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8 New Summer Products to Try

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I know some people that find products and brands they love and they become loyal, repeat buyers. There are a few products and brands that have my completely loyalty, but that leaves lots of room for me to try new products, which I love to do! Especially, new beauty and wellness products.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying out new to me products and today I’d like to share eight new summer products to try with you. 

New Summer Products! 

8 New Summer Products to Try

Friday Five: Fun Foods for Summer

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As a blogger and digital content creator, I have the opportunity to try lots of new products that might not normally show up on my shopping radar. June has been bountiful in this department, so I thought it would be fun to start a new (to me) blog series Friday Five! Each month I’ll share five new products I think would be helpful to you as well. This month’s Friday Five is fun foods for summer. I hope you enjoy this new series and these product recommendations. 

I like having snack options on hand for each member of my family, which has to include single serve, grab- and- go options. More often than not, these snacks have to fulfill more than one craving as well. For instance, I keep beef jerky on hand for my husband who loves a salty/chewy treat, while my daughters and I prefer sweet and salty snacks. Are you a fan of yummy sweet and salty snacks as well? I’ve got two you’ll want to try then!

Sweet and Salty Snacks

Sweet and Salty Snacks

It happens to all of us. We need a snack, but we can’t put our finger on what we are craving. Some people head to the fridge for something cold and crispy, while others, like my husband will always look for something crunchy and salty. If he can get a little sweet mixed in so much the better, so imagine our delight when Sweet Chaos popcorn sent us a big box of their flavored popcorn. And because they are so sweet, they are hosting a giveaway for a variety bundle of popcorn so you can satisfy your sweet salty cravings with Sweet Chaos popcorn too.

Cravings Satisfied!

Sweet Chaos Popcorn & Giveaway

My Thanks to Sweet Chaos Popcorn for the complimentary products showcased in today's post and for hosting a giveaway. No other compensation given. All opinions and love of good popcorn are my own.

 Are there NFL football fans in your family? My husband and I are fans of the game and always root on the home team, which for us is the Tennessee Titans. Our Titans did so well this year, that it was a sad moment when we lost last Sunday’s game. At least we have the Superbowl on February 7th to look forward to. We’ll be tuning in to and partaking in all the game day fun even if our team isn’t playing. To us, and most fans, it’s just not game day if you don’t have food and snacks! Thanks to today’s sponsor, Sugar Plum Chocolates, I’ll be serving up gourmet nuts and cookies which make perfect game day snacks.

Snack Tins for the Win!

Gourmet Nuts and Cookies make perfect Game Day Snacks

Serve Up Smiles with healthy Protein Puffs

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We did it. We made it to the end of this year and that my friends, is something to celebrate! I took a needed break from work the last few weeks and stepping back really helped me gain clarity, focus and optimism for the new year. I’m a natural optimist and tend to look for the good in situations, so I’m ending this year on a high note by sharing a new way to snack that I think you’re going to like. I’ve been serving up smiles with healthy protein puffs snacks from Happy Little Plants. Want to serve up smiles with plant-based protein puffs too? Here’s how.

Protein Puffs!

Serve up Smiles Healthy Protein Puffs

Summer has finally faded into fall here in middle Tennessee! We are getting much needed rain, and we’ve really settled into our fall school/work/family time schedules. We love cozying up at night with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and a sweet treat to watch one of our favorite Fall shows together. I really enjoy baking for my family, but on those rare occasions I’m caught without a goodie for dessert, I love serving S’mores. You may remember my summer post introducing Stuffed Puffs. Today, I’m excited to share their S’mores Kits, which makes it so easy to enjoy S’mores indoors now and all year round.

S'mores Please! 

Enjoy S'mores Indoors #ad

This Friday, the twenty-first is the official start to summer! Yay - (again ) since most of us with kids in school had the unofficial start of summer over Memorial Day weekend. Now that summer is really “officially” here; it’s time for more BBQ’s, pool days, camping, potlucks and bonfires. The one thing all of these fun summer activities have in common is good food and nothing says summer more than happy people with sticky fingers from their Smores.  If you and your family love Smores too, why not kick off summer with Stuffed Puffs? 


