August is a bittersweet month for families with college bound kids. While we are extremely proud of their hard work and scholastic accomplishments that got them accepted into their college of choice; the thought of actually leaving our kids in a dorm room can be heart-wrenching. 

We moved our daughter to a local university campus two weeks ago and I’m still adjusting to not having her sweet presence at home every night! I know that we are lucky to have her attend a local college, but like many parents, we were searching for a way to offer our support and encouragement in a tangible way and I found it with SoulFeed. Read on to discover how you can send care packages that nourish body and soul. 

Nourish the body, feed the soul. Care packages #ad SoulFeed

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About SoulFeed: 

SoulFeed is the college care package that truly says “I love you” by allowing parents, grandparents and friends to provide consistent spiritual encouragement for a loved one during the college years; plus yummy snacks and fun stuff! Now you can feed their mind, body and soul!”

SoulFeed helps keep them connected to home #ad

What’s in the box?

care package goodies in SoulFeed box #ad

  • 4 weekly devotionals- Themed around the most critical issues college students are facing, these simple reflections include thought-provoking questions and challenges as well as practical applications, Scripture, and encouragement for deepening their relationship with Jesus in the context of college life.

  • 3-4 High quality snacks- We curate the very best snacks from unique, mission-minded companies who have a passion for healthy living. But don’t worry…we make sure these healthy snacks are actually YUMMY! (yep, we taste test everything, and usually one of the snacks we include is a “classic” popular snack!) Most snacks are organic, non-GMO and most are gluten free and include protein bars, gourmet popcorn, chocolate, dried fruit chips, drink mixes and much more! And of course, there’s almost always chocolate!

  • Guy and Girl specific surprises - Each box is uniquely different packed for guys or girls with gender specific items.

  • For boys: SoulFeed care packages for boys includes unique and fun games and toys such as stress-balls, finger-rockets and other crazy-fun things that will bring a smile to their face! 

  • For girls: SoulFeed care packages for girls include a thoughtful, fun surprise such as unique dorm decor, photo frames, handcrafted journals, cool toys, etc.

  • Lastly, each SoulFeed care package has one practical item.  They search high and low for practical items to make dorm and college life simpler: from portable phone/device chargers, book lights, cool pens, health & wellness items and other innovative tools to improve their daily life.

How to Order Boxes: 

SoulFeed makes it  easy and affordable to send your love to your student in a monthly reminder of what matters most. They have 3 subscription plans to choose from:

  • Month to month for $34.99 per box
  • 4 month pre-pay for $29.99 per box
  • 8 month pre-pay for $27.99 per box

Shipping is just $3.99 per box and taxes will vary depending on location. You can learn more about the months care package boxes are shipped by visiting SoulFeed here.  You can save $5.00 off right now if you reserve your September box by using reference code 5OFF at checkout here.

Sending a care package that nourishes your child’s body and soul can never replace quality family togetherness, but it can help ease the transition from at home living to dorm life in a tangible way, which will help your student and those who are counting down the days until you are together again. 

Please share in comments:  Is one of your children in need of this care package? How far away from home are they now that they live on campus?

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