Serve Up Smiles with healthy Protein Puffs

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We did it. We made it to the end of this year and that my friends, is something to celebrate! I took a needed break from work the last few weeks and stepping back really helped me gain clarity, focus and optimism for the new year. I’m a natural optimist and tend to look for the good in situations, so I’m ending this year on a high note by sharing a new way to snack that I think you’re going to like. I’ve been serving up smiles with healthy protein puffs snacks from Happy Little Plants. Want to serve up smiles with plant-based protein puffs too? Here’s how.

Protein Puffs!

Serve up Smiles Healthy Protein Puffs

This post is sponsored by Hormel Happy Little Plants protein puffs. All comments and opinions and love of good snack options are my own.

About Hormel® Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs

I don’t normally think of healthy snacks when I think of Hormel products. I think of thick slabs of bacon, or cans of chili and stew, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this beloved brand was bringing it’s Happy Little Plants brand to the snacking world with their plant-based protein puffs. 

Three Flavors to Choose From:

These plant-based puffs are available in Ranch, Cinnamon & Sugar and Nacho Cheese. They come in snack size bags (1.25 oz.), making them perfect for on the go snacking which is so helpful for when kids go back to school after winter break. 

Nutritional Information:

Each flavor of protein puffs is gluten-free and only have 140-150 calories, 5-8 grams of sugar and a whopping 16 grams of protein per bag.  They truly are a snack I can feel good about serving my family.

How do Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs Taste?

Ranch Taste Test:

Ranch flavored protein puffs

These flavorful puffs have a delightful crunch and true ranch flavor. If your family loves Zesty Ranch flavored Veggies Straws, they will love these.

Cinnamon & Sugar Taste Test:

Cinnamon & Sugar protein puffs

A little sweet, a little cinnamon, a little salt. These are a hit with me and my family! If you love cinnamon sugar cereals or pita chips, you’ll love these.

Nacho Cheese Taste Test:

Nacho Cheese protein puffs

These are really nacho cheesy. My family loves these for their taste and crunch. If you love nacho cheese flavored chips and snacks, these are an excellent trade.

Tasty Ways to Enjoy Protein Puffs:

While there's no question these snacks are perfect for noshing straight from the bag, I can up with some tasty ways to incorporate them into other meals. 

  • Toss Ranch puffs on top pf a salad
  • Float Nacho Cheese puffs in a bowl of tomato soup
  • Use Cinnamon & Sugar puffs as an Ice Cream topper

Where to buy Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs:

Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs in snack bags

Currently, you can purchase Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs on Amazon. I purchased the variety pack which has 12 bags offering 4 bags of each flavor. Of course, if you’d prefer just one flavor option, you can purchase a box of individual flavors as well. If you are a Prime member, you’ll get free, expedited shipping on these wholesome snacks. 

Snacking Smarter in the New Year:

To be honest, ending the year with this post has helped me set an intention to eat cleaner and healthier in the new year. I’ve always worked from home, so that didn’t change much this year, however, with stay-at-home orders and mask mandates, I found myself at home a lot more than usual, which led to some unhealthy snacking habits. I feel that by adding Happy Little Plants protein puffs to my pantry now, I’ll have a stronger start on snacking smarter in 2021.

Happy New Year!

From my home to yours- I wish you Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that we emerge from this pandemic a better version of ourselves.  

Please share in comments: Which protein puff flavor woudl you try first?

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