Buying a new vehicle is a long and sometimes, highly frustrating task. Beyond all the hype of TV commercials and radio spots from local car dealers, we all want a place that will answer all of our questions quickly and honestly.  After a recent trip to the shop, we are thinking it may be time to trade in my beloved minivan and so starts our questions. 

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American made Jeep found at #CarsCom #ad

We have Questions: 

Maybe these questions sound familiar to you as well.
  • Should you buy new or pre-owned? Should you lease your next vehicle?
  • Are you are getting the best value without a haggling?
  • How much is your trade in really worth?
  • Can you afford the car you like? 
  • Where is the car made?
  • Has there been in any recent recalls? has Answers:

Fortunately, I was asked to check out today’s sponsor, and was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information I found there. 


According to the website, they are a leading online destination that helps car shoppers and owners navigate every turn of car ownership.   They got their start in automotive classifieds and has evolved into one of the largest digital automotive platforms. connects consumers with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere.

That all sounded good to me, so I started my search with the basics- I want to buy an American made vehicle if possible. Not only did the site pull up several reviews, photos and videos (I’ll share one of my top SUV pick below), they had this handy map showing you just where in the country certain American made cars are built. 2017 American made map #ad

I loved seeing our local plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee on there. I’d love to be able to support my country and my community with my next vehicle purchase, so I did a quick search for the GMC Aacadia

#ad 2017 GMC Acadia found on

I have to admit, she is one sweet looking ride, but before I allow myself to fall in love and get my heart set on this one, I read about the features and the reviews here. I learned that this vehicle has an overall 4+ start rating and comes with cool technology like rear seat reminder and teen driver tools.

I really liked watching the video too. Not only did it help me see the interior better, it showed me how the Acadia handles on the road. 

I found many review options there  for me to read and I felt like they were honest reviews I could trust.  I especially liked the thumbs up or thumbs down feature on each vehicle listed on It’s a quick tool that allows you to see the good and bad and the notable features. 

#ad easy to use thumbs up or down rating at

It's perfect for side by side comparisons, which I will be doing a lot of before we make a final decision. The folks at knew just what we needed and have built a powerful online tool to help research your next vehicle purchase thoroughly before ever talking with a dealer. Go check them out today.

Please share in comments: Are you thinking of purchasing a new vehicle soon? What make/model will you research first at

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