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients which makes it the perfect snack for at home movie nights. Whether watching a new film or an old favorite, nothing pairs better than a bowl of obsessively delicious popcorn. 

Why Obsessively Good?

Host a fun and tasty movie night with G.H. Cretors popped corn

Great-great granddaughter, Claire Cretors, popped the first batch of “obsessively delicious” flavors four decades later, to what we know today as G.H. Cretors Popped Corn. After trying their Just the Cheese Corn and The Mix (cheddar cheese and caramel), we wholeheartedly agree with Claire!  G.H. Cretors snacks are so good and a bag or two can get gobbled up quickly! You can feel good about serving this snack because they use Non-GMO popcorn and other Non-GMO ingredients whenever possible, and has a line of organic offerings as well. 

You have your choice of nine flavors which include:

  • The Mix
  • Organic Chile Jalapeno White Cheddar
  • Organic Dill Pickle
  • Just the Cheese
  • Just the Caramel
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Organic White Cheddar
  • Organic Honey Butter Kettle-corn
  • Organic Salted Butter 

Yum! All these delightful sounding flavors have my mouth watering. Just the smell of popping corn is enough to get my taste buds ready. We are a nation that loves our pop-corn for sure. Check out these fun popcorn facts and let me know in comments how many you already knew.

Fun Facts about Popcorn from G.H. Cretors:

  • Americans eat an estimated 17 billion quarts of popcorn every year!
  • Nearly 70% of popcorn is eaten at home.
  • Popcorn can pop up to three feet in the air!
  • Popcorn is the official snack of the State of Illinois, where G.H. Cretors is made.

Host a fun and tasty movie night with G.H. Cretors popped corn

We’ve watched and loved Arrival now and once we can squeeze another family movie night in our schedule, we are looking forward to watching Moonlight. I’m asking my family to nominate their favorite G.H. Cretors flavor.  

I’ll be able to find them easily because they can be found nationwide in Walgreens, Target, Rite Aid, BJs and more. For full retail locations near you, check out the store locator here and be sure to tag them on social channels once you start munching using hashtag #GHCretorsMovieNight .

Instagram: @ghcretors
Twitter: @GHCretors 

Make time for movie night this summer:

The school year is officially done for the year as of this afternoon. By Memorial Day, we’ll be in full summertime mode where our pace slows down and we savor and enjoy out time together so why not host a fun and tasty movie night at your house and grab a bag or two of G.H. Cretors for movie time munching?

Please share in comments: Which popped corn flavor choice from the list above would you try first?

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Independent film Urban Hymn movie review

Saturday, May 20, 2017

We love watching movies from a variety of genres, everything from Sci-Fi to Disney animations we will watch with an open mind.   In my opinion, having an open mind is necessary when reviewing any movie; most especially when the film is a un- rated independent film like Urban Hymn.  Thanks to my partnership with Level 33 Entertainment, I received a complimentary early screener copy of Urban Hymn to facilitate today’s review. No further compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

Urban Hymn film review

About Urban Hymn:

“Urban Hymn follows a troubled teenage girl, Jamie, who possesses an amazing singing voice, and an inspiring and unconventional social worker, Kate, who encourages her to use it.”

Written by: Nick Moorcroft - Directed By: Michael Caton-Jones – Produced By: Andrew Berg, Neil Chordia, John Sachs and Daniel Toland


Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter fans know her as Moaning Myrtle),  Steven Mackintosh, Ian Hart,  Shaun Parkes, Letitia Wright, Caroline O’Neill, Isabella Laughland, Jack McMullen, Katie Redford

Urban Hymn movie review

As I mentioned earlier, I had an open mind, along with a fair amount high hopes for this film especially when I saw all the film festival awards Urban Film has already won. 


  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Toronto International Film Festival
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Busan International Film Festival
  • WINNER Audience Award - International Young Audience Film Festival
  • WINNER Organizer’s Prize - International Young Audience Film Festival
  • WINNER Golden Gryphon Generator +18 - Giffoni Film Festival

My Thoughts:

Raw, edgy, real.  Within the first three minutes of Urban Hymn I was questioning what I was getting ready to allow my 14 and 18 year old daughter to watch. There is language and scenes that depict inner city streets and inner city teens running amuck.  

