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Did you know that May is National Women’s Health Month? It kicked off last week on the 10th, for National Women’s Health Week, and continues all month. Sadly, I was so busy with work and family, that this observance went unnoticed until it was brought to my attention by the brand representative for today’s post! I decided to write 3 Simple Ways to Prioritize Women's wellness In May, not just for you dear leaders, but as a gentle reminder to myself. 

Women’s Wellness in May:

Women’s Wellness products

 Welcome to May, one of the busiest months for most families I know. Whether your trying to balance end-of-school-year events, hosting or attending BBQ’s and bonfires, or traveling, now is the perfect time to stock up on hand sanitizer and I have four options for busy on the go families. 

4 Hand Sanitizer Options:

4 Purell hand sanitizer options

Happy International Women’s Day Clean Vitamins Giveaway

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As a busy WAHM of two professional young women, it is my honor to help them and all women celebrate today, International Women’s Day, and every day in March, which is Women’s History Month. Women uplifting and supporting other women is a passion of mine, so hosting a giveaway for a clean vitamins line that's easy to take was a natural fit because our health should be high on our list of priorities. 

Superior Source Vitamins are Clean, Pure and Simple

Superior Source Vitamins are Clean, Pure and Simple

This post is sponsored by Dawn but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Everybody has their go-to pair of shoes. You know, the super comfortable, cute ones that just fit their personality and lifestyle. For me, that means more often than not, you’ll find me wearing sneakers. Like most people I know, I own multiple styles and types of sneakers I wear for different tasks. With the exception of my gardening sneaks, I care about how they look and try to keep them as clean as possible; especially if they are whited soled. I’ve recently discovered a cool cleaning hack where I can clean my favorite white soled sneakers quickly in less than 15 minutes with no drying time needed.

Cleaning Hack:

How to clean white soled sneakers quickly #ad #DawnatSamsClub

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #yougottabekittenme #CollectiveBias

It’s important to me as a homemaker to make my home pleasant to be in.  I’m usually on top on my daily and weekly chores, but there was one area of my home that was, how shall I put this delicately, a total cat-tastrophe! Yes people, I’m talking about the often messy and smelly litter box area in my home! Thanks to today’s sponsors, Sam’s Club and Fresh Step Total Control litter with the power of Febreze  for helping me with this easy litter box area DIY!

Kitty approved litter box area DIY #yougottabekittenme #Cbias #ad

I’m happy to say this kitty-approved DIY project took me less than an hour once I got all my supplies in place. I love how clean and fresh this area is now, but that wasn’t always the case. This next photo is hard to share and is not kitty-approved.

Messy litter box area #yougottabekittenme #CBias #ad

I love my cats, but Dottie and Fiona make their litter box area a smelly, litter ridden mess zone! I try to stay on top of it, but honestly, I was ashamed of this out-of-the-way bathroom. We have three full baths in our home, so if company came over, I would quickly clean the cats’ box, spray air freshener and leave the door ajar only wide enough to allow the cats entry. 

The first step to my DIY was to stop the odor and litter tracking, so I switched back to Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze litter and even upgraded by purchasing the 42 pound bag of Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze litter, which is currently available only at Sam’s Club. If you are a Sam’s Club member, this litter is really easy to find in the store. In my Sam’s Club, it’s in the back of the store nearing the bakery.  

Fresh Step at Sam's Club #yougottabekittenme #Cbias #ad

Sam’s Club members receive a discount of $3.50 off their purchase on this item in May. This savings is offered in the Instant Savings book and is already loaded to your member’s card. Savings and convenience? Thank you, Sam’s Club! And a huge thanks to Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze for upgrading their litter!

Did you know that Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze includes Borate Technology for superior ammonia control? Plus, it acts as an antimicrobial agent to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and clumps to ease litter tracking! Seems this company knew just what we cat parents needed to help stop those awful #yougottabekittenme moments!  You can learn more about Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze by visiting their site here

The second step to this litter box area update was to pick up new items. I wanted the kitty bathroom to look clean and fresh like my other baths, so got bought a new shower curtain, shower floor liner, scented trash bags, a new litter scoop and a cute caddy for all the supplies to fit into.

#yougottabekittenme litter box area supplies #CBias #ad

The third step was to clean the litter box area. Ugh. That was a chore, but so well worth the effort!

Clean litter box area #yougottabekittenme #CBias #ad

The fourth step was fun because I got to pretty up the space! I cut my liner to fit the floor and added a piece on the shelf for an extra splash of color and to keep the kitty supply caddy from slipping. I hung the light and airy shower curtain (that I can partially close when company comes), and then put the litter box back in its proper location.

