Hi! Thanks so much for visiting.  I'm Linda: happy wife and work at home mom of two Gen Z daughters. I like strong coffee, being outside (especially at sunset), beautiful flowerbeds (sometimes they're mine), happy kids, happy bellies, (home style cooking is my jam), a welcoming home and a thriving home-based business.

Meet Linda:

Hi, I'm Linda

Being a homemaker at heart is what led me to becoming a work at home mom (WAHM) when I had my first daughter 23 years ago. I've learned a lot about this ever-evolving title and want to share my practical tips with you on living a happy work at home mom life, so you can be happy at home too.

My goal on My WAHM Plan is to show you that you can work from home and still remain true to your core values and goals. I do wear many hats as a content creator, digital marketer and more.

I became a Music City film critic in the fall of 2021, which is very exciting! I'll be sharing more film reviews here on the blog and on my social channels, especially Twitter, if you'd like to join some fun film conversations.

I am thriving at home, which was my wahm plan all along.

If you like positive, friendly, less-than-perfect posts -- then stick around! I embrace imperfections and want you to be free to do the same!

Meet The Kinsman Family:

Meet the fun loving Kinsman's


We strive daily to give our girls the best possible life we can, which, to us, is all about love, faith, and being present and available. Working at home has been a blessing to this homemaker at heart! As a matter of fact, my blog has become a bit of a family business since its humble beginnings 13 years ago.

My husband (my biggest fan) has always got my back and is willing to assist me in any way he possibly can. My daughters have always enjoyed helping with the behind-the-scenes aspect of blogging. We are dipping our toes into the "empty nest" phase of parenting, so weekend day dates and road trips have become a favorite pastime for the hubs and I. Plus, we are always working on a home improvement project, which I'll be sharing more of.

Me and the Hubby:

Us at the car show

Now that our daughters are adults, you'll see less of them in my posts, but we are still a connected, fun-loving bunch and both daughters still provide input on the blog. Tera is a teacher and offers organizational ideas that are so helpful to me, while Melissa, is more hands on. You can read more in her bio below.

Meet Melissa:


Melissa has quite literally grown up on this blog since it started 13 years ago! She has always been willing and able to part of my business, both here on the blog and on social media.  Her roles include Creative Assistant, Photographer and Visual Editor. I'm honored to have her continued support as she works her job and studies. 

We try not to take ourselves too seriously and enjoy spending time together, kicking around Nashville, taking the back roads on road trips all around the south and eating at little mom-and-pop places. We love being a close-knit family who are owned by one spoiled rotten cat, Fiona. She is a follower favorite over on Instagram!

Meet Fiona:

This is our home place:

Home is where the heart is

We purchased five beautiful acres of semi-rural land in a sleepy hamlet near Leiper's Fork, Tennessee over fifteen years ago. We are just south of Nashville -- close enough to enjoy city life, while being far away enough to see all the constellations at night. It's a perfect mix for us. Stay tuned for home renovations!

I am in my element on busy days, calling on my pre-kiddie career experience in office administration and multi-tasking know-how. Working on a variety of projects keeps things interesting and helps me be my best self.

That's what working at home is all about to me: balancing family and work and remembering some of your own passions and dreams.

It is my hope that you will enjoy visiting My WAHM Plan and will join in by subscribing to my blog and following along on social media.


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