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Happy Earth day! Over the years, I’ve written several blog posts to share how my family honors our earth by showcasing what we are planting or events we’ll be attending. There are many resources available on the site and I hope you’ll visit and find a way to plug in and help where you are. This year, I’m focusing on shining a light of food resources and farms that are doing their part to help stop food scarcity. One such company is Nature’s Path Organic Foods, so I made Sunrise vanilla yogurt bowls to celebrate Earth day and to share a little more about Nature’s Path and their recent annual Gardens for Good Program. 

Nature’s Path Sunrise Vanilla Yogurt Bowls

Wordless Wednesday: Blooms abound

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First Lilac of Spring Blooms abound

4 free seed catalogs to order for 2014

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While I put away my Christmas decorations and tell myself I simply MUST organize my closets, I’m dreaming of warmer days, flowers in bloom and veggies on the vine. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to order my seed catalogs! I limited myself to just 4 per year and I change them up each year by adding a couple of new ones. 

This year’s choices are:


Of course Burpee would be #1 for me. I plant more Burpee plants and seeds than any other because they never disappoint. I bet you plant alot of Burpee products too.

Burpee says:
The all-new 2014 edition features all the best seeds, plants and supplies to make your 2014 gardens the best ever. Discover over 70 new additions featuring 'Steakhouse' Hybrid Tomato-the world's biggest beefsteak, and 'Bam' Basil-the first no-bolt basil.

Order their free catalog HERE.


A must order too. Just look at those Sunflowers!

Gurney’s says:

Receive a FREE copy of the Gurney's Seed & Nursery catalog PLUS a coupon for $25 OFF by simply filling out the information below. And don't forget to fill one out for each of your gardening friends. Go HERE to order yours.

Johnny's Seeds:

This is a new catalog for me this year. I was drawn to their company because the value their employee’s.

Johnny's says:

Johnny’s Seed Catalog- An employed owned company. The 2014 catalog has 250 new products! Order this catalog HERE.

Seed Savers:

Seed Savers is new for me this year too. I want to try my hand at growing some Heirloom veggies this year and their seed catalog looks so pretty and inviting, I just had to order one.

Seed Savers says: 

Join us and help preserve our garden heritage. Seed Savers offers a collection of 600 Heirloom and Pollinated verities of seeds in the 2014 catalog. Go HERE to ask for their catalog.

In less than 10 minutes you can order these free seed catalogs and start dreaming of digging in the dirt too. Please share in comments what type of plants you are wanting to add to your garden or flower beds this year and what your favorite Seed Catalog is.

Don't consider yourself a gardener because of space limitations? Stay tuned for my tips on starting a container garden!


I am going to have to order more than 4 catalogs this year after reading Michelle's list over on Simplify,Live, Love- she's got a rocking list of 11 free catalogs! Stop on over and check it out here.   

Enter the HGTV Gardens photo contest

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When I finally sit down to have a little "me" T.V. time, my default channel is HGTV! I have been watching this channel for years, from way back when Carol Duvall got me feeling crafty and Gardening by the Yard got me ready to dig in the dirt.

So imagine my happiness when I saw that HGTV's website had added a new feature: HGTV Gardens. Yay! It is full of tips and tricks and knock your socks off pictures, like this one:

Courtesy: HGTV Gardens
Be honest, don't you wish you could smell this Hyacinth right about now? Yeah, me too!

I had to share this wonderful new site with you and their contest: Be A Show-Off: Enter our Editors’ Pic of the Week Contest! 
Enter the HGTV Gardens photo contest by uploading your garden photos : HGTV Gardens

So get out there and dig in the dirt, snap a picture and enter to win.

The weather is going to be nice here in middle Tennessee this weekend so that's what I'll be doing.

Have a great weekend!