My daughter has suffered from cluster headaches and the occasional migraine for years. It’s hard to watch someone you love suffer knowing there wasn’t many non-pharmaceutical relief options available. My daughter had done some research on green light therapy and put green LED’s in her room which offered some help. I was delighted to be asked to review the new Allay Lamp recently. If you or someone you love suffers from headaches or migraines, read on about the use of green light and the company making this innovative lamp.

Green Light Help!

Allay green light lamp for headache/migraine help

My thanks to Allay for the complimentary green light lamp used in today's post. No further compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

About Allay :

Allay green lamp control

Allay was developed by Rami Burstein, a Harvard Medical school professor and neuroscientist. Burstein is a world leader in the science of migraine and headache pain. In conjunction with a team of  entrepreneurs and a creative engineer from NASA, the calming and effective green light emitting Allay Lamp was created. 

How does the Allay Lamp Work?

lights signal brain

According to Allay’s website, “Allay’s unique band of light wavelengths calms your brain by quieting hyperactive neurons. Everyday light is made up of multiple colors: red, blue, yellow, and green, most of which create very large electrical signals in the eye, with a direct path to the brain, influencing everything from your mood to how you sleep. “ 90% of the people surveyed reported that the Allay lamp was helpful with their migraine pain. 

A Non-Medical Solution for headaches and migraines:

There are lots of Moms who read my blog, so I found it especially comforting to know the Allay lamp can help pregnant women and nursing moms, who can’t take strong prescription medication. This green light lamp would be perfect for those times when OTC medicine isn’t enough to combat those tough headaches. It really is a safe alternative because it doesn’t irritate: the smaller electrical signal of the narrow green light means a calmer brain, even in the midst of a migraine.

Another really cool feature all Moms will enjoy is you can use this lamp one handed! You simply tough the button on the top to turn it on, flip the lamp for white or green light and then use the slider by the on button to control light brightness. 

It’s a Cool night light for teens rooms:

Allay Lamp makes a great night light

Teens bedrooms are their sanctuary. They practically live in their room when they are home, so all items in their spaces usually have to be something they really wanted, or something that’s functional but cool. That’s what this Allay lamp is! It can hang out on a dresser or nightstand and be just a cool source of light. Your teen can use the white light to help illuminate homework spaces or turn it to the green light to add a cool ambiance. And of course, it’s right there, ready to help ease the pain of a headache or migraine if one should pop up.


My Thoughts:

I love this lamp and so does my daughter! I placed ours in the foyer and use it at night to create a calming light for the family. If my daughter feels a headache coming on, she just comes in and takes it to her room. This has worked out perfectly for us so far. She says it really does help lesson the length and severity of her headaches! 


The Takeaway:

The Allay Green Light Lamp is one cool, functional invention! I love how sleek it is. It doesn’t take much space but can illuminate a large portion of a room because you can control the light with the touch of a finger. Check out my video to see. I think this lamp would make a very thoughtful gift and invite you to learn more about Allay and their products on their website here and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Please share in comments: Would this green lamp be helpful for you or someone you love?

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