Questions like should I turn this off? Should I watch it by myself?  ran through my head and straight out of my mouth, but we all agreed to watch the film to see where it led. I agreed because, folks, you can’t keep your teens in a bubble forever. Who better for them to see this side of life than with their mom?

Urban Hymn, classified as an Independent drama, music film is just that, full of drama and music and feels. Lots and lots of feels!  Yes, it is a coming of age film, but don’t expect Breakfast Club or even Mean Girls vibes.  

This film takes you right in to the world of some seriously troubled youth living at a home for wayward children. Beyond the hitting, smoking, yelling, drinking, sex, drugs, and loud club music, we meet Jamie, (played by Letitia Wright) who loves to sing along to her dead mom’s old soul and blues record collection, (the only thing she had from her mom, who died when Jamie was just 6). And her partner in crime (literally) and best friend Leanne, (played by Isabella Laughland) who has one bad temper and a possessive streak when it comes to Jamie. That temper which morphs into crazy rages is unleashed on anyone who Leanne feels wrongs her or Jamie, including new case worker Kate.

As the film progresses you find yourself understanding that all of the main characters are hurting and broken in their own way. Kate (played by Shirley Henderson) sees Jamie’s talent and offers a helping hand and in so doing, changes the course of all of their lives. Kate is trying to help and forget, Jamie is trying to change while not losing sight of where she comes from, and Leann, well, she is simply trying to survive. If I had to rate this movie, I would give it an R rating.

 Here is a trailer for you. 

Urban Hymn opened in theaters and on demand 5/12/17. You can learn more about the movie by visiting Urban Hymn on Facebook here  and by following Level 33 Entertainment on Twitter here.

My Take Away: 

This is a gritty, powerful film that will have you feeling multiple emotions and deals with very real life and death situations, so I wouldn’t suggest you going to the theater or streaming it if you are not in an emotionally good place.  

Urban Hymn movie review

If you are ready believe in human kindness, cry at life’s unfairness and rejoice with a choir of signers, go see this movie!  I’m so glad we got to watch it. The acting was superb and they truly brought their characters to life!  It is hard to end of film on a happy and sad note all at once, but Urban Hymn does just that. 

Please share in comments: What was the last Independent film you watched? What drew you to it?

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Organize your closet in an afternoon with simple accessories

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring cleaning continues this month at Casa Kinsman and while I feel like I’m making headway in some areas (hello recycling bins filled to the brim!), I’ve just started on closets. Oh, closet organization, how I avoid you, until now. When my friends over at Tidy Living ask if I would like to work with them on their May Madness spring cleaning sale, I happily said yes because I knew I couldn’t let my closets stay messy. With the help of two cool clothing accessories I received from today’s sponsor, I was able to organize the messiest closet in one afternoon. Here’s how I did it. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tidy Living. I received information/product to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Organize your closet in an afternoon with a garment rack from TidyLiving.com  #ad

1. Block out enough time:

To take your closet from clutter to clean, the first and maybe hardest step is blocking out the necessary time. It is imperative that you allow at least an hour to devote to this chore. The more clothing and accessories you have, the more time you’ll need. I blocked out an afternoon. 

2. Pick your battles:

Before you start pulling items out of the closet, stop and ask yourself what is bugging you the most.

  • Is it that you can’t step in to your closet because it’s stuffed all the way to the door?
  • Is it that your clothes are in piles and towers in front of the closet door or on other furniture nearby?
  • Is your source of stress wrinkles from not hanging clothing properly or at all?
  • Is it all the STUFF you own? (Shoes, purses, belts, scarves, backpacks, gym bags luggage).

3. Start with one item:

Now that you’ve identified which battle you’d like to tackle, just start. Yes, just start by moving one piece of clothing or item. It will look different for every closet and every battle. Start by making a clear work area. If that means moving a pile in front of the actual closet, do it. Do you need to move boxes, bins, luggage to walk in to your closet? Do it. Set them in the hallway if need be. The point is to see the closet and what you have to work with. 

