Collab - My WAHM Plan


Hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by my lifestyle blog. One of my favorite mottos in life is Small is Big here. Believe it or not, this motto came on a wee little bib I placed on my sweet baby girl while feeding her and it resonated with me. The internet and blogging community is a vast place and so my goal right from the start of this blog in the fall of 2010 was to go forward, but keep it small, manageable, personal. I strive daily to keep the focus on home and family and being a good person in life and in business. That was and still is My WAHM Plan!

 A Work at Home Mom, Keeping the Focus on Home and Family:

Our home

What does this mentality mean for you, the brand?

I enjoy being a micro influencer! The Small is Big here mentality means every campaign, (large or small) that I work on will get 100 percent of my time, care and attention. There is no copy/paste blog template used here. Every post on my blog starts with an idea, a vision of how best to represent a brands mission statement/campaign goals.  I take my own photos (unless a brand requests I use one of theirs), I write my own copy and social shares as needed and I share them on social channels myself. I do not automate any step of the process.  These small touches provide an attention to detail that sometimes gets lost in the hustle of post deadlines. Small details like this are big here.

My own photos for brands

How can I help you?

My WAHM Plan has a small but growing! engaged audience. My readership is mainly Moms with kids, usually between the ages of 10 to teens. I’m active on most all social channels, but  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are where you’ll find me most often interacting with my readers and followers. I would love to assist you in building brand awareness through hosting reviews and giveaways (I have found this combination to be quite effective in overall reach and engagement for brands.) and showcasing a brands current promotion/event via social media sharing.

Reviews and Giveaways:

Most all of my reviews will be positive because I am selective in what product/brand/service I will work with. Again, Small is Big here and if I or a family member won’t use it, or enjoy it, there is no reason for me to work on that campaign.  Also, please do not approach me to do a post where you want me to include re-direct or do-follow links, or ask for mandatory likes or follows on social media accounts. That’s not cool and I won’t do it. Integrity is BIG here.

Please note I require a full size product, shipped to me free of charge with a retail value of $35.00 for a review.  If you wish to have me host a giveaway, the giveaway must be for the same product I reviewed or a gift card for the same retail value to be used at your store.

Sponsored Content and Social Shares:

To compensate me for my time and effort hosting a giveaway and promoting your brand, I require an additional monetary compensation at the end of the two week giveaway. I will look at each brands needs before quoting a price because I believe in being fair and like working with a variety of companies.  The brand/company will be responsible for shipping prize package to winner.

Brands I’ve worked with:

I am an engaged micro influencer  and I’m happy with that. I’ve had the privilege of working with some major brands that saw the value in my way of doing things. They include:

Safer Brand, Dole, Mr. Clean, FTD, Private Selection, Pfister, Campbell’s, Disney, Ringling Bros, Maurices, Card store, Orkin, Green Giant, Chicken of the Sea, Kroger- Private Selection, Gorton’s, L’Oréal, Burt's Bee's and many more.

Current Ambassadorships:

I’m excited to continue my partnership with Goose Creek Candle Company, I love working with Love, Hallmark sharing their fantastic line of cards, gifts and decorations, and a special thanks goes to Lionsgate Media for allowing me to share your movies and books with my readers as well.

If you have read this far, thank you! I would love to talk with you more about bringing your special campaign to life and sharing it with my readers and followers. Please email me at to discuss your needs.