It’s been a couple of years since we had a real Christmas tree and one of things I miss the most is the heavenly scent of a fresh tree all season long. I was delighted to receive my first candle, Balsam Fir, from Goose Creek Candles just in time to enjoy at Christmas and beyond. I’ve been burning this candle all day and I have a delightfully scented home! I’m excited to partner with this made in America candle company as part of their blogger program for the next year and want to introduce them to you today and share my thoughts on my first candle from them.

Our Delightfully Scented Home: 

Enjoy a delightfully scented home with Goose Creek Candles #brandpartner

I received a complimentary Balsam Fir jar candle from Goose Creek Candles to facilitate today’s post. No further compensation was given. All opinions and love of scented candles are my own.

About Goose Creek Candles:

I was unfamiliar with Goose Creek Candles until very recently, so I spent some time on their website learning about them to share with you today. Goose Creek Candles is a family owned company that got its start in the small Kentucky town of Liberty in 1988.  Founded by Chuck Meese, who began a vending machine business right after graduating high school and spent years looking for a niche to further his business. Chuck tested his hand at working for himself early in life. He found it during the late ‘90’s, as the “candle craze” was kicking off. To add to the vending business, Chuck began producing candles from his home. Fast forward to today and this family owned business is thriving with Chuck, his wife Tamara and their children are making strides in the industry.

Why Choose Goose Creek Candles:

Balsam Fir: Goose Creek Candles #brandpartner

At Goose Creek Candles, quality still comes first, as each candle is made to surpass the highest industry standards.  They are proud to be the highest quality, cleanest burning candles on the market. Goose Creek Candles has grown into mass production facilities across the US and relies heavily on many hard-working Americans to meet the demand in more than 75 countries worldwide.
Watch this video to get a behind the scenes look at the day to day operations. 

Their Fragrance Promise:

“Fragrance strength is our biggest selling point. We promise you will smell a potent, pleasant aroma when burning our candles. I can attest to the pleasant aroma of the Balsam Fir candle I received. Once I opened the box, I could smell the wonderful fresh Christmas tree like fragrance! 

About Balsam Fir fragrance:

Enjoy a delightfully scented home with Goose Creek Candles #brandpartner

Goose Creek Candles invites you to image you are walking through a snow-capped Balsam forest as you enjoy the scent of their Balsam Fir candle which has prominent scent notes of Fresh Balsam and Pine top notes, Woodlands and Bergamot mid notes and Oak Moss and Evergreen as the base notes. This heavily scented jarred candle has a burn time of approximately 120-150 hours and burns very clean. 

My Thoughts:

Enjoy a delightfully scented home with Goose Creek Candles #brandpartner

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I’ve had my candle lit all afternoon and my home smells amazing! I like to burn candles for extended periods of time, so I really like how clean this candle burns. I am in love with this candle! From the pretty green color that looks hand poured, to the long, lead free wicks, to the almost perfectly captured scent of Christmas and wintertime, I am pleased with everything about this candle and do highly recommend you try one of their candles. They have a wide variety of containers and a huge scent selection! Goose Creek Candles also offers wax melts, flameless candles, air- fresheners and room sprays.

If you didn’t receive a candle this Christmas, or have a special occasion coming up, please stop by their website today to learn all about them and help support a made in America company.

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