Wordless Wednesday: Morning Dew

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Berries dripping with morning dew #nature

Clematis bloom soaking in the much needed moisture from morning dew

Rose of Sharon flower with dew drops #nature

Please share in comments: Do you take early morning garden/nature walks too?
It’s a special day at our house- we have made it through another full week of back to school! Friday means slowing down, no alarms going off at 5:15 am on Saturday and because I’m feeling festive- a giveaway for you! 

I love kicking off the weekend with a giveaway any chance I get and you are in for a sweet treat this time. My thanks to Fiber One for sending me a cute tote bag, coupons and complimentary Fiber One bars to try and giveaway. All opinions and love of Friday’s and sweet treats are my own.

Fiber One Cheesecake bars tote and new flavors #giveaway

Keeping good for you, or at the very least better for you snacks in the pantry for my family is a priority for me all year, but most especially when school is in session. My girls get off the bus famished every afternoon. I always have bowls of fresh fruit available and they eat multiple servings a day- but sometimes they just want something sweet and the new Fiber One cheesecake bars are a treat my family can’t resist.

Fiber One Chocolate cheesecake bars

The first box opened was the chocolate Fiber One cheesecake bars and I can see why. I adore most everything chocolate myself, so I was happy to let the girls grab a bar and take it with us as we ran errands after school. 

Treat yourself to Fiber One chocolate cheescake bars

They gave the sweet, chocolatey, chessecakey bar high praise and said it really was a sweet treat! I can feel good about serving Fiber One bars because they have 20% daily value of fiber with each small bar having 5 grams of fiber, 6 grams of fat and 150 calories. 

Fiber One Key Lime pie cheesecake bars

When my husband got home from work and asked for a quick snack before dinner snack, I offered him a Fiber One Cheesecake bar and he chose the Key Lime pie bars and loved it!! 

Treat yourself to Fiber One Key Lime pie cheesecake bars

The next day, the girls took a Key Lime pie cheesecake bar to school and believe it or not chocolate lovers everywhere- my family prefers the Fiber One Key Lime pie bars over the Chocolate!

I invite you to learn more about Fiber One Cheesecake bars by visiting their website. For more information and inspiration connect with them on Pinterest and Facebook

Win It:

Fiber One Cheesecake bars prize pack

Thanks to the great team at Fiber One, one lucky reader will win this prize pack! 1 cute Fiber One cheesecake bars tote, 1 box each of Fiber One Chocolate Cheesecake Bars, 1 box Fiber One Key Lime pie cheesecake bars and two coupons for free boxes to use later. 


No purchase is necessary to enter using the Rafflecopter from below.  My WAHM Plan is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winners will be notified by email used on entry form and have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is not associated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Oh, August, you sultry, full on summer month you. I have a love/hate relationship with August because of all the heat and humidity in the south. I walk past my flower beds and cringe at the weeds popping up and the slightly uncared for vibe I seem to be cultivating this summer. I vow to get out there before it gets “too” hot tomorrow, but that’s the problem with August- it is just plain hot and it makes me lazy! I wish my flowerbeds looked like this, but sadly they don't even come close anymore.

Vincas and mulch #gardening how I want my flowerbeds to look

Gardening is more than a passing hobby to me, it feeds my soul and I miss the daily rewards when I don’t garden. I know I need to get back on track, just like a runner or dancer would after a hiatus from training. I’ve come up with 4 tips to ease back in to gardening after a break so I can be ready for fall and all its gardening glory and I wanted to share them with you today.

Tip One: Be kind and stop comparing my garden to others!

The first tip is what I would tell anyone trying something new, or reaching for a goal. Be kind to yourself. I’m going to cease all negative talk about the state of my garden and move forward.  In keeping with the kindness vein, I will also stop garden comparisons! It does me no good to see what others have done right now, which leads me to tip two.

Tip Two: Make a plan of action.

You know I love a good plan around here, so for me to overlook putting gardening time on my busy schedule was a recipe for disaster. If I’m honest here – I knew back at the beginning of June that I wasn’t allocating enough to gardening endeavors and I erroneously assumed life would slow down and I’d hit it hard the next weekend, but that next weekend never came. Now, I’m trying to make bite size jobs out of the mess that remains. That’s tip three.

Water container plants and herbs often #gardening

Tip Three: Take small steps towards your goal.

I’ve decided the best course of action for me here is to break up my gardening tasks into 15 minute increments, like this. Since I work at home, my schedule is a little more flexible. 

  • Early- morning (after kids are on bus and hubby is off to work): pull weeds and dead head a quarter section of front flower bed.  Add Vinca and Marigolds to borders and containers to add pops of color now.
  • Mid- morning break: water all container plants/herbs. Dead head as needed. Pick tomatoes/berries as needed.
  • Late afternoon: take a 15 walk around property with family. Make mental notes of what needs done. Pick up sticks/branches as needed. Take to burn pile.
  • Dusk: Water again as needed. Fill bird feeders. Change bird bath water. Start adding mulch to cleared areas.

plant container plants for pops of color

Tip four: Visualize what your garden looks like in the next season and add plantings where needed.

