Hello and happy new year! I’m coming back from a fantastic holiday break feeling refreshed, renewed, and optimistic for this new year and all the good things it will bring. As work at home Mom who creates content for a living, it can be a challenge to find an actual pause in writing when the next holiday, event, or celebration is always right around the corner. It was the middle of December, and I was already fielding emails for Valentine’s Day. That’s when I decided I simply must allow myself to take time off. I figured out how to practice self-care in just 15 minutes a day and it did wonders for me, and I think it will help you too.

Give yourself 15 Minutes a day!

Sun thru the trees on snow day walk

Go for a walk:

Seriously! One of the fastest ways for me to clear my mind, gain some energy and just feel at peace with myself is getting outside. You’d be amazed at how good you’ll feel with just a 15-minute commune with nature. My nature walks aren’t about exercise so much as they are about being one with my surroundings. 

Taking in the scenery, like the birds high up in the trees, or the scent of rain misting the earth helps me think and plan. One such December walk (see my snow day video on Tik Tok) led me to the realization that I needed to stop being available 24/7, so I set a date on my planner and then I turned off my laptop. 

Turn off your Laptop:

Yep, you read that right, this content creator turned off her laptop!  Last month, after I’d hit publish on my last blog post and felt I had given 100% effort to my work obligations, I simply chose to not log back on to work. Did I keep my phone handy for follow up emails and shares on select social media channels, yes! -  but only up December 20th.  Then I was officially out of the office. 

It was oh-so-hard NOT to go back to work the last week of December, but I was trying this new and improved self-care thing! I filled my time with other fun activities and deeply connecting with my family. Not having to worry about deadlines and posting helped me fully enjoy this holiday season!

Find a Hobby, or rekindle an old one:

Santa jigsaw puzzle

Hi, my name is Linda and I like working jigsaw puzzles for fun! I got my love of puzzles from my Mom. Back in the day, she’d have a puzzle on a card table in our family room often. We knew we were free to sit down and work on the puzzle any time the mood struck us, whether she was there or not. The only rule was we had to put the pieces back where she had them! It didn’t take long for my Mom to realize out of all of her family, I was her puzzle buddy. With her guidance, I became a decent puzzler! Last year I started puzzling again and I’m so glad I did! I can spend 15 minutes a day working a puzzle and walk away feeling accomplished and very Zen.

Join a Group:

I chose to document my puzzles on Instagram by starting an account called prettypuzzlepieces. If you like puzzles or would like to pick this up as a hobby, I invite you to join the very fun and welcoming puzzle community on Instagram. Also, joining a group of likeminded individuals is another great form of self-care! Again, spending just 15 minutes a day immersing yourself in a community of peers either online or off is beneficial. 

Say yes to something New:

House of Gucci film

This one might sound counterintuitive, but by saying yes to new opportunities in your work or personal life can add value and aid in self-care.  For instance, in the fall I received a call from a friend asking me if I’d be interested in joining the local film critics association. I listened to her brief explanation of what this role would entail and immediately agreed. Saying yes to this opportunity launched me into next level film consumption. 

I had watched and reviewed films plenty of times here on the blog but being an actual film critic means taking on the study of films various perspectives. I felt like I’d arrived when I got an screener copy of House of Gucci among others! You can see my post on Instagram.

A side bonus? My husband and I had lots of fun selecting our next film to watch and discuss. He's an active partner in helping me blossom and grow in this new endeavor.  It’s been an exhilarating journey and now, I’m on the cusp of turning in my very first Awards Nominations Ballot!

Final Thoughts:

Hens and chicks plant in my container garden

It’s okay to ask your family and friends for a little guidance in a couple of these areas, like joining a group or plugging into a new hobby or activity, but to truly practice self-care, you’ll need to do things that benefit you alone. It’s not selfish, it’s smart to practice self-care. 

Some additional thought starters:

  • Try a new scent of body lotion and apply it after every shower
  • Read a book in a new genre
  • Reconnect with your faith
  • Take up bird watching
  • Plan day dates for you and your partner (no kids allowed)
  • Start a garden, container gardens count
  • Buy a low light loving houseplant and learn how to keep it alive
  • Take up journaling or doodling
  • Start a collection of stamps/cards/glassware/napkins/tea towels
  • Plan your ultimate vacation on a vision board


I hope these ideas will help you start planning how you’ll practice self-care today and all through the new year. If the last two years has taught us anything, it’s this: stress doesn’t care how young or old you are. We live in a world full of stress and tension and very little free time. This is true for our kids too, so this post might be a helpful tool to guide you in helping your kids practice self-care as well.



Please share in comments: Do you have a go to way to practice self-care?


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