Happy Earth day! Over the years, I’ve written several blog posts to share how my family honors our earth by showcasing what we are planting or events we’ll be attending. There are many resources available on the EarthDay.org site and I hope you’ll visit and find a way to plug in and help where you are. This year, I’m focusing on shining a light of food resources and farms that are doing their part to help stop food scarcity. One such company is Nature’s Path Organic Foods, so I made Sunrise vanilla yogurt bowls to celebrate Earth day and to share a little more about Nature’s Path and their recent annual Gardens for Good Program. 

Nature’s Path Sunrise Vanilla Yogurt Bowls

My thanks to Nature’s Path Organic Foods for sending me a complimentary boxes of your products to facilitate today’s post. No further compensation given. All opinions are my own.

About Nature’s Path Organic Foods:

Nature's Path Organic Foods #ad

“Nature’s Path Organic Foods is North America’s largest organic breakfast and snack food company and produces USDA and Canadian Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified breakfast and snack foods sold in grocery and natural food stores in over 50 countries around the world. Committed to the triple bottom line— socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and financially viable, Nature’s Path works diligently to support communities and champion the cause of people and planet. Brands include Nature’s Path®, Love Crunch®, Qi’a®, Que Pasa®, Flax Plus®, and EnviroKidz®. Founded in 1985, Nature’s Path is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia and employs hundreds of valued team members at its four facilities in Canada and the United States.”

About Nature’s Path Gardens for Good Program:

Nature’s Path Gardens for Good Program
Source: Gardens for Good 

Nature’s Path – North America’s largest certified organic breakfast and snack food company significantly expanded their annual Gardens for Good Program to help recognize the wonderful work community gardens are doing across the US and Canada.


According to the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, in the U.S. alone, over 23 million people live in areas with reduced access to affordable, fresh food, half of which are considered low-income. Gardens for Good was created in 2010 to support the amazing impact local community gardens have in all neighborhoods, but especially ones with limited access to fresh foods. Every year since its inception, Gardens for Good has provided three grants to nonprofit organic community gardens. 

This marks the first year Nature’s Path has expanded their contributions to 22 gardens. Last week the winners were selected! You can see all the winners HERE. I’m amazed at the beauty of the gardens that are nourishing their communities! I invite you to learn more about Nature’s Path commitment to nourishing communities and the 2022 Gardens for Good Program here and on their Facebook and Twitter channels.

My Pledge This Earth Day: Plant More Edibles!

 Seeing all these beautiful gardens helping with food scarcity has made me want to plant more fruits and vegetables this spring as well. Where I would normally plant flowers and herbs and our pizza garden full of tomatoes and peppers,  I’m going to look for easy to grow and maintain veggies and fruit that my family will eat and enjoy. That will help us eat more organically while shaving money off our weekly groceries. Total win-win! 

Another way I’ve found I can save on groceries is to serve my family meals like they like to eat. For instance, my husband prefers a more traditional dinner because he usually eats a light breakfast and lunch due to his busy work schedule. My daughters are grazers, preferring fruits, veggies, and a light protein source, so traditional meals aren’t always the best option for them. Over the years, our meals have evolved to better suit the family. Yogurt bowls with lots of fruit, Greek yogurt, and something crunchy will always be gobbles up.

Sunrise Vanilla Yogurt Bowls

Sunrise Vanilla Yogurt Bowls are so easy to put together! Use the fresh fruit you have on hand. I used fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries atop Vanilla and Honey Greek Yogurt. I then added a half cup of Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla, Gluten Free cereal to the bowl. This is a lightly sweet blend of corn, rice, quinoa, flax, buckwheat, and amaranth. I love this combination and eat it dry for a quick snack. 

Nature's Path Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla Cereal #ad

Lastly, I tossed a handful of Nature’s Path Pumpkin and Flaxseed Granola on top for a bit more crunch. If your kids are older like mine, why not make a bowl bar and have them assemble their yogurt and fruit bowls? It’s fun to see their creativity! 

Happy Earth Day friends! I know it’s cold and snowing in some parts of our country, but I’m hopeful this will be the last wave of winter weather and we can all get outside, enjoy the fresh air and beauty all around us and perhaps, plants some flowers, fruits, and vegetables too.



Please share in comments: Do you live near any of the 22 Gardens for Good winners?



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