Have you ever been awakened to the delightful scent of freshly brewed coffee? It’s a delightful way to start your day. I have so many good memories surrounding that smell. From my childhood with my parent's brew to today, where my husband and I take turns making special coffee on the weekends. What makes it special you ask? Freshly ground beans! My husband and I have been sipping coffee together for a long time, we are true coffee lovers. One of our favorite hobbies as a couple is trying new coffee blends and ways in which to brew it. I love gifting him gifting him coffee related items, so when an opportunity from Coastal Brew arrived in my inbox, I thought this non-electric manual coffee grinder is perfect for my husband! 

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Food and water, two resources most of us in America; especially in suburbia, take for granted. I know that I do. Turning on the tap for clean water, or opening my pantry for food is something I’m so accustomed to doing; I’ve become spoiled. Sure, my family and I give to our local food pantries, Goodwill store, and local shelter and we do our best not to waste water by turning off taps and conserving water when gardening, but there is so much more we can and should do to help protect our natural resources and help end hunger. I’m thrilled to partner with General Mills on their hunger relief scholars program for teens today. I think it’s a fantastic program! If you have teens, please read on!

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Be Prepared- Flu may strike you or a loved one

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With six more weeks of winter to go, we all must take every precaution to keep ourselves and our families well since the flu shows no signs of slowing down. This strain is nothing to trifle with as reports of hospitalizations and sadly, even deaths are on the evening news day after day. 

I’ve already succumbed to this nasty virus around Christmas time so I can attest to this virus’ strength. I was lucky I didn’t have to be hospitalized, so I was only too happy to partner with Mucinex and help spread the word about their maximum strength products. Stocking up on these products now will help you be prepared in case flu strikes you or a loved one. 

Care tray for loved one be prepared in case flu strikes #ad

February has finally arrived, which is cause for celebration for so many of us.  There is just so much to look forward to and celebrate this month. For those fortunate enough to live in warmer regions, you may start feeling the call of spring by the end of this month. Then there’s love to celebrate in its many forms on Valentine’s Day and a whole new line up of drivers will be greeting us at  Nascar's Daytona 500 on the 18th. Today though, we are talking about appetizers for the BIG GAME! Are you ready for some football this Sunday? Here are some tasty crowd-pleasing Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon wafers we whipped up recently that are a perfect game day appetizer.  

Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon wafers

Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon wafers, a perfect game day app

Wordless Wednesday: Cat Eyes

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Wordless Wednesday Cat eyes Dottie's green eyes

Wordless Wednesday Cat Eyes Dottie's green eyes

Wordless Wednesday Cat Eyes Dottie's green eyes

Please share in comments: Do you have Cat eyes watching you?
I struggle with having enough variety in my morning breakfast choices because I’m not a fan of traditional breakfast foods.  Eggs? No way. Waffles? I’ll be hungry again in ten minutes. I’ll admit, sometimes I’ve skipped breakfast altogether, powering through on coffee alone. We all know just how unhealthy that is and I didn’t want to continue this in 2018.
I’ve always liked Granola, so when I received an email about reviewing KitchFix Grain-Free Paleo Granola, I was intrigued. I thought perhaps incorporating more Paleo-friendly food into my morning routine would be just the thing I need to get me back in the habit of eating breakfast. 

Paleo Grain-Free Granola and fruit for breakfast #ad

This is a sponsored post for KitchFix. I received the products mentioned in today's post as a thank you for my time. No further compensation was given. All opinions are my own. 

About KitchFix and CEO Chef Josh:

I love trying new products, especially small businesses that got their start from a desire to help others and to serve their communities. That’s what I found when I visited the KitchFix website. I really liked what I learned. KitchFix CEO Chef Josh states that they are committed to using the best, most flavorful ingredients, and raising the standard on healthy snacks. 

I enjoyed reading how KitchFix got its start in Chicago when Chef Josh took his desire to help clients feed their bodies well.

Chef Josh has always loved making people’s lives healthier and happier with great-tasting food. As a personal chef to clients overcoming cancer, he began exploring the healing power of food. He followed an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense cooking plan that avoided common allergens like dairy and gluten to ensure his clients’ bodies were thriving from the food they ate.”

About Grain-Free Paleo Granola:

 About Grain-Free Paleo Honey Pecan Granola:

According to their website, this is the combination that started it all - the original Grain-Free Paleo Granola.  They slow-roast a core blend of nuts and seeds to perfection in coconut oil with cinnamon, sea salt and just a touch of pure maple syrup.  Then, they top it off with plump Thompson raisins and coconut flakes to create our savory Original Mix. They left out Gluten, grain, dairy, and refined sugars, leaving only healthy, delicious, Paleo granola. 

Greek Yogurt topped with Grain-Free Paleo Granola #ad

I absolutely LOVE this blend on Greek yogurt. I add a piece of fruit and this tasty breakfast stays with me for hours. I’m not hungry for over 4 hours. My family loves it too, preferring to eat it by the handful as a quick snack. 

 About Grain-Free Paleo Honey Pecan Granola:

KitchFix Grain-Free Honey Pecan Granola #ad

KitchFix says when they came up with our Grain-Free Paleo Honey Pecan Granola; they wanted to make every bite taste like fresh pecan pie. With a mixture of crunchy pecans and other nuts and seeds sweetened with natural honey, pure maple syrup and just a touch of cinnamon, it truly does taste as good as a slice of pecan pie. This is a perfect on the go granola snack too. My husband loves it because it’s so full of nuts, it doesn’t feel or taste like any granola he’s ever had. 

Our Thoughts: 

We give these two Paleo Grain-Free Granola’s two thumbs up! Way, way up! I will definitely purchase them for us in the future. You can learn more about their granola ingredients, other flavors, and products and use their store locator by visiting KitchFix .

Win It:

Thanks to today’s sponsor, KitchFix, one lucky reader will win two bags of KitchFix Paleo Grain-Free Granola. Entering is easy using the entry form below. No purchase is necessary.

Win a Kitchfix Grain-Free Granola Bundle #14

Good luck!

Please share in comments: Which of these two granola flavors would you try first if you won? 

Welcome to WAHM Tip Wednesday

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Hello and happy fourth Wednesday of January!  If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I normally like to post a Wordless Wednesday post featuring some of my nature pics like last week’s post here. I’ve done that for years and honestly, it’s high time I shook things up here on My WAHM Plan, so once a month I'm going to share a WAHM Tip!

 I want to offer helpful content for busy work at home Moms (or Moms who would like to be), so I brainstormed ideas and one kept rising to the top. Go back to basics of this blog and start sharing work at home tips  I've learned in my almost 19 year’s experience as a WAHM. I feel this year is the perfect time to start sharing my knowledge with more and more Moms look for ways to add additional income.

New Blog Series: WAHM Tip Wednesday

WAHM planner