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This post is sponsored by Depend, Poise, Ensure, and Glucerna but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My role as a homemaker is one I treasure. I try my best to think of the wants and needs of not only my family but of all who may visit and spend time in our home so they will feel welcomed and comfortable. When planning for company, there is one room in the home that deserves a little more time and attention than others. No, it’s not the kitchen or the living room. Today I want to focus on the bathroom. Ever since I helped take care of my mother in law, I've looked at what is available in bathrooms from a caregivers perspective, so  I’ve made a quick and easy hygiene essentials basket perfect for every guest, including seniors. 

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I was so excited when I was selected by Makobi Scribe to write a post and receive a free bathroom product from Danze.  All opinions and love of home improvement are my own.

Beautiful, updated shower from

Since buying our 90’s ranch style home in rural middle Tennessee, I have dreamed of updating the bathrooms! Sure, we’d love to gut them and bring in all new products from floor to ceiling and we will get to that one day- but for now, the quickest and most affordable way to update our baths is with new bathroom faucets and fixtures. 

Our master bathroom is in need of a new shower head and I found one I love at Danze.comSince all our fixtures and faucets are in brushed Nickel, I was immediately drawn to the Sunflower 6 inch round single function shower head in brushed Nickel. It's available in Chrome and oil brushed Bronze as well. Maybe it was the name that drew me to this shower head since I’m an avid gardener, or maybe it was simply my love of clean lines and functionality.

#Sunflower shower head from

The Sunflower sounds like a perfect match for us because it offers easy to clean jets to prevent mineral build-up (a huge plus in our hard water area), and a Brass ball joint for easy and smooth angle adjustment of shower head, which comes in very handy when you are shorter than your tall husband! It’s an affordable option that will last a long time because of its metal construction too. 

I’m excited to give this shower head a try and have my eye on their Cape Anne  bathroom faucet set too. 

Cape Anne faucet set from

If you are in need of a bathroom update, I suggest starting with your bathroom faucets and fixtures. I invite you to learn more about Danze, a leading brand in fine kitchen and bath products for home improvement. 

Visit their website; check out their products and get inspired guides on their website and Pinterest to help you plan and dream.

Please share in comments: What is your favorite bathroom faucet and fixture finish? Chrome, Brushed Nickel or oil rubbed Bronze?

Charmin Freshmates Review

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I was selected to do a review on Charmin’s Freshmates Wipes via Vocalpoint and was sent this cute towel and box of freshmates wipes.
Charmin Face-Tush Towel

About Charmin Freshmates:

Charmin® Freshmates® are made with just the right amount of moisture so when used with dry toilet paper, the flushable wet wipes give a cleaner clean than dry bath tissue alone. Because you wouldn't bathe with just a dry towel and expect to get clean.

No Charmin, we wouldn’t!

Our family discovered the benefits of using freshening wipes years ago, so we have certain criteria when it comes to our bath wipes. All wipes are not created equal!

Ours must be soft, lightly moist- no wring out wet please, lightly fragrant and super gentle.

Our Review:

 We have all used the wipes and concluded that Charmin Freshmates are a keeper!

I do recommend Charmin Freshmates for anytime you need to freshen up a bit in between showers and baths.

Enter to Win:

Speaking of baths, is your bathroom in need of a makeover? Would a $5,000 Visa Gift Card help? Then head on over to Vocalpoint and enter to win!

I hope you found this review helpful.

This review is sponsored by Charmin and Vocalpoint. I received a towel and 1 box of Freshmates wipes.  All opinions are my own.