Kick off summer with a new take on Smores #ad

Cinnamon Banana Bread Recipe

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The temperatures are starting to fall here in middle Tennessee and I’m so ready for all things fall! This is a nesting season for me and lots of you I’m sure, which means I’ll be talking more about cleaning, cooking, decorating and baking! My oldest daughter was home for fall break this past weekend, and we had planned on baking pumpkin bread, so as I hurried through grocery shopping, I picked up a can of regular pumpkin. Or so I thought. Read on to see how this oops became a tasty recipe and a lot of fun!

Cinnamon Banana Bread:

Cinnamon Banana Bread recipe
Eating Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch is as American as apple pie. I can remember picking out a different flavor of jam or jelly each week for my beloved PB&J’s. I was delighted when we found Jif peanut butter or Smuckers on sale that week because that meant my Mom would stock up on our favorite flavors.  My go-to then and now is creamy Jif peanut butter with Smuckers Strawberry fruit spread.  So, so good! I bet you have a favorite PB&J combo as well. I’m excited to be working with Jif and Smuckers today to share with you some new products and to let you know about the Imagine If with Jif Contest.

#ad Jif and Smuckers #PBJLove

Our schedules have been fairly non-stop this month with both of our daughter’s graduating from either middle or high school. When we do get to spend time together at home, one of our favorite ways to spend family time is watching movies.

Host a fun and tasty movie night with G.H. Cretors popped corn

I can’t tell you how happy I am that my first blog post of 2017 is one that aligns with my desire to become more active and healthy this year. I don’t make resolutions; I make plans and set goals to better myself so I can be my best self for my family, friends and business partners. In order for me to make these positive changes, I needed to start with my breakfast habits and go from there. When I don’t feel like eating regular breakfast foods, I can still eat a healthy breakfast, thanks to belVita breakfast biscuits. They are an excellent way to power your day! 

Serve tasty #belVitaBreakfast Biscuits shop #belVitaWalmart #ad

If you’ve never tried belVita Breakfast biscuits, you will be pleasantly surprised at their great taste and how well these small packages stay with you. Believe it or not, belVita Biscuits give you four hours of steady nutritious energy when you serve them with fruit and a dairy product like milk or yogurt. That’s one easy way to get through the morning!

Our current favs of #belVitaBreakfast Biscuits! Find your fav #belVitaWalmart. #ad

These tasty biscuits aren’t just for breakfast either; my girls love to nosh on them before an afternoon choir or theatre rehearsal, too. Because belVita breakfast biscuits come in individually wrapped packs, they make the perfect grab-and-go snack. I can put one in their lunch box, or they grab one and toss it in their backpacks, and they are all set. 

 #belVitaBreakfast Biscuits are tasty and pretty! #ad Try them! #belVitaWalmart.

While we usually buy the Blueberry or Golden Oat flavor biscuits at Walmart, we were really excited to see all the new flavor options like Strawberry Yogurt and Vanilla Yogurt Crème. This week we bought Vanilla Yogurt Crème, which we found to be delightfully crunchy, sweet, and delicious!

#belVitaBreakfast Biscuits are on the cracker isle at Walmart. #belVitaWalmart #ad

There’s also these new flavor choices: belVita Breakfast Biscuit Bites in Cinnamon Brown Sugar and belVita Breakfast Biscuits in Toasted Coconut.  The next time you’re shopping at Walmart, head on over to the cracker aisle and look for the belVita Breakfast Biscuits section. I think you’ll love the selection and the price per box. Be sure to check out your Ibotta offers to save even more on the tasty, convenient belVita Breakfast products.  

#belVitaBreakfast Biscuits new flavors at #belVitaWalmart. #ad

Want to try before you buy? You are in luck! Visit your local Walmart on Saturday, January 7th for exclusive savings, tastings, and more. Want to know if your store is participating? Just head on over to Walmart here and check your store.

Here’s to our health and happiness as we start the new year.  I hope you’ll try belVita Breakfast Biscuits to help you power through your day too!

Wordless Wednesday: after school snack time

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Chips and Guacamole #snacks

Cheerios Trail Mix #snack

Tropical Yogurt and pineapple parfaits

Please share in comments: Which snack would you pick?
To all the moms of teenagers, I want to stop right here and give you a round of applause! We have finally gotten to an age and stage in parenting where we get to be a little more hands-off. We get to watch our not-so-little kids’ blossom into amazing young adults with full schedules and the healthy appetites to match. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Yoplait’s newest product: Yoplait ® Go Big ™ yogurt pouches, the perfect snack for amazing teens! 

