Friday Five: Fun Foods for Summer

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As a blogger and digital content creator, I have the opportunity to try lots of new products that might not normally show up on my shopping radar. June has been bountiful in this department, so I thought it would be fun to start a new (to me) blog series Friday Five! Each month I’ll share five new products I think would be helpful to you as well. This month’s Friday Five is fun foods for summer. I hope you enjoy this new series and these product recommendations. 

Friday Five Fun Foods!

My thanks to the brands showcased in today’s post. I received complimentary products to try and share my thoughts here. No further compensation was given.  I have included Amazon affiliate shopping links and may receive compensation should you choose to make a purchase. Thank you. 

AlcoaEats Funny Nuts: 

Funny Nuts Cashews
Courtesy: AlcoaEats

AlcoaEats, an eco-friendly farm based in India, sent me two fun Cashew Funny Nuts flavors to try, Black Pepper and Masala, and boy, they really do pack a flavor punch! Both flavors are good on their own and do make a great on-the-go snack option, but I prefer adding them to salads! 

They make a perfect salad topper. I also received an Achari Chicken Masala seasoning blend from this brand which I think will work well with their simmer sauces. I think the Masala Cashews will add a delightful crunch to the dish. Find your AlcoEats snacks and seasonings here

AlcoEats Simmer Sauces:

AlcoEats Simmer Sauces

Another product I received from AlcoaEats, is two jars of their Indian simmer sauces which will help me whip up tasty dinners in no time. We’ll be using the jar of Butter Chicken and Sauteed Veggie sauces soon. Of course, I’ll be topping these dishes with their tasty cashews. Learn more about their simmer sauces and look through their tasty recipes here

XO Baking Co Baking Pre-Made Mixes:

XO Baking Co cookies
Courtesy: XO Baking 

Want to whip up some cookies fast? How about a decadent pound cake but don’t have a recipe to follow? No worries, XO Baking Co. baking pre-made mixes to the rescue! XO Baking Co. provides quick and easy mixes for restaurant-worthy cakes (from carrot to chocolate), moist banana bread, fluffy cinnamon rolls (the dough of which is also amazing for pizza), rich fudge brownies, buttery pound cakes, crisp and chewy chocolate chip cookies, blondies, a non-GMO cornbread and much more.

I received a box full of their gluten-free pre-made mixes to enjoy, and so far, we’ve enjoyed the high quality and taste of the cookies and brownies. Next up, is the pound cake for a quick Father’s Day dessert. Learn more about XO Baking Co pre-made mixes here.  

Festive Chickpeas:

Festive Chickpeas
Courtesy: Festive Chickpeas

These are the world’s first no-nut peanuts and I am here for it! Even though I don’t have a nut allergy, I can sometimes have a nut sensitivity, so I was delighted to receive a variety packs of Festive Nuts. These tasty chickpeas come in Sour Cream and Onion, Sweet & Smoky BBQ, and Ranch, My favorite is the Smoky BBQ, while my husband and kids like the other flavors. Festive Chickpeas have just the right amount of crunch and flavor. They come in portion control and portable packs which make them really fun food for summer road trips!  You can learn more about them here

Last, but not least is a tasty coffee from AlcoaEats. While coffee isn’t officially a food, in my book, it really should be! Over the years I’ve had countless mornings where coffee was breakfast! 

AlcoaEats Cozy Bear Coffee:

AlcoaEats Cozy Bear Coffee:

I love coffee and so does my family. We are all coffee drinkers and have pretty high standards for our coffees. I had never heard of Cozy Bear coffee before the offer to try it, so honestly, I was a little leary of trying it. I picked a flavor my whole family agrees on Classico Supremo, preground. We actually love this coffee! It’s got a smooth, full-bodied taste that pairs well with all our favorite flavored creamers. You can learn more about Cozy Bear coffee options here

Thanks for reading my First Friday Five!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Friday Five! I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to fun, new products! Be sure to check out my Food tab here on the blog for more fun foods! Stay tuned next week for some bath & body products. 

Please share in the comments: Which fun food product would you like to try first?

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