Color of the month- July 2017 - All White

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July is a hot and humid month here in the southeast so wearing breathable cotton clothing is a must and my go to color? All white. According to Farrow & Ball, the craftsmen in paint & paper:
“All White is exactly what it says! Unusually, it contains no other pigment except for white, creating the softest most sympathetic color without the colder blue undertones of a brilliant white.”  

Just look at this pretty All White room they share for this versatile color. 


All White can be tricky to find outside of nature and plain white tees, but I think you’ll like my picks for the color of the month.

How to wear All White-

Besides a comfy t-shirt and cut off shorts, you can find all white easily in work to weekend pieces like blouses and pants.  I had a lot of fun finding accessories and shoes in all white too. 

work to weekend in All White

How to decorate with All White-

All the walls in our house are white. A true all white that helps bring in light and creates a beautiful neutral back drop for colorful accessories.  Here are some room inspirations I found. If you are a fan of the light and bright looks found in Scandinavian homes and farmhouse sinks, this month’s color is for you. 

How to grow All White in your garden-

If you visit my blog often, you will notice my garden focus is mainly on flowers and herbs. That’s not to say I don’t love eating fresh produce, I just prefer shopping for them at local farmers markets and stands at this stage in my life. I adore the simple beauty of a perfect all white flower petals found on a Daisy, or the loveliness of my all white Petunias in the sun. 

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 Cooking with All White-

Take a look in your kitchen and you’ll find pretty All White in your pantry and spices too. There’s salt of course; but also baking powder, baking soda, flour, corn starch, sugar, Splenda, coconut oil and more.

Pin With Me- 

Here's my Pinterest collaboration board for the month where you'll find over 40 All White pins to get you inspired to use, wear and decorate with this color. 

Please share in comments: How many All White items do you have in your home this summer?

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