Fall Cleaning Checklist Week Two

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I have been making headway on my fall cleaning checklists and hope you have too. If you aren't as far along as you'd like to be, I've got you covered! Start with Week One Checklist then come back here. This week to expedite our Fall cleaning efforts I’ve compiled a roundup of some of my favorite Fall Cleaning Checklists to share with you.  Let's keep going through the mild days of October and get our homes sparkling clean!

Sparkling clean kitchen sink
To me, nothing says welcome to my home and my kitchen like a sparkling clean kitchen sink. Scrub yours today and see how awesome you feel!

Fall Cleaning Checklists:

From RealSimple.com.  The great thing about the RS checklist is you can save your progress online, or just print it out and check the boxes as you go. 
To use this checklist visit Real Simple here. 

 From MarthaStewart.com:

Homemakers everywhere love Martha and I'm no exception. She makes everything seem do-able.

Beautiful, #clean #home for fall

MarthaStewart.com has an endless supply of homemaking checklists, so be warned: you may need to pry your fingers from your mouse when you visit this site.

To use this checklist visit MarthaStewart.com here

Now let’s take our cleaning efforts outside with these two handy checklists.

From ThisOldHouse.com:

I enjoy watching This Old House with my husband on weekends when we have the time. I’ve come to enjoy their website as well. If you haven’t visited This Old House.com let me be the first to share this site with you starting off with their Fall Landscaping Checklist.

Fall landscaping #chores
Each of the 11 tasks on the list are broken down in quick, easy to follow directions and the why behind doing it, so you get so much more than a cleaning check list here, you get easy to digest tutorials as well.

To use this checklist visit ThisOldHouse.com here

From BHG.com:

Next, we head over to BHG.com for their Fall Cleaning Checklist that covers everything from cleaning your gutters to inspecting your driveway for wear and tear.

BHG Fall #cleaning checklist

 The thing I love about this checklist is Better Homes and Gardens has added a link to a step by step guide on how to do each task. 

To use this checklist visit BHG.com here

That’s it for our Fall Cleaning Checklists. I hope you find them helpful.  The weather is supposed to be perfect in my area for getting lots of these chores done this weekend.  I can’t wait to open up our windows and air out the house one last time before we hunker down for cold weather.  

I hope you are enjoying great fall weather too and please stay tuned for my organizing tips next week as I start working on closets and pantries. Plus, I’ll be adding a Giveaway for some amazing Eco friendly cleaning clothes soon!

Please share in comments: What one Fall Cleaning chores do you want to tackle this weekend?

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