My 13 year old daughter, rocking her homework

My thirteen-year-old puts in long days. She gets up at 5:20 am for school and often isn’t home from school until after 5:00 pm when she has theater rehearsal, or an after-school choir event.  I try to pack her a healthy lunch and snack to help keep her fueled up until she gets home.  I’m thankful to have another healthy snack option in my arsenal.

The new Yoplait Go Big pouches come in a handy fridge box for easy grab and go snacking. They’re made with real fruit in two tasty flavor combos: Strawberry/Mixed Berry or Peach Mango/Cherry.  They have no artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup, and are a good source of calcium. 

#YoplaitGoBig yogurt pouches in handy fridge box

As most moms can attest, it doesn’t matter how well-thought-out the lunch and snack options we give our teens are ‒ some days they come back home with our busy kids, and that’s when we need to get creative with snack and homework schedules. 

#YoplaitGoBig peach mango yogurt is a perfect homework snack

Now that Melissa is thirteen, I’ve loosened the reins on how and where homework can be done. As long as it gets done, I can let some of my guidelines and parameters of elementary school days go.  I allow her to set up their homework area where and however makes her feel most comfortable.  If she wants to sprawl out on her bedroom floor, or the family room, I now say, go for it!  One day, she may prefer sitting at the table with a snack, a candle, iced coffee and music from her playlist, and now I can say, why not?  

Let teens choose how best to crush their homework schedules #YoplaitGoBig

For all the moms with kids in sports, band and dance programs, these cool, easy grip and rip yogurt pouches are perfect for on-the-go snacking, too!  Since they have a cool design on the package that’s not at all kiddie-like, you don’t have to worry about giving them a lame snack they don’t want to be seen eating.

#YoplaitGoBig pouches have easy grip and rip openings

Plus, the awesome pouch doesn’t have a huge opening, so your teen can squeeze as much as they want in their mouths, making them a perfect, one handed, and no-spills kind of snack! 

#YoplaitGoBig no spills pouch!

There’s no doubt about it ‒ our teens are leading fast-paced lives, doing amazing things at school and after. I truly am amazed at all the balls my thirteen-year-old daughter keeps in the air daily! She’s a great student, a caring and giving friend and family member, an awesome actress and singer, and budding photographer and videographer.  She and her peers are crushing being a teen in today’s busy, go for it lifestyle.  Honestly, Melissa’s commitment to excellence inspires me to re-think what I accomplish in a day!

#YoplaitGoBig the perfect snack for amazing teens

Do you have an amazing teen in your life too? Why not let Yoplait Go Big spotlight their amazingness? It’s easy, parents ‒ just visit the Go Big Facebook page and share how your teen inspires you. Go Big will select three teens with amazing stories and give them a platform to show the world! You can find more information and full contest details on the Go Big Facebook page as well.

Raising teens in this day and age may keep us on our toes, moms’ ‒ but we got this! If our teens can crush their days, so can we!

Please share in comments: Are you raising an amazing teen? Will you enter the Yoplait Go Big contest? 
Labor day is drawing ever closer and my home and garden magazines are chock full of delightful “fall” desserts, tempting me to bake pies and breads and cookies! Tempting as all those recipes are, it’s still too hot for me to consider having my oven on for more than a quick broil here and there, so I was thrilled when asked to try out the latest THINaddictives cookies from Nonni’s. We got to indulge our sweet tooth with dark chocolate almond thins when I received a complimentary  box of items from Nonni’s who did the baking for us.  If it’s still too hot for you to bake sweet treats as well, then this giveaway is for you! All opinions expressed are my own.

Nonnis dark chocolate almond thin cookies are perfect with fruit

About Nonni’s Dark Chocolate Almond THINaddictives:

Made for dark chocolate lovers wanting a guilt-free treat, each cookie is lightly drizzled with real, dark chocolate.  

Nonni's dark chocolate almond THINaddictives #snacks

Nonni’s new line of THINaddictives comes in three tasty flavors:

Dark Chocolate Almond Banana:

My daughters liked these best, noting they could tell these were made with real bananas and the dark chocolate drizzle had just the right amount of sweetness.