The fifth step was organizing the kitty supply caddy with all the supplies needed to keep the litter box clean and smelling fresh. I placed the area air freshener up out of the cats reach, added a scented trash bag to one of the caddy’s holders for the litter scooper, put in the scented bags and added a gallon size bag of Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze litter to the supply caddy so anybody in the family helping with the cats can add a scoop or two of litter as needed without having to heft up a 42 pound bag of litter.

Voila! My easy DIY litter box area is complete.

clean and fresh litter box area #yougottabekittenme #CBias #ad

Now I have a clean and fresh kitty bathroom that I won’t be ashamed of if company decides to peak down the hall. And thanks to Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze litter this area smells as great as it looks! 

I'd also like to give my sponsors Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze and Sam's Club another big round of applause for providing me $100 to donate to a pet-related organization of my choice! I participated in a local charity event called the Big Pay Back where my $100 donation to The People for Animals was doubled! This will help many cats and dogs in my community have better lives. Thank you, thank you!

Please share in comments: Do you have cats? How do you keep their litter box area clean? 

The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub in exchange for a product review and giveaway. However, all opinions expressed here are my own. 

My family and I believe in the importance of washing our hands as often as needed, but sometimes our hands become dry and chapped from all that washing.  Applying lotion can help, but if you want your hands to be really soft and smooth again, you have to exfoliate the dead skin off. 

Dial, conditioning soap, refreshing moisture, family soap

Dial must have had this in mind when they made their newest member of their Boutique collection of hand soaps; Sugar Cane Husk Scrub.

Made with gentle micro-scrubbers, Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub takes care of dry skin and leaves you with soft and lightly sweet scented hands. You’ll find yourself marveling at just how soft and smooth your hands feel after using this soap just once. Because it has moisturizers and skin conditioners, you can skip applying lotion after every hand wash too!

kids, wash hands, gentle family soap, moisturing
My daughter loves using this soap!

If you’ve got kids at home that may not wash their hands as long- or as often as you’d like; try switching your regular soap with Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub hand soap! They will like how easy it is to get their hands clean with Dials conditioning soap. 

liquid hand soap, conditioning, sweet, family

Add a personal touch of style to your home by trying one of Dial’s new Boutique Collection hand soaps. You can learn more about this collection and other Dial products by visiting their website here.

Win it!

Dial hand soap coupons

Thanks to the generosity of Dial, one lucky reader will receive 3 coupons for Free Dial products with a maximum retail value of $4.00 each! Entering is easy using the Raffle copter form below.

Good luck!

No purchase necessary to win. Open to U.S. residents 18+ years. My WAHM Plan will mail coupons to winner. This contest is not associated with or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social channel. 

Additional Entry Terms:

If it comes to this blogger’s attention that the winner of this giveaway has won on an additional blog for this same prize, this blog reserves the right to choose another winner. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fall Cleaning Checklist Week Two

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I have been making headway on my fall cleaning checklists and hope you have too. If you aren't as far along as you'd like to be, I've got you covered! Start with Week One Checklist then come back here. This week to expedite our Fall cleaning efforts I’ve compiled a roundup of some of my favorite Fall Cleaning Checklists to share with you.  Let's keep going through the mild days of October and get our homes sparkling clean!

Sparkling clean kitchen sink
To me, nothing says welcome to my home and my kitchen like a sparkling clean kitchen sink. Scrub yours today and see how awesome you feel!

Fall Cleaning Checklists:

From  The great thing about the RS checklist is you can save your progress online, or just print it out and check the boxes as you go. 
To use this checklist visit Real Simple here. 


Homemakers everywhere love Martha and I'm no exception. She makes everything seem do-able.

Beautiful, #clean #home for fall
Source has an endless supply of homemaking checklists, so be warned: you may need to pry your fingers from your mouse when you visit this site.

To use this checklist visit here

Now let’s take our cleaning efforts outside with these two handy checklists.


I enjoy watching This Old House with my husband on weekends when we have the time. I’ve come to enjoy their website as well. If you haven’t visited This Old let me be the first to share this site with you starting off with their Fall Landscaping Checklist.

Fall landscaping #chores
Each of the 11 tasks on the list are broken down in quick, easy to follow directions and the why behind doing it, so you get so much more than a cleaning check list here, you get easy to digest tutorials as well.

