Spring cleaning continues this month at Casa Kinsman and while I feel like I’m making headway in some areas (hello recycling bins filled to the brim!), I’ve just started on closets. Oh, closet organization, how I avoid you, until now. When my friends over at Tidy Living ask if I would like to work with them on their May Madness spring cleaning sale, I happily said yes because I knew I couldn’t let my closets stay messy. With the help of two cool clothing accessories I received from today’s sponsor, I was able to organize the messiest closet in one afternoon. Here’s how I did it. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tidy Living. I received information/product to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Organize your closet in an afternoon with a garment rack from TidyLiving.com  #ad

1. Block out enough time:

To take your closet from clutter to clean, the first and maybe hardest step is blocking out the necessary time. It is imperative that you allow at least an hour to devote to this chore. The more clothing and accessories you have, the more time you’ll need. I blocked out an afternoon. 

2. Pick your battles:

Before you start pulling items out of the closet, stop and ask yourself what is bugging you the most.

  • Is it that you can’t step in to your closet because it’s stuffed all the way to the door?
  • Is it that your clothes are in piles and towers in front of the closet door or on other furniture nearby?
  • Is your source of stress wrinkles from not hanging clothing properly or at all?
  • Is it all the STUFF you own? (Shoes, purses, belts, scarves, backpacks, gym bags luggage).

3. Start with one item:

Now that you’ve identified which battle you’d like to tackle, just start. Yes, just start by moving one piece of clothing or item. It will look different for every closet and every battle. Start by making a clear work area. If that means moving a pile in front of the actual closet, do it. Do you need to move boxes, bins, luggage to walk in to your closet? Do it. Set them in the hallway if need be. The point is to see the closet and what you have to work with. 

When I started with my closet organization in my daughter’s room, I quickly realized her clothes were not on hangers, shelves or drawers because she was trying multiple pieces to create her look and style for the next day. Enter the first simple sanity saving closet accessory

style your look easily with a single tier garment rack #ad

3. Utilize clothing accessories and organizers inside and outside of closet:

The single tier garment rack is a handy clothing accessory for those who like to pull together their outfits and looks ahead of time. This rack was shipped to me speedy quick from TidyLiving.com and is on sale during their May madness sale where you can save up to 70% off this month, plus, you get free shipping to all U.S and Canada residences. You’ll save even more on multiple purchases too. Save 10% off any two purchases, or 15% off any three. 

Sometimes to better organize the inside of a closet, you have to think outside for clever storage options. Now my fashionista can easily style her clothes and accessories, all the way down to her shoes by utilizing a small space just to the side of her closet. The rack has space at the bottom to hold a shoe organizer and is specious enough that you can even hang your purse and belts. She really likes how it lends coolness to her room too. 

4. Don’t re-launder clean clothes that are wrinkled:

While working in my daughter’s closet, I found countless tops I knew had been washed but never worn, but they were way too wrinkled to wear.  If you are tired of seeing clothes re-enter the laundry room because they were scooped up off the floor, do yourself a favor and invest in a foldable drying rack.

air dry delicate clothing on a foldable drying rack #ad

This rack is on sale too at Tidyliving.com and is going to be a lifesaver for me with two teen daughters! I set up the folding rack in their bathroom, gathered up items I knew I had recently laundered, (don’t be afraid to do a sniff test) and tossed them in a laundry hamper. 

Next I grabbed my handy water bottle from my laundry room, (water is easier to use and cheaper than using wrinkle re-leasers) and in under 5 minutes all that laundry was spritzed with water and drying so it can be put away properly. 

You're done!

With a little planning, patience, a few simple closet accessories and an afternoon, I was able to transform a closet into a usable, organized space. I’ll be tackling more closets as the month continues. 

Please share in comments: Which closet have you been avoiding organizing in your home? 


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