Earn extra cash like I do with Avon

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Normally on a Wednesday, I would be sharing a Wordless Wednesday post showcasing what I’m  enjoying in my life. From felines to flowers, I’ve done a lot of WW sharing over the last seven years. Yep, My WAHM Plan is seven years old this month and instead of celebrating its longevity to the fullest- I’m going to share a part of my life most bloggers fear sharing. I’m burned out

I’m tired, oh, so tired of all the moving parts of blogging for an income. Income is the reason for this post today my friends. I earn extra cash every week with my side hustle business Avon! Read on to learn a little history of My WAHM Plan and earning then and now.

Earn extra cash with Avon

A blog is born:

my very first blogger button from 2010
I won this blogger button in October 2010!

My WAHM Plan was born in the fall of 2010 because of direct sales.  Having purchased our current home months before, I wanted to get new fall home decor accessories inexpensively, so I searched for a direct sales home decor company to join since at the time, Avon didn’t sell home decor. I found a company with products I loved and joined. It was in a sales call that I first heard the term “blogging”. It seemed like a fun way to promote my direct sales business so I dove in not knowing what I was doing or what I was in for! The blog stuck even when a few weeks later, the home decor company did not. They closed that section of the company, opting to sell jewelry instead. I didn't need a new jewelry line since Avon is known for its affordable and timeless jewelry pieces, so I pivoted here and started doing more product reviews. The rest as they say, is history!

Coming Full Circle: 

We are nearing the end of another year and I can feel the emotional stress I've endured to keep going this year. Anybody who is in the blogging industry knows just how hard this job is, especially if you want to earn from your blog and social media channels. The environment is getting more competitive every day! I’ve always wanted to keep this blog and Avon a part time endeavor, but the truth is part time in the blogging world is just not good enough to garner the good paying jobs for me now, so I will have to change how I move forward with this blog. While I regroup, I'm thankful I've had some income from Avon.

Avon has been a part of my life for a long time. My mom had an amazing Avon lady as I was growing up and now, I’m sharing my love of Avon with my daughters. Avon is an inclusive family owned business.  My kids, husband and even my cats get involved! 

Avon has subscription boxes without the subscription! A Box!
Avon has subscription boxes without the subscription! A Box!

Thankful for Avon earnings:

This summer, I’ve been able to earn extra cash with Avon far more easily and enjoyably than I have with blogging.  I won’t share a number here with you because income is a private matter, but suffice it to say, I'm happy I had this part time income while I gave myself a much needed break from blogging. Avon gives me the tools needed to succeed both online and offline with my business. My team is growing ( I even have a blogger buddy on my team now!), my earnings are growing and my stress is decreasing by the day; thanks to my Avon business.

Start earning extra cash with Avon today:

If you have been thinking about starting a new side hustle, I invite you to take a close look at Avon; the iconic brand that is known around the world. You can be in business for just $25 and be on your way to earning $1,000 in your first 90 days. We are so much more than makeup and skincare too. We have something for every member of your family including home decor now! 

Avon home decor for fall

Live the Avon Boss Life:

“Avon wants our Representatives to succeed by offering a no-barrier earnings opportunity to support themselves and their families. We support each Representative in her efforts to achieve success and empower her to be self-sufficient by earning an income. The company's direct-selling model offers a low cost of entry, a wide range of training and development opportunities, management support, and digital direct selling tools that enable Representatives to manage and grow their businesses as never before. All it takes to become a Representative and launch a business is the nominal cost of an appointment fee.  Our business model enables many women, who otherwise might not have access to credit, to pursue and attain their personal financial goals.”

Care to join me? Ask me for more information here in comments, or visit my Avon website,  and click SELL AVON. Use reference code LKINSMAN to be placed on my team.  

Not ready to join? Would you like to receive a free Avon business Try It kit from me? You can test run the Avon business without the obligation of signing up right away! Just inbox me for details here or social media channels.  Connect with me to stay in the loop on sales, team info and freebies!

Thankful for Blogging journey:

Blogging has been a part of my life for seven years and I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished to date. This is my home base; a way to share my work at home mom plan! That plan right now moving forward is to work only on projects that I love and that will benefit you, my readers! You love giveaways and home and garden posts, so you will see more of those next month. Plus, I will share the good news about being an Avon lady who’s living the Boss Life. 

This is my truth. If you are a blogger reading this and are at the height of your blogging career, I say BRAVO! I was there once too! Ride that wave for as long as you can and are happy doing so- but please, be aware of the cost of earning. Ask yourself if your time is worth the income. If not, please start considering other options. I found taking several days in a row off helped me with my blogger burn out. It's funny how your passion for a career will come back when you give yourself time to look at alternatives!  I'm here to talk with you anytime about blogger related issues, or being an Avon Rep. 

Please share in comments: Do you have a favorite Avon product? 
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