Talks about money, whether the topic is earning it, saving it, or spending it have been in heavy rotation the last couple of weeks here at our home because oldest has graduated from high school and will be attending a nearby university in the fall. 

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All those “adulting” topics you think you have time to get to are upon us now. I’m just thankful that my husband and I laid the groundwork by talking about age appropriate money topics throughout her life. We feel confident that she will continue to make smart money decisions even when she isn’t with us. When I learned that I had been selected to work with Stockpile, a company that lets you purchase gift cards for stock, I was extremely happy. Not just for me- I’ve always wanted to venture into investing, but also for our grad! Read on to learn more about Stockpile and how to redeem a free $5 gift card to use at Stockpile too. 

Disclosure: In exchange for my honest review, I received a $25 gift card to try out Stockpile. This post contains a referral link. I am not a market professional and not responsible for gains or losses that you may experience. I am not affiliated with or own an investment in any company or brand mentioned, and have no plans to do so. Securities products are not FDIC insured. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value. 

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I normally have a much smaller disclosure than the one above, but it is important information, not just to cover me and Stockpile, but you, the reader. As Stockpile states in the handbook they sent me and online at their site, many find the traditional model of investing to be intimidating, overwhelming, and financially inaccessible. I agree with them! I’m so thankful Stockpile sent their booklet - “A rookie’s guide to investing in the stock market” to me. Before we jump into that, let’s take a closer look at who the company is and what they do.

About Stockpile: 

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I enjoyed reading how Stockpile got its start. I found it to be very relatable because I struggle to find meaningful gifts (not just more stuff) for family members from time to time as well. Here’s their story as posted on their website. 

A few Christmases ago, our founder, Avi, thought it would be neat to give his nieces and nephews some stock in their favorite companies instead of more stuff. But the ones he wanted to give — Apple and Google — were too pricey, and the process was such a hassle that he gave up and bought more toys. He couldn’t get the idea out of his mind, though, and figured there had to be a way. And that’s how Stockpile was born.” 

How Stockpile Works: 

buy as little as a dollar stock with Stockpile #ad

Stockpile is unique because they let you buy fractional shares of stock in publicly traded companies. For instance, I received a Stockpile gift card with Tesla on it. My husband is a fan of their cars, so naturally, I’ll invest with them and we were pretty excited we got this particular company. With Stockpile, I you pick from more than a thousand different stocks from companies like Amazon, Apple, Disney and more. Stockpile also offers ETFs for Gold, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and more. 

Understanding the lingo:

If you are new to investing like I am and want to share this gift with your grad, you’ve got to have a basic handle on all the acronyms and lingo of investing. Like what is an ETF for Gold? Or you may be wondering what the difference is between NASDAQ and S&P. Stockpile’s got all the answers in easy to understand terms here at their Learn section of their website.

Redeeming my gift card: 

redeeming my gift card from Stockpile #ad

  1. Go to
  2. Click get your stock now
  3. Sign up for a Stockpile account
  4. Enter number code found on back of gift card
  5. Read about the stock you chose and how it is trading at time of purchase

TSLA trading information #ad

6. Click redeem

That’s it! I’m now an investor with Tesla! It is pretty exciting to see that I have $25 in assets. 

A free gift from Stockpile:

a free $5 gift from Stockpile #ad

Are you ready to start investing? Perhaps you already do, but want to try out Stockpile for yourself. If you sign up for a Stockpile account using my special referral link you will receive $5 of stock in your account to get started right away.  

get $5 free stock to invest with Stockpile #ad

The great thing is I will receive an additional $5 in my account as well. I plan on giving that to my youngest daughter to get her started in investing. Stockpile makes that easy to do as well since they have a way for guardians to set up accounts for their children!  This offer expires on July 30, 2017. 

My Thoughts:

Stockpile has made it easy to sign up and invest smartly. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot to learn! I like that Stockpile encourages you to make an investment plan before you purchase any stock. They help you understand what your risk tolerance range is. Meaning, if you bought a grad a gift card for stock, they have the time to make conservative investments in companies that are older and more established. The opposite is true if you are in a position to take risks. You’ll want to make more aggressive investments in companies that are younger and are focused on growth.  

So far, I’ve enjoyed the whole process! I would recommend them and have shared them with my recent grad who decided to invest her $5 in Target stock. Together we will keep learning about investing, stocks trading and more from online and offline sources. I'm glad I was able to give the gift of stock to my grad.

I hope you’ll take advantage of Stockpile’s free $5 offer here and join us on our #HappyInvesting journey. Be sure to check out their website here and follow them on Twitter.

Please share in comments: Do you have a recent graduate in your family? Would they be interested in investing?
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