Grow beyond Mums in your garden this fall

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There is no mistaking the beauty and allure of a vibrant Chrysanthemum this time of year.  They can be found everywhere from nurseries, to farms markets and even school fundraisers have Mums for sale and I am a willing buyer. Mums are one of the few flowers that can be both annuals and perennials depending on what variety you buy. If I’m lucky enough to find “hardy Mums” the perennial variety, I’ll plant them in my flower beds this month. If I find annuals, they will go in containers. In order to have more variety in my garden this fall, I wanted to grow beyond Mums and found three plants perfect for fall planting I’d like to share with you today. 

Sedum blooms Grow beyond Mums this fall
Sedum Blooms

Sedum- A.K.A. Stonecrop

Sedum is an easy to grow perennial that is part of the succulent family. I’ve long enjoyed my containers of blooming Sedums. I’ve recently discovered a fall variety called Autumn Joy I’d love to plant in my backyard flower beds where they would get partial shade and well- drained soil. Here is more information on Sedums from Better Homes and Gardens. 

“A truly diverse group of plants, Sedums come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Sedums are also extremely versatile, make great container plants, and can take extreme drought in a garden setting. With so many species and varieties available, you will have no problem finding a Sedum in bloom three seasons out of the year.”

Another fall flower favorite you may want to plant this year is Asters. 

Asters in your fall garden

Asters-A.K.A. Goldilocks in UK

Aren’t these light purple Asters gorgeous? I would love to be able to enjoy these in my garden again. The last hard freeze we had left me Aster-less, so I’ll be on the lookout for a hardy variety at my local nursery. According to Fine Gardening, there are primarily two types of Asters- New England and New York. The Asters in the above photo are New Yorkers.  Most Asters love full sun and well -drained soil, so I would plant my Asters in my front flowerbeds. Be sure to read up on growing Asters at Fine Gardening here.

The last fall flower on my list today is a new one to me- Heleniums. 

Heleniums in your fall garden

Heleniums-A.K.A. Sneezeweed

If you want to invite butterflies to your garden as much as I do, then adding Heleniums to your fall garden is a good way to go. According to Burpee plants, these sun loving perennials not only provide beautiful blooms, they repel deer and rabbits!  That’s a total win for me since I live on land full of both.  I would like to add these to my front flower beds too and maybe try growing one in a larger container on my front porch. To learn more about growing Heleniums in your area, please visit Burpee here

Are you as excited about fall gardening as I am? If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve probably noticed that I am a flower gardener at heart, only straying away from them to grow tomatoes and herbs. I used to feel guilty about not growing more veggies and fruit, but this year I decided to let that go and be true to the type of gardening that brings me the most joy. This leads me to my 
question I’d love for you to answer in comments.

What do you grow in your garden or flowerbeds in fall? Do you have any of the flowers showcased in today's post?

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