Wordless Wednesday: Found in the garden - My WAHM Plan

Wordless Wednesday: Found in the garden

Take a walk through your yard and garden today to see what you can find.

ripening blackberries on the vine

well camouflaged grasshopper

fresh picked flowers, herbs and leaves

Happy summer to all who read this! Let me know in comments what's in your garden here or comment on social and tag me. I'm on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and meeting us. There are eight crazy felines at our house, and sad to say most folks do know which butt belongs to which cat, but with three tuxies, we thought we might fool some folks. Your photos are gorgeous. Mom has many flower beds. Right now we have day lilies, star gazer lilies and morning glory blooming, as well as annuals that Mom planted for this summer. Hope you'll visit again sometime. Hugs, Kitties Blue

  2. Hi Kitties Blue,

    This is a first here on the blog, getting a nice long comment from a cat. I adored meeting all 8 of you and will return to your moms blog often, so I can join the readers who do know your butts. Your moms flowerbeds sound lovely too! I gardening and cats, so we have lots in common.


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