The beautiful spring weather has me opening windows and dreaming of the weekend on this fine May morning. I love this time year when the landscape is dotted with green fields and blooms around every corner. I’m ready for a long Sunday drive where I can feel fresh air on my face and the heavenly springtime scent surrounds me. Do you love spring drives too? Then this candle from Goose Creek Candles just may be the perfect candle for you! I'm an ambassador with Goose Creek this year, so to learn more about the company, please read my introductory post here

Goose Creek Candle Sunday Drive review #brandambassador #ad

As a brand ambassador, I received a complimentary Sunday Drive jar candle from Goose Creek Candles to facilitate today’s post. All opinions and love of scented candles are my own.

Meet Sunday Drive Candle:

Sunday Drive by Goose Creek Candles #ad #review #brandambassador

I selected this candle because Goose Creek Candles does a fantastic job with their product description. For Sunday Drive they said this about this fragrance: “Windows down, hair is blowing as you cruise down the backroads without a care in the world.”

Doesn’t that sound lovely? It evokes memories of being a child in the backseat of the family car heading to my Grandparents house on a spring Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t wait to play in my grandma’s flowers! In fact, I'm sure your Mom and Grandma would love to receive this candle for Mother's Day

Goose Creek Candles Sunday Drive Candle #brandpartner #ad

 Sunday Drive Candle prominent scent notes:

  • Top: Cactus Flower, Soft Raspberry
  • Mid: Sparkling Lemon, Jasmine
  • Base: Sun-Kissed Coconut, Vanilla

My Thoughts:

I have been enjoying this candle's unlit scent for two weeks now. I so enjoy walking past a candle sitting on a shelf and picking up certain scent profiles. While the top note of Cactus Flower truly is very prominent; I detect more notes of Jasmine and Vanilla when I smell the unlit candle.

Goose Creek Candles Sunday Drive lit candle #brandpartner #ad

Once the candle is lit and allowed to burn for a few minutes, the heady scent of Jasmine mixes with raspberry and coconut beautifully. I don’t pick up on the lemon or cactus flower much, but perhaps it needs to burn longer.  I do like how clean the candle burns and how quickly you can smell it after lighting it.  I love that Goose Creek Candles are made in America, just a state away in Kentucky and that they are affordable. This large jar candle is $12.99 right now. 

The only problem with Sunday Drive is it’s a very sweet scented candle, burning just a little too sweet for my taste. I let it burn for another five minutes and left the room the candle was burning in but wound up blowing it out, it was that sweet. I may not have enjoyed that level of sweetness, however, my daughter did. She came out of her room to exclaim she LOVED this candles scent profile so it has found its place in our home. I will have to get my need for all the Sunday drive scents fulfilled by hopping in the car and rolling down the windows. Hopefully, we will do that this weekend. 

The Take Away:

This is the second candle I’ve received as a Goose Creek Candles brand ambassador and while Sunday Drive wasn’t a perfect match for me, it was for my daughter. If you love sweetly floral scented candles that can fill the whole house with scent, this one is for you. You can learn more about Sunday Drive, jar candles and wax melts here at Goose Creek’s site. While there, you can also shop their complete line of new spring scents and Mother's Day gifts. You just might find yourself drawn to a certain candle description just like I was with Sunday Drive. Now I’m intrigued with the description of their Orange Grove Tree candle. Perhaps I’ll try that one next.

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Please share in comments: After reading my review, do you think Sunday Drive would be a good scent for you?

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