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I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful holiday. I sure did. As we inch closer to the year's end, our thoughts usually turn to end-of-year reflections. Did we achieve the goals we made in 2023? Did we fulfill any dreams? I can happily say yes, but for some who find themselves dreaming of Nicholas Cage's character in Dream Scenario, happy is not the term they would use!

 Dream Scenario Now Streaming!

Dream Scenario Now Streaming!

Ferrari: In Theaters 12/25, No Spoiler Review

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What do you think of when you hear the name Ferrari? For most of us, the answer is beautiful red fast race cars. And you’ll see plenty of these beauties in Micheal Mann’s Ferrari, coming to theaters on Christmas Day. I received a press screener from Neon, and let me just say you may want to add this going to see this film to your holiday plans.

Ferrari: All Of Us Are Racers:

Ferrari: In Theaters 12/25
Courtesy: Neon 

The Marvels in theaters Now My No Spoiler Review

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Earlier this week, my husband and I had the privilege of attending an IMAX press screening of The Marvels, along with other accredited film critics who, like me,  are members of the Music City Film Critics Association. I say this because there is something special about watching a film with others in the audience. It’s fun to be with peers and their plus ones and enjoy this time together. Together is one of the key components of The Marvels, and I can’t wait to share my no-spoiler (hopefully!) thoughts with you. 

The Marvels in Theaters Starting 11-10-23!

The Marvels in Theaters now
Courtesy: Marvels Studio

On Tuesday evening, my husband and I attended the press screening for The Burial, the latest film from Tommy Lee Jones and Jamie Foxx. Both are extraordinarily talented actors, so we couldn’t wait to see to see them paired up on the big screen. I don’t want to share any spoilers, so suffice to say, we are so glad we went! Read on to learn more about this film, which will stream globally on Prime Video on Friday, October 13th.

The Burial is an Inspirational, Triumphant Story!

The Burial Film

Bones and All is now in select theaters nationwide and is  available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and I suspect it will be a “must watch this” weekend for lots of people. For instance, I know my daughter and her friends are having a watch party and I think that’s a wonderful idea, because Bones and All is a film so compelling, it sticks with you, so you’ll be talking about it long after the end credits have run. 

Must Watch Film: Bones and All:

Bones and All