When I started with my closet organization in my daughter’s room, I quickly realized her clothes were not on hangers, shelves or drawers because she was trying multiple pieces to create her look and style for the next day. Enter the first simple sanity saving closet accessory

style your look easily with a single tier garment rack #ad

3. Utilize clothing accessories and organizers inside and outside of closet:

The single tier garment rack is a handy clothing accessory for those who like to pull together their outfits and looks ahead of time. This rack was shipped to me speedy quick from TidyLiving.com and is on sale during their May madness sale where you can save up to 70% off this month, plus, you get free shipping to all U.S and Canada residences. You’ll save even more on multiple purchases too. Save 10% off any two purchases, or 15% off any three. 

Sometimes to better organize the inside of a closet, you have to think outside for clever storage options. Now my fashionista can easily style her clothes and accessories, all the way down to her shoes by utilizing a small space just to the side of her closet. The rack has space at the bottom to hold a shoe organizer and is specious enough that you can even hang your purse and belts. She really likes how it lends coolness to her room too. 

4. Don’t re-launder clean clothes that are wrinkled:

While working in my daughter’s closet, I found countless tops I knew had been washed but never worn, but they were way too wrinkled to wear.  If you are tired of seeing clothes re-enter the laundry room because they were scooped up off the floor, do yourself a favor and invest in a foldable drying rack.

air dry delicate clothing on a foldable drying rack #ad

This rack is on sale too at Tidyliving.com and is going to be a lifesaver for me with two teen daughters! I set up the folding rack in their bathroom, gathered up items I knew I had recently laundered, (don’t be afraid to do a sniff test) and tossed them in a laundry hamper. 

Next I grabbed my handy water bottle from my laundry room, (water is easier to use and cheaper than using wrinkle re-leasers) and in under 5 minutes all that laundry was spritzed with water and drying so it can be put away properly. 

You're done!

With a little planning, patience, a few simple closet accessories and an afternoon, I was able to transform a closet into a usable, organized space. I’ll be tackling more closets as the month continues. 

Please share in comments: Which closet have you been avoiding organizing in your home? 


This post is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. My WAHM Plan was compensated/and or received promotional products to share this information.

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Color of the Month - May 2017 - Fern Green

Friday, May 12, 2017

May is a beautiful month for anyone who loves nature. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, bees are buzzing and there is greenery everywhere and in a myriad of shades to adore. 

I have a fantastic view of my front yard down to our pond from my office chair and I can count at least six different shades of green. It was hard to narrow down a particular shade, but after scanning my photos, I chose Fern Green as my May color of the month.

Blackberry bush with fern green leaves and white bloom

This photo of my Blackberry bush with the pretty leaves and white bloom was my inspiration for this months color choice. While I love flowers and blooms, it was the leaves in all their perfection I liked most.

Here is my monthly Pinterest collaboration board I've put together to show you how to use, wear, and accessorize with Fern Green.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Are we pin buddies? Follow me and comment here with your user name so I can follow you and if you have a cool pin that would fit in with this months theme, be sure to let me know in comments and I'll add it to the board.

I plan on spending as much time as possible outside with my family this weekend enjoying all the pretty greenery. I hope your weekend is filled with all the things that make you happy.

Please share in comments: What is your favorite pin from this months Pinterest board?


A tote bag that gives hope this Mother’s Day

Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother’s Day is almost here and I just had to share a great gift idea that I recently discovered while working my other job as an Avon Representative. I know most of you have heard of this iconic beauty brand, but do you know the giving side of Avon? The Avon Foundation for Women launched its Speak out against Domestic Violence program back in 2004.  One of its main pillars is to fund shelters across the United States that provide safe spaces for women and children in imminent danger where they can heal emotionally and physically, move toward self-sufficiency, and learn positive coping skills.

Avon Reps at Sanctuary for Families New York

“One of Avon Foundation’s grantees is Sanctuary forFamilies (Sanctuary), New York City’s largest service provider for survivors of domestic violence and their children. At an event on April 27, held at Sarah Burke House, Sanctuary’s 58-family shelter in the Bronx, local-area Avon Representatives and the Avon Foundation for Women presented a $5,000 grant to Sanctuary, marking more than $675,000 donated to the organization by the Avon Foundation for Women during a nearly 20-year philanthropic partnership.”

This donation is a powerful message of hope, especially coming from Avon and their local mom bosses. It makes me so proud to be a part of this great company. It makes me want to work harder, stand taller as an Avon Representative and to find ways to give more in my own community.  

