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 It may surprise some, but I’ve made it to my 50s and never explored wines. Sure, I’ve had the occasional glass of celebratory wine but never cared enough to explore the many nuances that come with being a wine drinker. With several spring celebrations on the horizon, filled with family and friends who adore wine, I felt it was time I started learning about wine as a beginner, especially since I’d been given three bottles of wine to try. If you are a novice wine drinker, or just like learning more about wines, read on. 

Learning About Wine for Spring Celebrations!

Learning About Wine for Spring Celebrations

Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist Review

in , , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My mailbox brings an assortment of products, letters and parcels that my family and I look forward to opening. Books hold a special place in my heart and I always open them first. Nothing beats that new book smell I say to my daughters and thankfully, they agree. 
This week I'm sharing another ARC book courtesy of Zondervan media. This free book was sent to me to read and share my thoughts with you, which are 100% my own.

About the book: Bread & Wine - A love letter to life around the table with recipes.

Courtesy: Zondervan Media

"As a follow up to her two bestselling books, Bittersweet and Cold Tangerines, author and blogger Shauna Niequist returns with the perfect read for those who love food and value the community and connection of family and friends around the table. 

Bread & Wine is a collection of essays about family relationships, friendships, and the meals that bring us together. This mix of Anne Lamott and Barefoot Contessa is a funny, honest, and vulnerable spiritual memoir. 

Bread & Wine is a celebration of food shared, reminding readers of the joy found in a life around the table. It’s about the ways God teaches and nourishes people as they nourish the people around them. 

It’s about hunger, both physical and otherwise, and the connections between the two. With wonderful recipes included, from Bacon-Wrapped Dates to Mango Chicken Curry to Blueberry Crisp, readers will be able to recreate the comforting and satisfying meals that come to life in Bread & Wine."

About the Author: Shauna Niequist:

"Shauna Niequist is the author of Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine. (These are my Amazon affiliate links, I may receive compensation if you purchase from them).

Shauna grew up in Barrington, Illinois, and then studied English and French Literature at Westmont College in Santa Barbara.
She is married to Aaron, who is a pianist and songwriter. Aaron is a worship leader at Willow Creek and is recording a project called A New Liturgy .  Aaron & Shauna live outside Chicago with their sons, Henry and Mac.
Shauna writes about the beautiful and broken moments of everyday life–friendship, family, faith, food, marriage, love, babies, books, celebration, heartache, and all the other things that shape us, delight us, and reveal to us the heart of God."

My Review: 
I love this book! The title and cover photo speaks of happy times and this book doesn't disappoint. I laughed, I cried and I shook my head in total agreement as I happily read. Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine spoke to my heart in several ways and made me want to start my own cooking club. Or at the very least, a book club so I can share this book with others. Shauna makes it easy to do both, sharing her entertaining tips, sample menu's, recipes, pantry lists and even a four week book club discussion guide! 
Click here to download a free download/printable sample of Bread & Wine. Click here for a free audio chapter.
I highly recommend this book and will keep this in mind for gifts for a few of my friends and family. I loved Shauna's writing style so much that I am going to read her other books as well. 
You can learn more about Shauna by visiting her blog here.
You can purchase Bread & Wine at my Amazon affiliate link below: (see full disclosure here)

I hope you found this review helpful. Do you belong to a book or cooking club? Please share your views in comments. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation should you purchase this book via my links.