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All My Favorite Things Fall Edition

in , , , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Saturday, November 07, 2020

Happy November! As I sit here typing up this post, the weather outside is anything but frightful. In fact, it’s going to be 75 and sunny all weekend long! It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is coming up quickly when all I want to do is go outside and soak up the sun. All that to say, I’m not fully in the holiday spirit yet, so this post should be called part one of my favorite things fall edition since it doesn't showcase any Thanksgiving goodies. I many need to do a special holiday edition of my favorite things! Read on to see what I’m loving right now and hopefully; you see a product or two you’ll love as well.

Fall Favorites!

All My Favorite Things Fall Edition

I was sharing with my daughter Melissa that I wanted to learn how to take better flat lay photos like hers recently, when she said she would be happy to teach me by showing me how. I’m so stoked to be working with her because she slays flat lay photography and is on top of all things beauty and fashion. We’ve decided to do a new blog series together called All My Favorite Things. Welcome to the February Edition, we hope you like it.

My Favorite Things in February:

All My Favorite Things February Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope today has been filled with all the people and things that make you feel loved. One way I show love here is to host giveaways.  I’m especially happy to share that today’s giveaway is a favorite- candles! Not just any candles, these are beautiful hand poured candles with wooden wicks, made locally in Franklin TN. You may remember my holiday candle set giveaway from November, where I introduced you to Amber Vale Home. That giveaway had over 1500 entries in just a week, so I know you will love this giveaway and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my partnership with them as their ambassador! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share this small business with amazing candles with you.

Amber Vale Home Candles #ad #giveaway

I’m delighted to be working with two local companies today, both of which are small businesses just like me. As we head into the holiday season, I feel it is more important than ever to support local and small businesses whenever possible, so I’m thrilled to bring you a superbly scented opportunity to win a Holiday Candle Sampler 3 piece set from Amber Vale Home in partnership with a local digital company, Lev3l Digital. My love of candles keeps growing now that I’ve has an opportunity to try these delightful wood wick candles. Read on to learn all about them and the company that makes them and enter the Amber Vale Holiday Candle set giveaway too.

Holiday Candle Trio:

Amber Vale Holiday Candle set review & giveaway #ad

The beautiful spring weather has me opening windows and dreaming of the weekend on this fine May morning. I love this time year when the landscape is dotted with green fields and blooms around every corner. I’m ready for a long Sunday drive where I can feel fresh air on my face and the heavenly springtime scent surrounds me. Do you love spring drives too? Then this candle from Goose Creek Candles just may be the perfect candle for you! I'm an ambassador with Goose Creek this year, so to learn more about the company, please read my introductory post here

Goose Creek Candle Sunday Drive review #brandambassador #ad

It’s been a couple of years since we had a real Christmas tree and one of things I miss the most is the heavenly scent of a fresh tree all season long. I was delighted to receive my first candle, Balsam Fir, from Goose Creek Candles just in time to enjoy at Christmas and beyond. I’ve been burning this candle all day and I have a delightfully scented home! I’m excited to partner with this made in America candle company as part of their blogger program for the next year and want to introduce them to you today and share my thoughts on my first candle from them.

Our Delightfully Scented Home: 

Enjoy a delightfully scented home with Goose Creek Candles #brandpartner

Hello, my dear readers! It’s nice to be back with you after taking a few days off to celebrate my daughter’s successful completion of their freshman years at college and high school.  We gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend, our unofficial start of summer and can’t wait to share all sorts of fun posts with you! First, though, I must share with you our updated privacy policy so that My WAHM Plan complies with the GDPR. 

Welcome Summer with iced tea

Hello my friends and happy November! It is a rainy day here in middle Tennessee and all this grey has me looking for ways to cheer up my home and blog, so even though it is a little early for me, I'm going to share Avon's holiday gift guide now because it is full of happy colors and savings! I hope you enjoy looking at all the pretty and useful products Avon offers.

Avon Holiday Gift Guide #AvonRep #sponsored

I have been hearing about prize candles for some time now, but until I was asked if I’d like to try one free to review via Taste Maker Mom, I was content to burn my regular “no prize candles”.  Curiosity got the better of me and my daughter’s.  I was happy to learn I’d been selected to participate. All opinions are my own.

Prize Candle offers elegantly crafted scented natural soy candles that contain a hidden prize in every candle.

Our pretty Prize Candle arrived and naturally the first thing we noticed was the scent. We received the Adriatic Fig, which is light and fruity. I also liked the snow white color of the wax. 

Prize Candle Adriatic Fig #soy #candle

There’s just something inviting about a snow white candle to me. I almost didn’t want to burn it, but how else were we going to get to the prize?  My youngest daughter couldn’t wait to see what we’d win after reading this on the back of our candle box.

Prize Candle prize information on #box

With the assurance that we would win a prize of at least $10, we lit our candle.

candle flame Prize Candle #soy

The Prize candle burns clean and evenly, just like I’ve come to expect from a soy candle. It also burns slowly, which normally is a good thing- but not when you are waiting for your first glimpse of your prize!

lit soy Prize Candle #pretty

Our candle burned just over an hour before we saw the prize pack. We let it burn another 20 minutes before we could pull our prize from the melting wax. 

prize inside melting candle starting to show

Opening the little plastic bag covered in wax was a messy but fun job. My daughter and I were up to the task and this is what we got for our efforts.

Prize code from soy candle
prize ring inside soy candle

The ring, which is a pretty costume jewelry piece, is small for my average size fingers, so it only felt comfortable on my pinkie finger. That didn’t bother me at all because I’d already promised my daughter she could have the ring. 

We headed over to the Prize Candle site to redeem our prize next. My daughter was so excited that we had a chance to win lots of money. Her excitement was contagious and I crossed my fingers as we entered our special code in the appraisal box. We won $10 dollars off our first purchase of a Prize Candle which was a bit of a letdown. I will use the coupon code though if I chose to purchase a Prize Candle for a friend.

Prize Candle boxes with flowers, #prizes

All in all we are happy with our wonderfully scented soy Prize Candle and can now join the ranks of others who love the thrill of burning a candle with a prize inside. I invite you to visit their website to discover all their scents and learn more about Prize Candle the company. You can also follow them on Twitter

Please share in comments: What is your favorite summer candle scent?