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Everybody has their go-to pair of shoes. You know, the super comfortable, cute ones that just fit their personality and lifestyle. For me, that means more often than not, you’ll find me wearing sneakers. Like most people I know, I own multiple styles and types of sneakers I wear for different tasks. With the exception of my gardening sneaks, I care about how they look and try to keep them as clean as possible; especially if they are whited soled. I’ve recently discovered a cool cleaning hack where I can clean my favorite white soled sneakers quickly in less than 15 minutes with no drying time needed.

Cleaning Hack:

How to clean white soled sneakers quickly #ad #DawnatSamsClub

I LOVE these sneakers! They fit my style, personality, and feet perfectly. My husband and daughters proved to me again that they really know me when they gifted me these beauties last Christmas. The only trouble with them and it’s more a minor inconvenience, is the white soles don’t stay in pristine condition long. What’s a cool Mom to do when she wants to run errands wearing her favorite sneakers but the sole is grungy? Use a little Dawn Ultra on them that’s what!

Dawn Ultra for less scrubbing. Get done Faster. #ad #DawnatSamsClub

Why Use Dawn Ultra:

Dawn dishwashing liquid doesn’t need an introduction in most households. We grew up seeing Dawn being used to help cut grease off dishes by our parents, so we naturally use Dawn in our home too.  Plus, for over 40 years, rescue workers have relied on Dawn to clean wildlife affected by oil. In fact, Dawn is the number one dish liquid soap in America, so I trust Dawn with my dishes and my favorite pair of sneakers. 

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I was so excited to find out that Sam’s Club now offers Dawn's brand new formulas: Dawn Ultra and Total Clean Lemon Twist. Dawn's new line of liquid dish soap offers 50% less scrubbing with 3x MORE grease cleaning power per drop (vs. the leading bargain brand.) That means we can get our chores done faster, a total win for all Moms as we near the busy summer season.

Dawn Total Clean Lemon Twist at Sam's Club #DawnatSamsClub #ad

I honestly had a hard time choosing which product to buy and try first on my last shopping trip to Sam’s Club.  I opted to get the 90 ounce Dawn Ultra thinking I’d use it to clean my sneakers, patio chair cushions, and other household tasks while saving space and having less waste with one large bottle vs. several smaller bottles. 

Find Dawn Ultra at Sam's Club #DawnatSamsClub #ad

How to clean white soled sneakers quickly:

I chose to take this cleaning project outside to grab some fresh air while I worked, but you could easily do this at any sink in your home. 

Gather Supplies:

To clean your white soled sneakers, you’ll need old newspaper/craft paper, dishpan, toothbrush or small scrub brush, Dawn Ultra or Dawn Lemon Twist, 2 cups warm water, 1 paper towel, tape to hold the paper in place if outside.

  • Lay down old newspaper or craft paper to protect table surface, tape if needed
  • Add 2 cups warm water to dishpan
  • Add a drop or two or Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid to dishpan

Add a drop or two or Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid to dishpan #ad #DawnatSamsClub

  • Use toothbrush or hand to stir in Dawn Ultra in water
  • Dip toothbrush in soapy water and start scrubbing white soles

Dawn Ultra makes lots of suds #DawnatSamsClub #ad

  • Scrub from top to bottom using downward strokes so you don’t overspray on sneaker
  • Get more suds on the toothbrush as needed

Scrub white soled sneakers quickly #DawnatSamsClub #ad

  • Wipe off any excess suds with paper towel
  • Admire your pretty white soled sneakers
  • Clean up and get on with your day

Cleaned white soled sneakers #DawnatSamsClub #ad

Look at these clean soles! I’m so impressed with how well a drop of Dawn Ultra cleaned the stains off with minimal scrubbing part and required no rinsing so my shoes are dry and ready to be worn in under 15 minutes. When Dawn says 50% less scrubbing, they really mean it!

I can’t wait to see how well Dawn Ultra tackles my patio chair cushions and other chores around the house as I finish up spring cleaning and gear up for summer and all that busy season holds. If you’re ready to try Dawn Ultra or Total Clean Lemon Twist dishwashing liquid, why not take a minute to add it to your shopping list, or head to and add Dawn to your shopping cart. 

I hope you found this cleaning hack helpful. Be sure to share it and pin it for easy reference later.

Please share in comments: What is your favorite pair of sneakers? Are they white soled?

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