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Friday Five: Summer Products I Love

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Hello and happy Friday! Is it just me, or has this week been exceeding long? I have been doing some decluttering, so that might be the root cause of my feeling this week was never going to end. Thankfully, we all made it to Friday and I'm excited to share this month's Friday Five

Friday Five!

Friday Five Summer Products I love

Do you or a loved one suffer from back pain and sore and stiff muscles? If yes, then you’ve got to try one of my families favorite pain relievers, Salonpas. I’m teaming up with them again today to help celebrate freedom from pain by sharing their freebie, a coupon code, and a giveaway to try their whole line of products! Read on to learn more.


With another birthday nearing, I decided it was time to make my health and wellness a priority by moving more, improving my sleep, and like many of you have discussed on social media, I need to reverse some of the pandemic weight gain so that I can fully enjoy summer. I read an article about taking a look at what you do from the very moment you wake up and see if you can make positive changes. For me that meant overhauling my morning coffee, so when Viva Naturals offered to send me their MCT Oil for review, I took it as a sign to give coffee with organic MCT oil a try. 

MCT Oil in Coffee:

Organic MCT oil in coffee

Hello and happy new year! I’m coming back from a fantastic holiday break feeling refreshed, renewed, and optimistic for this new year and all the good things it will bring. As work at home Mom who creates content for a living, it can be a challenge to find an actual pause in writing when the next holiday, event, or celebration is always right around the corner. It was the middle of December, and I was already fielding emails for Valentine’s Day. That’s when I decided I simply must allow myself to take time off. I figured out how to practice self-care in just 15 minutes a day and it did wonders for me, and I think it will help you too.

Give yourself 15 Minutes a day!

Sun thru the trees on snow day walk

 After the heat of summer, the cooler fall weather calls me back outside to enjoy daily activities like long walks, hikes, and more strenuous gardening projects.  All of this is good for my mind, soul, and body, but sometimes I overdo it and experience muscle pain the next day.  I was delighted to receive an invitation to try and review the newest TENS Massager and share it with you here.  Since my husband has an older model and used it with great success for back pain, I figured this new model TENS would be a welcome addition to our pain relief arsenal and help reduce my muscle pain after exercising.

Pain Relief in Sight!

Auvon TENS 4-Channel TENS & EMS Massager bundle

My daughter has suffered from cluster headaches and the occasional migraine for years. It’s hard to watch someone you love suffer knowing there wasn’t many non-pharmaceutical relief options available. My daughter had done some research on green light therapy and put green LED’s in her room which offered some help. I was delighted to be asked to review the new Allay Lamp recently. If you or someone you love suffers from headaches or migraines, read on about the use of green light and the company making this innovative lamp.

Green Light Help!

Allay green light lamp for headache/migraine help

Hello June and hello summer gardening chores! From pulling weeds, to mowing, to trimming trees, my husband and I are working outside to spruce up our landscape most every weekend now.  I love living this semi-rural lifestyle, but trust me when I say, there is a lot of hard work and upkeep involved and more often than not, our hard work has us both saying we have a backache by the end of the day. Thankfully, we’d discovered the benefits of using Salonpas products years ago, so when I was asked if I would help spread the word about Salonpas Day where they give away free patches I happily agreed! Read on to see how you can ease back pain with a free Salonpas patch this month!

Our Freshly Mowed Backyard!

our freshly mowed backyard

On Memorial Day, I celebrated another trip around the sun by spending time with my family who showered me with love and lots of goodies to plant and tend to in my garden. They know that being in nature, surrounded by flowers, herbs and lush greenery is my Zen. One of the pluses of being in my fifties is I know myself really well and I’ve come to accept that my body, while still very capable, will respond to a day in the garden with aches and pains, especially in my back and knees by nightfall. Thankfully, I’ve discovered some simple steps to relieve my sore muscles that I think will help you this summer too.

Three Simple steps to help relieve sore muscles this summer

It’s another hot and sultry day here in middle Tennessee where I’m fortunate enough to be working inside with the gentle breeze from my ceiling fan assisting my overworked AC to keep our home cool. Soon enough though, I’ll be stepping outside to run after school errands with my daughter to get more necessary back to school class supplies. We’ll both “power through” our multiple store shopping trip until dinner time easily because we can fuel our day with a chilled Vanilla Huel, a complete food drink. I’d love to introduce you to this fast-growing nutrition brand today, so read on to learn about Huel and my thoughts on their products.

