Summer is in full swing, so I’ve been busy switching out some home decor items to better reflect the season. Think lighter blankets and bedding, decorative pillows and placemats and an often overlooked item, candles! I change out my candles seasonally. If you love floral scented candles, you may want to try these two at your next summer gathering. 

Floral Scented Candles for Summer:

Floral Scented Candles for Summer

As an Influencer for Ambervale Home, I received complimentary candles used for today’s post. I am using my influencer link which means I may receive a commission on purchase made through it. Thank you for supporting my blog in this manner. 

Candle One: First Date

Unlit Candles

I love how aesthetically pleasing an unlit candle is! There’s something so clean and pristine about it. I take my time to fully enjoy how it looks, feels in my hand, the pretty wicks and of course, the aromas. 

First Date has a delightful Rose floral top note, like you are walking through a lovely rose garden. You’ll pick up hints of clover, lavender, west coast redwood, cedar and cypress, clove leaf and more. After smelling it off and on for a good five minutes, I decided this would be the perfect candle to burn on a rainy summer night.

Candle Two: Petals:

Petals Candle

Petals won me over quickly with its light and happy floral notes of Magnolia and Peony, I had to light it first! This candle isn’t an in-your-face-floral scented candle, It's more subtle. Imagine you’re sitting next to an open window and the light scent of flowers wafts in on a summer breeze. That’s this delightful candle! I lit it about 20 minutes before the family arrived for dinner and received several compliments on how lovely my home smelled. 

The Takeaway:

Candle glow

That’s the beauty of changing out your candles with the seasons. You can be transported to a summer garden simply by burning a candle. I’ve had the privilege of working with and burning Ambarvale Home’s hand poured,  phthalate-free fragrance, wax and soy blend candles in my home for years now. Being able to burn their seasonal candles throughout the year is so much fun! They truly elevate my home with their lovely scent and glow. 

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Please share in comments: Which of these floral scented candles would you burn first?

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