To use this checklist visit here


Next, we head over to for their Fall Cleaning Checklist that covers everything from cleaning your gutters to inspecting your driveway for wear and tear.

BHG Fall #cleaning checklist

 The thing I love about this checklist is Better Homes and Gardens has added a link to a step by step guide on how to do each task. 

To use this checklist visit here

That’s it for our Fall Cleaning Checklists. I hope you find them helpful.  The weather is supposed to be perfect in my area for getting lots of these chores done this weekend.  I can’t wait to open up our windows and air out the house one last time before we hunker down for cold weather.  

I hope you are enjoying great fall weather too and please stay tuned for my organizing tips next week as I start working on closets and pantries. Plus, I’ll be adding a Giveaway for some amazing Eco friendly cleaning clothes soon!

Please share in comments: What one Fall Cleaning chores do you want to tackle this weekend?

Weekly Fall Cleaning Checklist- Week One

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I have been a busy little bee around the home office this week, but now it's time for me to turn my focus back to domestic pursuits, cause folks, you just can't decorate an unclean home anymore than you can entertain in one. 

I've looked at several Fall Cleaning Checklists, but found them to be to generalized, so I decided to make a weekly checklist of what I'm doing and share it here with you. I hope you find this list helpful. If you do,  please feel free to print out a copy for yourself and pin it for others to use. Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get some fall cleaning done.

Weekly Fall Cleaning Checklist Week One

Checklist for Weekly Fall Cleaning

Inside: Bedrooms:
  • Clean ceilings, walls, ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Flip mattresses
  • Wash mattress and pillow covers
  • Bring cold weather linens out of storage, wash if needed
  • Vacuum baseboards
  • Vacuum behind beds and dressers
  • Clean window treatments as needed (don’t wash windows yet!)
  • De-clutter nightstands, recycle reading material as needed
  • Hang/put away all clothing
  • Find proper home for anything out of place

Helpful Tips:

  • Wrap your broom with an old tee shirt and secure with a rubber band to clean ceilings and walls.
  •  Always clean from top to bottom going clockwise around the room.
  • Put a laundry basket at the door to place “found* items in to take to their proper home later.
  • Turn on your favorite upbeat music and go!

Be sure to check back next Friday for week two's Fall Cleaning Checklist where we will tackle the living room and other common area's of your home and start working on some outdoor fall cleaning projects. 

Are we friends? Be sure to follow My WAHM Plan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  I'd love to see your Fall projects, so be sure to tag me or leave a comment here on your recent Fall posts. 

Slap ‘Appy- Free Clean Master phone boost

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Hello September! I’m so glad you are here because that means one of my favorite seasons is approaching.  Fall!  I adore fall and all that this season provides us. 

Fall Flowers

  • Mums and colorful leaves
  • Pies and casseroles
  • Football and bonfires
  • Boots and sweaters

Fall is a stellar season for so many happy out- door activities and is also a good time to clean.  Wait, did I just pop the pretty fall bubble by mentioning cleaning? 

Yes, I did. House, car, deck, porch, it’s that wonderful time of year again to get your house in order before the Holidays. Before I start sharing those kind of cleaning tips, let’s start with something that is with you no matter the season and could probably use a good cleaning right now- your smartphone.

We are an Android home, so most all the apps I share here will be Android friendly. Such is the case for this amazing cleaning tool- The Clean Master Phone Boost. My husband downloaded and installed it on my phone when he got tired of hearing me say my phone was running slow again. 

Clean Master Phone Boost App

About Clean Master App:
“Simple, fast and accurate, Clean Master is the world’s most downloaded Android cleaner, speed boost and antivirus app, designed to help you reclaim storage, boost memory, enhance speed, and secure your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities”.

Running Clean Master is super easy and quick. Every time I unlock my home screen their a little percentage icon that shows if I need to give my phone a quick cleaning. If the percentage is up over 50%, I just click the broom and the Clean Master app does the rest.

Clean Master app in action

This app is speedy quick! It shows me which files and apps are slowing up my phone (usually Instagram and photo gallery) and asks me if I want to remove junk files. 

Clean Master cleaning up app's

Yes, I do want to remove junk files, Clean Master, thanks for asking.

Clean Master cleaning up my smartphone

And just like that, my phone is clean again. You can clean your phone in less than 30 seconds, or do a more in-depth cleaning as time permits.

I highly recommend this app for your smartphone too. Head on over to Google Play and download your free copy today.

Please share in comments- what smartphone app do you use most often?