Fuel for busy days:

#ad Huel Vanilla drink

3 ways to achieve your health goals this summer

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Abbott partnered with influencers such as me for its Ensure Program. As part of this Program, I received compensation for my time. Abbott/Ensure believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Abbott/Ensure policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

This post is sponsored by Ensure®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be something we all strive for all year; and while I try to do my best most days, one look at me in last year’s swimsuit was enough to let me know I needed to revisit some of my healthy living habits.  I’m not into fad diets, body shaming or negative self-talk, so my post today will focus on the positive actions I’ve taken in the past that have worked well. I think they will work for you too. Here are 3 ways to achieve your health goals this summer.

3 ways to achieve your health goals this summer #ad #EnsureMaxProteinAtWalmart

If you were to read a headline that announced a way to ditch the pharmacies and toxins and get “healed” the right way, would you be intrigued? I know I was when that very subject line appeared in my inbox a few weeks ago.  I was offered a complimentary copy of Healed- Health and Wellness for the 21st Century written by integrative medicine expert Dr. Robin Miller and I’m so glad I accepted that offer. Not only am I learning how to heal of host of ailments for myself, family and friends, I’m able to gift one of you with your own copy. 

Healed- Health and Wellness for the 21st Century:

Healed- Health and Wellness for the 21st Century book review and giveaway #ad

I have always loved being outside. I love to feel the sunshine and wind on my face. I adore snapping photos of the abundance of beauty in my surroundings, whether I’m in the middle of a park, or walking the fence line on my land. I love gardening, especially flowers and herbs.  But truth be told, I’ve let my activity levels decline over the last year. I’ve come to the point in life that health and happiness go hand in hand, so I’m adding nature walks to my routine this fall to get back in shape and feel great again. Read on to discover how and please join me!

Nature walks at the park #OwnMyGreatness #ad

I am really happy to work with our sponsor, LifeBankUSA via Robb Digital today to share this information with you! I will receive a thank you gift for my time, however I only share content I feel will benefit my readers. All opinions are my own. 

pregant, mom, baby, healthy, contest

Having a beautiful, healthy baby is one of most joyous occasions for any Mother. I can still remember the moments I found out I was pregnant with both my sweet daughters and the prayer of thanks I immediately sent up, followed quickly by the fervent wish that my babies be healthy.  Thankfully, I had easy pregnancies and two beautiful, healthy newborns, who are now beautiful healthy teens. 

Had I known more about stem cell collection services from LifeBankUSA back during my pregnancies, I would have given it serious consideration and that’s why I agreed to share their information and contest with my readers. 

About LifeBankUSA:

healthy, baby, new, mom,

“Only LifebankUSA offers expectant parents the unique opportunity to bank stem cells from cord blood and placenta blood. Banking placenta blood stem cells makes your cord blood collection even more powerful for the near-term and for the future. It gives you the ability to bank more stem cells which has been shown to increase transplant success and survival rates. And placenta blood contains other types of progenitor stem cells which are expected to play a key role in regenerative medicine.”


car seat, giveaway,

LifebankUSA wants to give parents the chance to win one of THREE Graco 4everTM 4-in-1 Car Seats (valued at $330 each) in a random drawing from entrants in their Facebook contest. Entering is easy, just click this link and you’ll be taken to their Facebook page!

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day! Please consider sharing with any expecting Moms you know!

Please share in comments:

Are you a Mom? If yes, how many children call you Mom? 

Health and Beauty products Review

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Disclosure: Thank you Vitacost for sending me these products free of charge to facilitate this review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinions, which are 100% my own.

You may remember my health and nutrition bars review for Vitacost in March where I explained that I had received a box full of goodies from them and I wasn’t told upfront what I might receive.  The products in the March review were well received and were a good fit here on My WAHM Plan.
I can’t say the same about this second batch of products, some of which I would have never purchased for myself or agreed to review here. However, I am a “product reviewer and brand awareness builder” so I will fulfill my obligation as such. 

clay mud

Product Description:
Redmond clay facial mud helps to clarify your skin, remove excess oil, shrink pores, draw out toxins, tone skin, remove impurities, and deep clean. Redmond Clay Facial Mud is safe for all skin types.
 Redmond Clay is naturally absorbent and very gentle. Acting like a sponge, it draws dirt, grime, oils, impurities, and other harmful toxins into its internal structure. Free of chemicals.