A tote bag that gives hope this Mother’s Day:

A tote bag that give hop this Mother's Day #Avon

“This donation coincides with the launch of Avon’sBranching Out Empowerment Tote for Mother’s Day 2017, a limited-edition fundraising product honoring domestic violence survivors and created through Avon’s special collaboration with Sanctuary for Families’ Children’s Collaborative Art Project.” Christine Jaworsky, Director of the Avon Foundation’s leading Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Program shared that the painting features a large, colorful tree with many branches – symbolizing the children’s family tree, filled with hope, healing and growth

I absolutely LOVE that the art work of children currently living at Sanctuary was used on this tote. It makes its message even more powerful and I will think of the Mother's who were brave enough to leave and seek sanctuary for themselves and their children each time I carry it. 

How you can help:

Funds raised from the new Empowerment Tote will be donated by Avon to the Avon Foundation to be able to provide more grants for more programs that provide critical services for women and their families. The easiest way to help would be to purchase the Empowerment tote from your local Avon Representative. I am a firm believer in helping where you live! If you don’t currently have a local Avon Representative, just go to Avon.com and use their search tools. 

Empowerment tote by Avon for Mother's Day

If you are reading this and I’m your local or online Avon Representative. You can use my link purchase the Empowerment tote. It should arrive to you in time for Mother's Day if purchased asap!  Please note, I will earn a small percentage on this sale by you using my link here, but $3.60 of every sale goes to Avon grants and programs! 

I sincerely thank you for blessing me with your purchase, which also blesses others and isn’t that a beautiful Mother’s Day gift?

I hope you find this information helpful. I’ve felt a pull to share more Avon related posts with you here on my blog. I’ve been with Avon a year and a half and I feel it would be fun and helpful if I shared a glimpse into my direct sales business here since it is a big part of my work at home mom plan.

I wish all Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Please share in comments: Have you ever purchased an Avon product? If yes, what was it?


This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. My WAHM Plan owner is an Independent Avon Representative and may receive monetary compensation if you purchase the above item. 


5 ways to help on National Shelter Pet Day April 30th

Friday, April 28, 2017

Having pets and treating them like family is fairly common all across America and yet, our shelters are at capacity year round; especially no-kill shelters, which is where we adopted both our indoor cats. We love and adore our fur babies and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. While we can’t adopt another animal at this time, we are going to help on national shelter pet day, which is on Sunday April 30th this year.  Here are some ways to help in your community.

Our cat Dottie adopted from animal shelter

Ten years ago this month, we adopted this sweet girl. Dottie as my then small girls named her (because she has dots by her pink nose and on her chin) is a quiet girl who prefers to sit beside you rather than cuddle. 

She’s a soft purr girl who cries when her family leaves. Her heart belongs to my husband, Kevin. From the very first moment Dottie saw him that day long ago at the shelter, she has been drawn to him and tolerates the rest of us. The adoption fees we paid helped cover the cost of her care and helped keep the shelter open. That’s the first way you can help

1. Adopt a Pet:

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, this weekend is the time to take action since shelters all across the country are waiving the adoption fee! Here’s what Metro Nashville, TN. animal control center put of their Facebook wall:
“Spread the word MACC is hosting a Shelter Pawty to celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Adoption fees will be waived for all shelter residents this Saturday and SUNDAY!
The ‘Pawty’ begins Saturday, April 29 and continues through Sunday, April 30 from 12pm-4pm, with special Sunday Adoption Hours.
Share, share, share this post, let’s clear the Shelter for National Adopt a Shelter Day. #shelterpawty #nationaladoptashelterpetday#cleartheshelter

Not sure if your local shelters are waiving their adoption fees? Google it! Seek out shelters on Facebook, or go really old school and call them. 

2. Shop locally:

Our cat, Fiona adopted from a mobile shelter

Fiona was adopted 4 years ago from a mobile shelter that had set up near our local pet supply store. We weren’t thinking of adopting another cat, but every time we drove by the sign, our youngest would ask if we could at least go in to “see” the kittens. 

As most parents know, once you agree to “seeing” an animal, nine times out of ten, you will be bringing one home! That’s what happened once we relented and saw this sweet babies face. Her little black nose and unique markings drew us to her.  We adopted her and bought all her food and accessories at the local pet store hosting the adoption event. 

