I have always loved being outside. I love to feel the sunshine and wind on my face. I adore snapping photos of the abundance of beauty in my surroundings, whether I’m in the middle of a park, or walking the fence line on my land. I love gardening, especially flowers and herbs.  But truth be told, I’ve let my activity levels decline over the last year. I’ve come to the point in life that health and happiness go hand in hand, so I’m adding nature walks to my routine this fall to get back in shape and feel great again. Read on to discover how and please join me!

Nature walks at the park #OwnMyGreatness #ad

The plus side to walking in nature is it gives you a good workout. The minus side is if you need to use the bathroom more frequently than you used to, holding it until you can go gets tricky!  Also, as we women get older, “holding it” becomes more of a challenge, especially when we are doing strenuous things like really digging in to get up a trail, pulling pesky weeds, or walking another mile around the pond at the local park. I don’t want occasional bladder leakage to hold me back from enjoying the glorious fall season with my family, so I decided to do something about it. Here are my shape up and #OwnYourGreatness plans. 

 1. Sit less:

This is really a no brainer! As a blogger, I sit to work. I thought I was doing okay with the breaks I took from the keyboard, but my weight and overall health are telling my otherwise. I feel like sitting for too long weakens my pelvic floor muscles more, which leads me to my second action step.

2. Do Pelvic muscle training:

Did you know that for some women pelvic muscle training can help treat stress incontinence and activity leakage? Kegel exercises are a must for women, especially those who have had vaginal births! I’m raising my hand here.  I think we women try to remember to do our Kegels – but if you’ve been lax, start doing them now! All you have to do to perform a Kegel is contract the muscles you use to stop a stream of urine. 

Do I need to do more Kegels?

Here’s a quick way to find out. The next time you’re at home and nature calls, contract your muscles to stop the flow of your urine. Can you stop it all? Can you stop it quickly? If yes- fantastic! You have a strong pelvic floor. If you answered no, you need to do more Kegels! You can discreetly do Kegels anywhere; while commuting, while sitting watching TV, while working at your desk, while waiting for your kids practice and games to be over. 

3. Add one more fruit or vegetable to every meal:

add fresh fruit and veggies to every meal

My family and I enjoy a wide variety of foods, but lately, I’ve been stuck in a food rut when it comes to breakfast and lunch options while working at home. I’ve decided to get back to the good, wholesome basics of the healthy plate guidelines simply by adding one more piece of fruit and a vegetable to every meal. Now is the time to start using frozen summer berries; and with all the delicious autumn produce in the stores now- think pears, squash, pomegranates, Brussel sprouts, apples, it really shouldn’t be difficult to make this simple change. 

4. Take a nature walk everyday:

take a nature walk everyday #OwnMyGreatness #ad

There really is nothing quite as refreshing to me than being outside and working in my flower beds, or container garden. Yet, over the last year, I’ve somehow allowed that special soul nurturing time to lessen and lessen. In order to get back in shape and be more in tune to my body, mind and spirit, I’m putting daily nature walks at the top of my To-Do list! Another thing I’m adding to my to do list is to keep Depend FIT-FLEX on hand for those just in case days where I know I’ll be pushing myself to build back up my strength and stamina. 

Plan ahead to avoid getting sidelined:

You can now purchase Depend FIT-FLEX through Amazon.com and have them discretely delivered to your doorstep.  Living in a small town like I do, where you never who you will run into while shopping, this is an easy, discreet and convenient way for me to make sure I have product on hand for those “if” moments. 

Amazon ships products discreetly and conveniently #ad #OwnMyGreatness @dependbrand

If you have come to rely on the sensitive bladder protection, made just for our shape, fast absorption and flexible movement of the Depend FLEX-FIT, you are going to love that you can now plan ahead and save money! $6 now on your first shipment with Amazon.com. You can also save up to 15%  by subscribing to auto delivery which includes free shipping.  I invite you to learn more about shopping and saving on Depends at Amazon here

save time and money by purchasing Depend FLEX-FIT on Amazon.com #ad @dependbrand

It’s time for me to get back to the things I love, like taking nature walks, snapping photos of what I discover, eating seasonal produce and yes, getting back in shape so I can feel better and own my greatness. I know if the need arises, I have some Depend FLEX-Fit from Amazon tucked away ready for use. Is it time for you to #OwnYourGreatness as well?

afternoon nature walk #OwnMyGreatness #ad

We are all uniquely made. We all have a calling and a gift. I challenge you to re-invest in yourself and your over-all health this fall, because you are meant to own your greatness too!

Please share in comments: What is your favorite fall outdoor activity?
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