I’ve always thought of our home as a “fall” home. Maybe it’s because we first looked at our home and bought it in the fall. I fell in love with the trees and pond and beautiful sweeping green lawns. Maybe it’s because secretly, I’m a fall gardener at heart, preferring the rich colors of Mums and Asters and the blessedly cooler temperatures. Whatever the reason, my lack of gardening this summer is going to make planning for fall critical.

Thankfully, I made note of what was doing well in my garden last fall, so I know I need to focus on bulbs this fall. Some bulbs need to be divided, like my bearded Iris, while I’ll need to replace other bulbs like Crocus because an industrious critter dug the up. 

Now that I’ve mapped out ways to get my garden back on track, I will be adding a daily gardening task reminder to my planner and on my phone, just like I would for exercising or picking up the girls from an after school event, because gardening is such a rewarding way to spend your time. Communing with nature is great for the body, mind and spirit. 

Please share in comments: Do you have a favorite gardening season? What makes it your favorite season?

I have received information and materials from JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER, Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, LLC. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. #PositivelyPrepared #BacktoSchool #CollectiveBias

#‎ad‬ Be ‪‬#PositivelyPreparedfor ‪#‎BacktoSchool‬ this year with these tips and savings from #Target‬ and #Tylenol‬.

We are in our third full day of the new school year here at casa Kinsman and I will confess to feeling a little more pressure than usual as I take in the scope of what this milestone year will bring for my family. ”Busy” doesn’t seem to adequately cover the 2016-2017 school year ahead!  My oldest daughter is a senior with a heavy class load, clubs, prom, graduation and college looming large. My youngest is an eighth grader with tough classes, banquets, club events, and graduation from middle school.  Instead of letting this pressure filled year overwhelm me, I found easy ways to be prepared for this school year with my teens and want to share them with you today. 

Family vacation fun

Have fun! I’ve read several back to school checklists and oddly, this simple way to stay positive during this crazy, hectic time of year wasn’t mentioned. I snapped the above photo on our recent family vacation to the Smoky Mountains. We were having so much fun, so I’ll implement time for fun into our daily routines.

Take time to stretch everyday! #PositivelyPrepared for #BacktoSchool

Stretch! You may think that back pain is strictly parent’s domain, but that is not the case. Our teens lug around a loaded down back pack full of books, or carry their books to class daily. Not to mention having to look down at their desks to do their assignments. This can lead to back pain and a serious crick in the neck. Setting aside just 10 minutes after school to stretch out those tired muscles will help refresh and invigorate our kids to finish the day on the right foot.

Hydrate! By the time we feel thirsty, we are probably already about a quart low on fluids! Most kids don’t drink enough water during the school day, so it’s very important that we offer tasty ways for our kids to re- hydrate after school. Be sure to stock up on after school snacks that are super hydrators like watermelon and grapes. Make a cool and refreshing fruit smoothie if your busy schedule allows, or try this trick. Fill a water bottle halfway and place in the freezer when you making lunches for the next day. Grab and fill with water to take with you to after school activities. 

Inevitably, no matter how well we plan our days, back to school time can bring on aches and pains, colds and headaches, so my last tip is to stock up on reliable pain relief products like TYLENOL® and MOTRIN®.  Afterall, TYLENOL® is the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Pain Reliever and offers trusted pain relief

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I find all the products my family trusts at Target. Get positively prepared with the right pain relief for you and your family by visiting your local Target and heading towards the pharmacy, or by shopping for pain relief online at TargetEach family is different and will have different pain relief needs, but here are my suggestions based on what works for me and my family.  

#ad my trusted pain relief to be #PositivelyPrepared for #BacktoSchool

TYLENOL® Regular strength Liquid Gels:
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Works fast to stop pain where it starts. Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to: the common cold, headache, backache, minor pain of arthritis, toothache, muscular aches, premenstrual and menstrual cramps; temporarily reduces fever. For adults and children 12 years and older.  Use only as directed.

TYLENOL® 8 HR Muscle Aches & Pain:
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Want to learn more about TYLENOL® products and read reviews? I suggest you follow them on Facebook hereBe sure to get social with Target too! My teens and I love shopping at Target and I follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn about current sales and giveaways. You can save more when shopping with Target by using their Cartwheel savings app!  Head on over to Target’s website to learn more.

Whether you are relishing the last days of your summer vacation, or your kids have already headed back to school, I hope my today’s post will help you ease back into school mode and help you be positively prepared for what the school year holds in store for you and your family.

Please share in comments: What is your best tip for easing back in to school routines?

Wordless Wednesday:Smoky Mountain Views

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Smoky Mountains layers of blue and green

serene water views

wet rock and fern

higher elevation clouds and blue skies

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc., and it's advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #IamsDogOffer #CollectiveBias

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If you are a dog owner, I'm sure you will agree this is a great way to save on your furry friends Iams dog food!

Please share in comments: Do you shop at Target often?