My Review:
 I really liked this product! It did all that it claimed it would without drying my face. I loved that it was fragrance free. When you need to leave a product on your face for 15-30 minutes, scent is important. I highly recommend this product and would purchase it again.


reading glasses


Product Description:

Go Green! Readers:  Eco-friendly reading glasses made with recycled materials. Optical quality frames made from recycled polymer plastic.  Flex-comfort spring hinges made with recycled steel.  Recycled water used in lens manufacturing.  Package contains four fashionable frames styles for women in the same reading power. Available in reading powers +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00. Readers come with coordinating protective eyeglass case.

My Review:
This product was not a good match for me. I do not require +2.50 readers and if I did, I would have never picked this style for myself. In an effort to do an honest review, I asked my daughter who wears glasses to try a pair on. She said the lenses worked fine but the glasses arm broke right off as she was trying to put them back in their case! At $23.99 for a 4 pack, you are paying $5.99 for a pair, so these might be perfect for somebody who misplaces or are hard on their readers.
I recommend you proceed with caution because of how easily the arm broke off these glasses.


Product Description:
Innersense color radiance daily conditioner revitalizes and nourishes color treated hair. 100% color safe. Pure ingredients of rice bran oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower seed oil and rooibos tea combined with Shea butter to provide high antioxidant protection from color fading.
My Review:
Here is another product that I normally wouldn’t have purchased because I don’t have color treated hair. However, I wound up really liking this daily conditioner as a weekly deep conditioner. It is that thick and luxurious with little beads of pulp that leaves your hair super soft and nourished and it smells so good! I did notice it had a tendency to make my natural copper highlights look a bit brassy.

I highly recommend this product to those that color treat their hair.
* Product may be temporarily out of stock, since it is not available for purchase on website. I used another inneresense product link and picture out of necessity in order to give credit to inneresense.*


Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl defining Gel:


Product Description:

Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter, handmade by Alaffia, herbal extracts and plant gels hydrate and define waves and curls. With natural vitamins for shiny, lustrous, long-lasting curls, this all natural gel reduces frizz and provides residue-free soft hold for natural styles of all kinds. Also great for finger styling, twist-outs and braiding.
My Review:
 Since I don’t have curly hair, nor do my daughters, this product gave us a challenge. But, we rose to the occasion and again my daughters were game to help me with a review. They used the product on their hair while braiding. They used it very sparingly and surprise! Their hair looked smooth and shiny, not greasy at all. But, I could not abide the scent! It was so over the top herb-ally, it reminded me of something I would put on my salad! 
I would recommend this product for those with thick curly hair who need control and moisture and don’t mind a highly scented product.
Honey Girl Organics personal lubricant:

Product Description:
Organic Skin Care from Hawaii's Rich Beehive Harvest This organic personal lubricant softens and smooths skin, while enhancing sensual intimacy. It helps relieve dryness. Created from pure and organic ingredients. Completely free of parabens, glycerin's, fragrances, hormones, silicone's and petroleum products.
My Review:
Another surprise product in the box I would have never agreed to review here on my family friendly blog.
I used this product as a skin softener in my delicate under bra area after a workout. It did sooth, soften and moisturize if I used a very small amount. It caused irritation if applied in more than a scant amount.
I would not recommend this product because I did experience irritation on delicate skin.

Product Description:
America's #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand, Lose Weight, Stimulant, Free Great Tasting, Natural Flavors. Losing Weight Can Taste Great. All-New! The 1st Weight Loss Gummies from Hydroxycut™. Lose Weight and Reduce BMI with Clinically Proven Key Ingredients.
 New Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Gummies are a delicious new way to get the clinically proven key weight loss ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut in great-tasting gummies.
 Average weight loss with key ingredients (lady's mantle, olive extract, cumin extract, and wild mint) was 20.94 lbs. in the 12-week study and 16.50 lbs. in the 8-week study. All groups followed a calorie-reduced diet.
My Review:
I wanted to like this product because it I want to lose a few pounds and these gummies are stimulant free.
I tried taking the gummies as per the instructions (2 gummies before meals, 3 times a day). By the second day, I noticed I had a headache at lunchtime. At first I didn’t contribute this to the Hydroxycut, but when my head hurt again at dinner time I took notice. I also noticed no discernible difference in my appetite.
On day 3, I only took 1 gummy at breakfast and I still had a headache so I stopped using them.
I don’t recommend this product unless you read the ingredients listed at Vitacost and know you won’t have a reaction to one of the ingredients. I couldn’t take this product long enough to offer a valid opinion on whether it helps with weight loss.
 Please be sure to visit Vitacost to discover their low prices on name brand items and to learn more about any of the products in my review.
I hope you found these reviews helpful. I would love to hear from you if you’ve used any of these products.