Could we have saved a few bucks shopping at a big box retailer? Yes, but we wanted to help this shelter and this store. We are very happy we did! Fiona is our sweet fur baby, who is a Mama’s girl. She also adores her big sister Tera and helps her with her home- work often. 

 3. Donate to local shelters:

Maybe you just aren’t ready to adopt a pet this weekend, or any weekend in the near future. Owning a pet while rewarding is a big life decision that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. If people spayed and neutered pets and thought before adopting cute little animals, our shelters may not be so full. I’m getting off my soapbox now to list a few things animal shelters always need.

 4. Fulfill Pet Shelters Wish Lists:

  • Volunteers – show up, help clean up, pet the animals, walk them, show them kindness, and work in office.
  • Give pet supplies- water and food bowls, toys, leashes and collars, brushes, grooming tools, pet beds, blankets, and towels.
  • Give Pet Food and Litter- wet dog/cat food, dog/cat treats, clumping cat litter, non-clay cat litter (for kittens).
  • Give money- it doesn’t have to be a big donation. ANY donation helps. I just read a neat idea from Pet Finder that suggests donating part of your wedding or event registry to pets! How cool would that be? Just ask your local shelter if they can set up a registry of items they need.

5. Take in a Stray:

Our cat, Catty Cat adopted us

The last way you can help on National Shelter Pet Day is to take in a stray thereby keeping that animal out of a shelter. That’s exactly what we did several years ago with this sweet girl, Catty-Cat. Don’t judge me too harshly on the name. She was a very scared, very hungry kitty when she first showed up on the stoop on a cold February morning. It took me days to gain her trust, to assure her that I wouldn’t hurt her, so I had to call her something. 

She is the sweetest, smartest cat we have and she adores our Melissa. They are best buds, taking walks together, gardening, finding cool shade spots and delightfully cool water down at the pond on hot summer days. This one prefers to stay outside most days, but has a cushy set up in the garage for storms (she is scared of them) or cold winter weather. 

Our lives are enriched by these different, beautiful, fun cats! As you may have noticed by now, we aren’t a dog family. It’s not that we don’t like other people’s dogs, and delight in the occasional puppy kiss, we just know our own personalities and realized early on, cats were more our thing. It goes without saying that dog’s need our love and support as well, so if you don’t mind slobber, love going for walks and tossing balls, please consider adopting a dog this weekend too.

I hope this post will help you plan a trip to your local shelter this weekend to adopt, give or volunteer this weekend and be part of national pet shelter day this year. 

Do you have pets? If yes, were they shelter adoptions?


Earth Day 2017 Reduce Our Footprint

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day readers! It’s a grey, semi-rainy day here in middle Tennessee, but that won’t stop us from doing a few things in our own piece of good earth. I’m weeding my front flower beds in between rain drops while enjoying my Primroses and thinking about how best my family can reduce our footprint for our Earth Day cause this year. 


Footprint Facts:

According to Earthday.org, “Humans are consuming natural resources at an alarming rate. For the past couple of decades we have consumed more resources annually than the Earth can replenish. Today humans consume the equivalent of 1.5 planets’ worth of resources every year and, unless something changes, we are expected to consume 2 planets’ worth of resources by 2050! If we don’t act now to reduce this unsustainable behavior, we will cripple the planet and threaten the living conditions of future generations.”

Reduce your footprint

Where to Start:

  • Take the Ecological Foot Print Quiz here
  • Select your location on the Map.
  • Taking the quiz took just 5 minutes.

Select your location on map

Here are my results:

It would take 4.5 Earth’s to provide enough resources for our lifestyle and 20 global acres of land! Wow! I had no idea our ecological footprint was this large. You can see all of our numbers on the graph below.

My ecological footprint quiz results

Even though my family and I do well with our reduce, reuse, recycle plan of action; 44% of our footprint is in services. 

My Take Away:

It looks like this Earth Day, my family needs to discuss and brainstorm ideas of how we can reduce our consumerism. Some ideas off the top of my head are:
  • Reduce our shopping trips
  • Think of long term use of clothing and accessories
  • Reduce paper consumption by reading papers and magazines online
  • Buy clothing accessories from Consignment shops more often

I plan on working on reducing our footprint throughout the year and will be taking this quiz again next April. I’ll share my numbers again next Earth Day

Join Us:

I hope you’ll join us today as we make global strides to better our Earth. This is the only home we’ve got and it is our responsibility to leave it in good standing for future generations! Find several causes to plug in to at EarthDay.org.