Charmin Freshmates Review

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I was selected to do a review on Charmin’s Freshmates Wipes via Vocalpoint and was sent this cute towel and box of freshmates wipes.
Charmin Face-Tush Towel

About Charmin Freshmates:

Charmin® Freshmates® are made with just the right amount of moisture so when used with dry toilet paper, the flushable wet wipes give a cleaner clean than dry bath tissue alone. Because you wouldn't bathe with just a dry towel and expect to get clean.

No Charmin, we wouldn’t!

Our family discovered the benefits of using freshening wipes years ago, so we have certain criteria when it comes to our bath wipes. All wipes are not created equal!

Ours must be soft, lightly moist- no wring out wet please, lightly fragrant and super gentle.

Our Review:

 We have all used the wipes and concluded that Charmin Freshmates are a keeper!

I do recommend Charmin Freshmates for anytime you need to freshen up a bit in between showers and baths.

Enter to Win:

Speaking of baths, is your bathroom in need of a makeover? Would a $5,000 Visa Gift Card help? Then head on over to Vocalpoint and enter to win!

I hope you found this review helpful.

This review is sponsored by Charmin and Vocalpoint. I received a towel and 1 box of Freshmates wipes.  All opinions are my own.

Monday and My Plan

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This week is a continuation of projects I started last week.

 March 8th was International Women's Day.  I recognized the day by visiting sites, learning more and sharing a link here, but did you know that the 8th was also National Home Office Organization Day?  I didn't think so.

 I didn't know about this day either until a story popped up on Google!  In the spirit of this day I thought I'd share some of the tasks I did on the 8th and what I hope to accomplish this week.

·           Emptied my inbox. No, not emails. The ever so neat looking "inbox" sitting on the top shelf of my desk with all manner of notes, to-do's , half-finished  projects and the like.  Nothing urgent enough to do ASAP.  I have a folder just for those projects.
   Seems I've let this task go for a while. I unearthed some love notes from my girls and re-read each with a smile straight from my soul.  No wonder they are still here I think to myself.  I’m such a clever lady to have put them back to re- discover them later.
  Hmm, what else do I have in here? Pizza coupons.  The email address to a contact I've already put in my hubby's business contacts,   school fundraiser forms (you know the kind sent home almost daily until the event)?  I know I volunteered or sent in the money/drink/gadget required because,   see?  There’s my check in the top right corner indicating DONE in my world.  So why do I still have the paper? Cause my neat looking inbox hides oh so many secrets.

·          I did a quick eenie, meenie, miny, moe to decide which file cabinet to open first.  Left or right.
 Left being the behemoth holder of ALL and right the smaller less frightening holder of how to manuals, notebooks and trade publications with important articles for hubby.  Yes! I do read them and turn down the corners of interesting articles.   I am his secretary after all and you could learn a lot about the state of our economy by reading what is going on in the housing industry, but let me not stray too far from the subject:  file cabinet on the right was my best option last Tuesday.  35 minutes later I felt pretty good about the overall state of affairs in that file cabinet, but alas, I broke my stapler!  Darn the luck, looks like I'll just have to put off file cabinet on the left until I purchase a suitable replacement.

·            Next, I took everything off my desk and gave it a good cleaning. Not just a dry dusting, nope. Warm, slightly sudsy,   lemony scented water and a nice towel dry.
Okay, you may be yawning at this point and saying to yourself: Boring!  Trust me on this one: a clean and shiny desk in an office that smells good equals a happy work zone.  I also de-cluttered. The pencil sharpener that didn't really do more than gnaw the pencils?  Tossed and added to my list of needed office supplies.

And so went my morning. I had a box of recycling and the lid full of shredding and a nice happy work zone to show for it.
Today I am  still minus a stapler (I was way too busy flying kites and re- learning archery with my family to go running to the office supply store this weekend) so this week:
 I've decided to tackle the sideboard in my dining room that doubles as work/family filing and storage. I'm a bit nervous because I can't quite remember the last time I took everything out of this lovely piece. Wish me luck.

 I'm also going to do away with the ever present basket of incoming stuff that has taken up semi-permanent residence on my kitchen counter. It's full of receipts, coupons, pictures, cards, washers, nails, cameras, and better keeps because this looks important to (insert appropriate family member). 

It’s amazing how much time I have to spring clean my office and home now that I’m no longer working in direct sales. It’s true what they say about less is more. I feel more efficient and in control.  Please try to do yourself the favor of cleaning off your desk and maybe ridding yourself of the clutter of too many things on your plate.  You and your family will reap the benefits.