Hello my friends! I've missed you. I took some much needed time off from writing and creating here to get my family and I prepped for summer, which officially starts tonight. Hello summer! Today I'm seeing red, a beautiful true red inspired from crazy good summer fruit like strawberries and watermelon. Take a look at my Color of the month for June inspiration and collab board below.

fresh sliced strawberries true red

And here is my Color of the month Pinterest collaboration board. I hope you see lots of pretty, functional, and inspiring true red items you'll want to add to your life right now. 

Great News!

Starting next month, I will be expanding on my color of the month inspirations by sharing the color the first week of the month. Then, I'll share a weekly post showing you how to wear and accessorize it, decorate your home and garden with it, cook with each color all month long!

I'm excited to expand on this great theme and hope you'll stop by each week starting in July to see how this evolves. Special thanks to my daughter's Melissa and Tera who helped in the growth of this creative idea.

Please share in comments: Do you like to wear or decorate with true red? And is there anything the color red near you right now? I have a shiny brand new red pencil near me.

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