How do you celebrate Earth Day? 

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Easy Al Fresco Dining with Good Food Made Simple

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April is the perfect time of year to clean off your deck, porch or patio and take mealtime outside. In the south, the first burst of pollen has subsided, it’s not too hot and the bugs aren’t matching us bite for bite yet, so we call that a win. Today, I want to share how easy Al Fresco dining can be with our sponsor, Good Food Made Simple combined with a healthy dose of spontaneity.  There’s a giveaway too! 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Good Food Made Simple. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 

Easy Al Fresco Dining with Good Food Made Simple #ad #foodie

Turn on the TV and you’ll likely be bombarded with perfection. Perfect homes, perfect food, perfect kids, and perfect pets. Go online and again you’ll find perfection, I’m looking at you Pinterest and Instagram and dare I say it- blogs! But here is the thing, nobody really lives like that! Our true lives are messy and imperfect, so I for one have decided to embrace imperfection, starting with our impromptu Al Fresco dinner! Here’s how I did it.

Don’t Stress:

  • The setting- Pick a clean, well-lit, or sunny spot in your yard or on your patio/porch making sure you have a nice view of nature or other focal point. Use your existing furniture, like your patio set.  We brought out a long table we use on game night so we could set up dining closer to our pond. A card table will do!

Dining Al Fresco pick the setting #outside

  • The Tableware- Now is not the time to break out the company is coming place settings. Keep things easy yet pretty by selecting plates, glasses and flatware that make you happy when you use them. Throw a pretty tablecloth on the table; add some candles and a plant or flowers and you are good.

Setting a simple Al Fresco Dining table

  • The Food- This may be the hardest part of the Al Fresco dining experience for many of us because food to us is a love thing. I get that and the old me would have planned and fretted this idea until I was stressing the details. Since I’m embracing imperfection now, I was totally okay with heating and serving Good Food Made Simple Entrees!

Good Food Made Simple entrees #food #ad #giveaway

Have you heard of them? I’ve been seeing (and drooling) over their Facebook shares recently and was thrilled when asked if I would like to work with them, try their food and host a giveaway for my readers. 

About Good Food Made Simple: 

Good Food Made Simple offers chef crafted frozen meals using clean, simple ingredients. They believe when it comes to food, less is more. They believe simplifying food is the key to goodness and they want us to eat simply with good food for all. I love that! Who among us doesn’t want to serve up wholesome meals?


They offer several breakfast, snack and entree options at several retailers. You can find a retailer near you by visiting their website to use their Where to Buy tab. While there, be sure to check out their ingredient list. I was happy to learn they make everything from scratch with simple ingredients like antibiotic-free meats, cage free eggs and real cheese! The real cheese was a deciding factor for my entree choice; Cavatappi Bolognese

Cavatappi Bolognese from Good Food Made Simple #food #giveaway #ad

My Thoughts:

The cream and mozzarella were quite tasty as was the beef sauce. Honestly, this dish went above and beyond my expectations! If I were to serve this to you just like I served myself, I think you would never believe this was a frozen entree! I will definitely keep some of these on hand for those busy nights when I need to feed my family, but don't want to hit a drive through. And another Al Fresco dining evening may come again soon!

I hope you found my easy tips for dining Al Fresco helpful and the idea of embracing imperfection encouraging! That’s my new motto and will be top of mind as I share posts from now on. 

Win It:

Good Food Made Simple prize #giveaway #ad

Thanks to my awesome sponsor, Good Food Made Simple, one lucky reader will receive 9 free product coupons! Retail value $35.00. 


No purchase is necessary to enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Must live in the United States and be 18+ or older to enter. Must use a valid email address to enter. Sorry, we can't ship to P.O. Boxes. One winner per household only.  My WAHM Plan is not responsible for prize fulfillment, sponsor is. Winners will be notified by email used on entry form and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!

Which Good Food Made Simple entree would you most likely purchase and why?


This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. My WAHM Plan was compensated/and or received promotional products to share this information



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