Hello, and happy 2024! I might be overstating the obvious here, since my last blog post was on December 22,2023, but I have relished having time off to fully enjoy the holidays and my people. I’m coming back to work today feeling rested and ready to take on this new year full of possibilities. Before I dive into this year, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at my top ten blog posts of 2023 and share what’s in store for 2024.

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2023  on My WAHM Plan 

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2023  on My WAHM Plan

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful holiday. I sure did. As we inch closer to the year's end, our thoughts usually turn to end-of-year reflections. Did we achieve the goals we made in 2023? Did we fulfill any dreams? I can happily say yes, but for some who find themselves dreaming of Nicholas Cage's character in Dream Scenario, happy is not the term they would use!

 Dream Scenario Now Streaming!

Dream Scenario Now Streaming!

Are you planning to go to the movies over the holidays? There are lots of great choices available, and I’d like to add another one to your list. The Iron Claw starring Zac Efron. I recently received the DVD for your consideration DVD and my husband and I watched it last night and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to share my no-spoiler review today. 

The Iron Claw in Theaters December 22, 2023!

The Iron Claw in Theaters December 22, 2023

Tomorrow marks the first official day of winter, which for most gardeners, or those aspiring to be, is the perfect time to be warm and cozy inside, while dreaming of what we want to do outside once the weather is warm again. I can think of no better book for garden dreaming and planning than The Garden Journal, a beautiful five-year record-keeping tool by Linda Vater. As a special thanks to my readers, I’m hosting a giveaway for a hardbound copy of this book.

The Garden Journal: A Five Year Record Keeping Tool!

The Garden Journal: A Five Year Record Keeping Tool

 Recently, A24 Films was kind enough to send me several screeners including Priscilla, which I immediately watched since I hadn’t been able to attend the in-person screening. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully a spoiler-free review of the highly anticipated film Priscilla, which is now available to stream.

Priscilla: In Theaters and available to Stream:

Priscilla Film

Courtesy: A24 Films 

 Are you hosting a holiday event soon? I’m hosting on two occasions between now and the new year, so stocking up on dinnerware now for holiday entertaining makes sense to take advantage of current sales and ensure there is plenty of dinnerware on hand. I recently found a beautiful blue porcelain, dinnerware set from over&back that I'm excited to share with you today.   

Stock up on Dinnerware Now:

Stock up on Dinnerware Now

Ferrari: In Theaters 12/25, No Spoiler Review

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What do you think of when you hear the name Ferrari? For most of us, the answer is beautiful red fast race cars. And you’ll see plenty of these beauties in Micheal Mann’s Ferrari, coming to theaters on Christmas Day. I received a press screener from Neon, and let me just say you may want to add this going to see this film to your holiday plans.

Ferrari: All Of Us Are Racers:

Ferrari: In Theaters 12/25
Courtesy: Neon