Mother’s Day is almost here and I just had to share a great gift idea that I recently discovered while working my other job as an Avon Representative. I know most of you have heard of this iconic beauty brand, but do you know the giving side of Avon? The Avon Foundation for Women launched its Speak out against Domestic Violence program back in 2004.  One of its main pillars is to fund shelters across the United States that provide safe spaces for women and children in imminent danger where they can heal emotionally and physically, move toward self-sufficiency, and learn positive coping skills.

Avon Reps at Sanctuary for Families New York

“One of Avon Foundation’s grantees is Sanctuary forFamilies (Sanctuary), New York City’s largest service provider for survivors of domestic violence and their children. At an event on April 27, held at Sarah Burke House, Sanctuary’s 58-family shelter in the Bronx, local-area Avon Representatives and the Avon Foundation for Women presented a $5,000 grant to Sanctuary, marking more than $675,000 donated to the organization by the Avon Foundation for Women during a nearly 20-year philanthropic partnership.”

This donation is a powerful message of hope, especially coming from Avon and their local mom bosses. It makes me so proud to be a part of this great company. It makes me want to work harder, stand taller as an Avon Representative and to find ways to give more in my own community.  

A tote bag that gives hope this Mother’s Day:

A tote bag that give hop this Mother's Day #Avon

“This donation coincides with the launch of Avon’sBranching Out Empowerment Tote for Mother’s Day 2017, a limited-edition fundraising product honoring domestic violence survivors and created through Avon’s special collaboration with Sanctuary for Families’ Children’s Collaborative Art Project.” Christine Jaworsky, Director of the Avon Foundation’s leading Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Program shared that the painting features a large, colorful tree with many branches – symbolizing the children’s family tree, filled with hope, healing and growth

I absolutely LOVE that the art work of children currently living at Sanctuary was used on this tote. It makes its message even more powerful and I will think of the Mother's who were brave enough to leave and seek sanctuary for themselves and their children each time I carry it. 

How you can help:

Funds raised from the new Empowerment Tote will be donated by Avon to the Avon Foundation to be able to provide more grants for more programs that provide critical services for women and their families. The easiest way to help would be to purchase the Empowerment tote from your local Avon Representative. I am a firm believer in helping where you live! If you don’t currently have a local Avon Representative, just go to and use their search tools. 

Empowerment tote by Avon for Mother's Day

If you are reading this and I’m your local or online Avon Representative. You can use my link purchase the Empowerment tote. It should arrive to you in time for Mother's Day if purchased asap!  Please note, I will earn a small percentage on this sale by you using my link here, but $3.60 of every sale goes to Avon grants and programs! 

I sincerely thank you for blessing me with your purchase, which also blesses others and isn’t that a beautiful Mother’s Day gift?

I hope you find this information helpful. I’ve felt a pull to share more Avon related posts with you here on my blog. I’ve been with Avon a year and a half and I feel it would be fun and helpful if I shared a glimpse into my direct sales business here since it is a big part of my work at home mom plan.

I wish all Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Please share in comments: Have you ever purchased an Avon product? If yes, what was it?


This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel. My WAHM Plan owner is an Independent Avon Representative and may receive monetary compensation if you purchase the above item. 

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