Double Dark Chocolate Almond:

These were my favorite, which came as no surprise to anyone! I love dark chocolate and almonds! I love that I could see and taste the chunks of almonds.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond:

These were my husband’s favorite, with good reason. The flavor profile is subtle, yet very tasty. He wants to pair them with some cream cheese and grapes.

I served each flavor of Dark Chocolate Almond THINaddictives with fruit for and afternoon snack and found it a delightful flavor combination!

Peaches and dark chocolate almond cookie thins

I can feel good about my family enjoying these since each treats average 70 to 80 calories and come in pre-portioned freshness packs with two almond thins each, making it the perfect on the go snack for busy families!

I invite you to learn more about the Nonni’s brand by getting social with them. As a small business owner, I’m always intrigued by the family behind the brand. Learn more about their newest line of THINaddictives featuring dark chocolate and almond here. Be sure to visit them on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

Win It:

Nonni's dark chocolate almond THINaddictives prize pack #giveaway

Would you liked to indulge your sweet tooth with Nonni's Dark Chocolate Almond thin cookies? Thanks to the generous folks at Nonni’s, one lucky winner will receive one box of each new Dark Chocolate Almond THINaddictives (3 full size boxes with 7 pouches each).


No purchase is necessary to enter using the Rafflecopter from below.  My WAHM Plan is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winners will be notified by email used on entry form and have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel.

Good luck!

Please share in comments: Which new dark chocolate almond THINaddictives flavor will you try first if you win?
It’s a special day at our house- we have made it through another full week of back to school! Friday means slowing down, no alarms going off at 5:15 am on Saturday and because I’m feeling festive- a giveaway for you! 

I love kicking off the weekend with a giveaway any chance I get and you are in for a sweet treat this time. My thanks to Fiber One for sending me a cute tote bag, coupons and complimentary Fiber One bars to try and giveaway. All opinions and love of Friday’s and sweet treats are my own.

Fiber One Cheesecake bars tote and new flavors #giveaway

Keeping good for you, or at the very least better for you snacks in the pantry for my family is a priority for me all year, but most especially when school is in session. My girls get off the bus famished every afternoon. I always have bowls of fresh fruit available and they eat multiple servings a day- but sometimes they just want something sweet and the new Fiber One cheesecake bars are a treat my family can’t resist.

Fiber One Chocolate cheesecake bars

The first box opened was the chocolate Fiber One cheesecake bars and I can see why. I adore most everything chocolate myself, so I was happy to let the girls grab a bar and take it with us as we ran errands after school. 

Treat yourself to Fiber One chocolate cheescake bars

They gave the sweet, chocolatey, chessecakey bar high praise and said it really was a sweet treat! I can feel good about serving Fiber One bars because they have 20% daily value of fiber with each small bar having 5 grams of fiber, 6 grams of fat and 150 calories. 

Fiber One Key Lime pie cheesecake bars

When my husband got home from work and asked for a quick snack before dinner snack, I offered him a Fiber One Cheesecake bar and he chose the Key Lime pie bars and loved it!! 

Treat yourself to Fiber One Key Lime pie cheesecake bars

The next day, the girls took a Key Lime pie cheesecake bar to school and believe it or not chocolate lovers everywhere- my family prefers the Fiber One Key Lime pie bars over the Chocolate!

I invite you to learn more about Fiber One Cheesecake bars by visiting their website. For more information and inspiration connect with them on Pinterest and Facebook

Win It:

Fiber One Cheesecake bars prize pack

Thanks to the great team at Fiber One, one lucky reader will win this prize pack! 1 cute Fiber One cheesecake bars tote, 1 box each of Fiber One Chocolate Cheesecake Bars, 1 box Fiber One Key Lime pie cheesecake bars and two coupons for free boxes to use later. 


No purchase is necessary to enter using the Rafflecopter from below.  My WAHM Plan is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winners will be notified by email used on entry form and have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make snack time unwind time for your kids

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Every Sunday I sit down with my teen daughter’s- planner or family calendar in hand and touch bases with them on their upcoming activities.  If you have school age kids, then you know that their schedules can rival any busy adults these days! 

