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Make Time to Sit and Savor Breakfast more often this year

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Okay busy ladies everywhere, I see you. The holidays are behind us, the kids are back at school and your back to work game is strong, so strong that it doesn’t even feel like you stepped away at all in the last weeks of 2019. Is that you? Because, that has been me. Year after busy year going by with me steadfast in the knowledge that as long as I planned my days, all would be well. I planned my days, so well in fact that I stopped allocating time for a proper breakfast. Countless mornings found me grabbing a quick bowl of cereal that I mindlessly ate at the kitchen sink. Sound familiar? Why don’t we all make time to sit and savor breakfast more often this year?

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Two Fresh Income Streams you can do on the weekends

It’s the third Friday in this brand-new year and decade my friends, how are you feeling? I for one am really happy with how this year (and decade!) have started. I’m a positive person by nature, so I do tend to see the good in most situations, including my day job right here on the blog. Sure, I’ve had my ups and down’s in this ever-changing industry, but I think my positivity and professionalism rise to the top, because recently a friend asked me for career advice.  She works full time outside the home but had been toying with the idea of adding an additional income stream she could do on weekends and thought of me as her knowledgeable go-to person! I immediately shared my two income stream ideas with her and wanted to share them with you today.

Choose Your Own Path:

Choose your own path in 2020

Win Eco Friendly reusable pocket straw with carrying case

Have you made the switch to reusable straws at home yet? I’m sure trying! I’ve bought several stainless- steel straws and have a plethora of reusable to go cups with straws which has helped cut back on our plastic straw usage. When I re-do our pantry next month, I’m hoping to be able to rid my home of all plastic straws! The only time I really use them now, is when we go out to eat, but even that will change this year thanks to a cool straw I received for today’s post from Zoku. This is an eco-friendly reusable straw that comes with a carrying case so I can take it with me and not be plastic straw dependent!

Win Eco Friendly reusable pocket straw with carrying case

The Pollinator Victory Garden Book Review and Giveaway

Happy New Year and happy Friday dear blog readers! I’m pretty stoked to be starting my tenth year of blogging this year! My blogoversary isn’t until September, but I’m counting this whole year as a victory! Which leads me to today’s post about a really cool book I received last month to share with you called The Pollinator Victory Garden Book by Kin Eierman. In the Pollinator Victory Garden Book, Kim will teach us how to win the war on pollinator decline with ecological gardening. Don’t worry if you have never gardened before, this book will take you by the hand walk you through the process and winter is the perfect time to plan for this year’s garden!

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Last minute holiday gift ideas for kids that won’t feel last minute

Happy Monday and happy almost Christmas! I know some of you are ready for the big day and aren’t sweating the crowds for last minute gifts, but if you are like me and found herself in need of last-minute gifts for kids, then this post is for you! Here are some last-minute holiday gift ideas for kids that won’t feel or worse, look last minute when found tucked under your tree, or handed out at a gift exchange.

Merry Christmas gifts under the tree