Both my daughters are active in choir, theater and clubs, so it seems like all of their waking hours are gobbled up by studies or important obligations. That’s why I schedule a daily snack time for my kids.  They expend a lot of energy in their daily lives, so it’s important that we allow kids time to unwind and decompress and thanks to today’s sponsor, Betty Crocker, my girls will get a #MySweetRewards cookie bar to enjoy after school.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Chocolate chip cookie bar

My daughters are usually famished by the time they get home from school each day, even more so if they’ve had an after school activity, so I try to serve them something healthy first like fruit or cheese sticks with milk and then, if they have a sweet tooth, I’ll give them a small serving, like a cookie or half one of these delicious Betty Crocker Sweet reward bars.

These bars are a new item from Betty Crocker and are on sale now at Publix, where you can  save $ 0.50 on any one box of Betty Crocker Sweet reward bars by downloading the coupon from They come in three flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar, Caramel Brownie Bar and Butterscotch Blondie Bar.  

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Butterscotch Blondie Bar

My Publix store had the boxes on sale 2 for $4.00, so we bought the Chocolate chip cookie bars, which have little chocolate chips on top to add to that chocolate goodness and Butterscotch Blondie bars that have little rainbow chips on top.  Each bar is so thick and flavorful, with a layer of chocolate on the bottom, it would be a challenge to eat it all anyway.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards bars

For those days when you are picking up and dropping off your kids, just toss a couple of these yummy Better Crocker sweet rewards bars in your purse to share with your kids in the car. Be sure to turn off the radio and ask then to not listen to their music so you can chat about their days while they unwind and re-fuel. 

Melissa likes the new Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars!

Win it!

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars

Thanks to our sponsor Betty Crocker #MySweetRewards, one lucky reader will receive a $15.00 PayPal cash transfer, so you can purchase your own sweet rewards. 


No purchase is necessary to enter using the Rafflecopter from below.  My WAHM Plan is responsible for prize fulfillment via PayPal transfer. You must have a PayPal email address to enter.   Winners will be notified by email used on entry form and have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. You must have a PayPal email account to enter. 

Good Luck!

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It has been a long week here at my house. Full of busy work days and after school activities 
that could have easily pushed me to the fast food line on a number of occasions, but thankfully since I’m a Balance Bar Insider; I had a secret weapon in my purse and could say yes to their new Chocolate mint cookie crunch bars without any guilt! My thanks to Balance Bar for sending me complimentary products for today’s post and giveaway. All love of chocolate and healthy snacks are my own.  

My WAHM Plan tries new Chocolate mint cookie crunch #BalanceBars

I’m going to be honest with you; I do not always practice healthy eating habits. I make sure my family eats all meals in a timely fashion, but for some reason- I don’t always sit down to a proper lunch during the week.  My kids are at school; my husband is at work, so it’s easy for me to nibble on fruit or cheese while I work in my home offices, or around the house. By the time the kids get home and we have to get to a rehearsal or club, I’m famished!  Balance Bars help keep me going.
Balance Bars offer healthy portions of  protein, carbs and fat
The great thing about the new Mint Cookie Crunch Balance Bars, besides the fantastic flavor, is that they truly are a balanced snack or light meal alternative.  Check out their nutrition facts:
  • 200 Calories
  • 14g Protein
  • 2g Fiber
  • Balanced 40-30-30 Nutrition
  • Low Glycemic Index (33)
  • 23 Vitamins & Minerals
  • Excellent Source of Antioxidants

See all that protein? That means a quick boost of energy, but Balance Bars are so much more than just a protein bar. Their precise 40-30-30 nutrition plan promotes slow glycemic response, which helps keep your blood sugar levels in a normal range.  

My WAHM Plan: Take a bite out of hunger with Balance Bars

I’m thankful to have these bars on hand while running yet another errand after school with my girls. Who, by the way, LOVE these tasty bars more than I do! While I do like these minty good cookies, they get a bit too sweet for me by the end of the bar, so I prefer their natural Bare bars which you can learn more about on my post here 

I invite you to learn more about all the Balance Bars available and where you can purchase 

them by visiting their website and by following them on Twitter.  While at their site, be 

sure to read their 40-30-30 nutrition facts. 

Win It: 
Win Balance Bar Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch bars on

One lucky reader will receive a box of 6 or more Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch Balance Bars! 

No purchase is necessary to enter using the Rafflecopter from below.  My WAHM Plan is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winners will be notified by email used on entry form and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. 

Good Luck!

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