Wordless Wednesday: June Fruit Bowl

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Happy Summer! Now that summer has officially arrived, my family and I are on a more relaxed schedule at home and here on the blog, so we will be serving up summer friendly posts, in an easy breezy way all season. Let's kick off our first summer Wordless Wednesday post with some fruit that's in our June Fruit bowl. 

Strawberries, my favorite!

black cherries, fresh, summer fruit
Black Cherries, my husband's favorite!

Peaches, my daughter's favorite!

Watermelons, nectarines, apples, bananas and grapes have all made an appearance too this month. 

Please share in comments: What's in your fruit bowl right now? And what is your favorite summer fruit?

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Now that school is out, summer is officially kicking into high gear for kids and parents.  There are activities to plan, trips to take, sleep-overs to host and memories to make. None of us has time to stop the fun to look for a lost bag, or misplaced flip flop, so to ensure you keep track of summer gear, it’s time to order personalized labels from Mabel’s Labels!

Personalized labels for summer gear

Here are some popular summer activities where labeling your kids gear now will ensure they come home with their stuff.

Label summer gear now
Mabel's Labels

Pool Parties, trips to the lake and beach:

Nobody has time to play is this my shoe, so using custom clothing labels helps kids quickly identify their stuff at pool parties, trips to the beach.  Pick out colorful labels that coordinate with your towels, flips-flops, hats, sunglasses etc. 


Is a camping trip in the cards for your family this summer? Why not order some storage bin labels now and you’ll know exactly which container holds the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers when it’s time to make S’mores!

Barbecues, cookouts, potlucks:

There’s just something about the lazy days of summer that beckons us to open up our homes and backyards and welcome family and friends to come on over! Help your guests keep track of their drinks with Mabel’s Labels mini custom name stickers and the cool wash away labels are a perfect way to keep track of which potluck dish belongs to which guest. The best part is these labels are microwave and dishwasher safe.

cute labels, free shipping

Whatever fun activities you have planned this summer, ordering a few sets of labels now from Mabel’s Labels will help you keep track of all your summer gear so you can spend more time enjoying all the fun activities this special time of year brings. You’ll find their labels are not only cute, but affordable as well. There is always a sale going on and Mabel’s Labels offers free shipping in the United States.

Please share in comments: What's your favorite summer activity?


Ah, summer. You may be officially arriving next week- but here in the south, you are here in a big way. Temperatures will soar to a sultry 96 today in the Nashville area, so I’m making plans to tackle cleaning our patio table and chairs as early in the morning as possible this week. 

Patio Time!


The warm summer days and long summer nights are finally here! It's time to get ready to kick off the official start of summer next Sunday by planning your first family picnic, or cook-out!  This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox and I will receive compensation for each approved download. However, I only share information I feel will benefit my readers. 

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You'll find awesome recipes like the Philadelphia Fruit Pizza. 

Or these Memphis-Style BBQ Sliders!

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Color of the Month - June 2015 - Turquoise

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One of the easiest and often prettiest ways I've found to lighten and brighten our home is with decorative glass items. My husband and I are both drawn to unique glass pieces, so you'll find of lot of it in our home. June's color of the month- Turquoise, was inspired by some of my favorite bottles and vases.

Turquoise bottles, vases, home decor, color, design, improve

The wonderful thing about  the color Turquoise is how each piece is unique in color depending on the light and the material. Some pieces look bluer, some pieces, greener. Yet all of them beckon you to dream of water and warm days.

Here's my Pinterest board for more inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your home and your life with this beautiful color.

Follow Linda A.'s board Color of the Month - June 2015 - Turquoise on Pinterest.

Happy warm summer days everyone!

Please share in comments: Do you collect glass pieces as well? If so, what?

Weekly Chore Prompt: Organizing Shoes

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Happy Monday dear readers! As I was trying to get out the door to my very first blog conference on a recent Saturday morning, I tried multiple times to shut our foyer closet door but couldn’t because there was a rogue sneaker blocking the door. I picked the shoe up, looked for a free space to call its temporary home and found zero free space. Zip, nada. I couldn’t even find the sneaker's mate, so I did what any sane mom would do when she’s pressed for time - I chucked in the shoe and slammed the closet door. I knew the weekly chore prompt had to be organizing shoes!

Time To Corral Shoes:


5 easy ways to keep your yearly business goals on track

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It’s hard to believe it, but here we are- starting the sixth month of 2015! It wasn’t that long ago that we were all dreaming and setting goals for the New Year.  The first week of June is the perfect time for a mid-year check in with those goals. I did this on Sunday and while I have met some goals in my most areas of my life; I found I needed to re-route my path in other areas. Here are my 5 easy tips to get my yearly business goals back on track. 

On My WAHM Plan tips to keep business goals on track

1. Make planning time a priority.
It’s not enough for me to say I want to re-work how I’m tracking my blog and social media assignments; I need to formulate an action plan. By setting aside 30 minutes to review what I’ve been doing so far this year, figure out what parts work and what parts are making me dislike this necessary task, I’ll be able to finish 2015 strong and have a true workable solution moving forward.

2. Purge,  Often.
This goes for all incoming items in your life: junk mail, emails from companies you might shop with in the summer, company catalogs, group invitations that don’t fit into your wheelhouse, etc.  Allow yourself to pass on a request or business event if it truly isn’t a good fit. Purging is easy once you allow yourself to make a decisive decision and then stick with it, which leads me to number three.

 3. Decide.
In business you can’t sit on the fence for long when it comes to making decisions to approve or reject money making projects, because at the end of the day- all businesses need to have money coming in at all times.  Set aside 15 minutes to list the pros and cons of a given situation and then make your choice. Then take an actionable step: make that call, or send that email, something that will put forward motion on your decision so you won’t talk yourself out if it.  

4. Write it down.
You’ve made your decision; you’ve set your goals in motion. Good! But did you know that the simple act of writing them down helps your brain store them in your memory, making them much easier for you to remember and stick with? Try it! Write out one goal on a piece of pretty stationery, or jot it down on a colorful post-it note (my personal favorite), and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll remember to focus on that goal.

My WAHM Plan: grab a good pen and write it down!

5.Ask for help.
This tip is still a work in progress for me.  I still struggle with asking for help from my family. As a work-at-home-mom, (WAHM), I felt if I managed my time better, I could still do it all and take on a bigger work load. Wrong! 
Now, my goal is to let my family and co-workers know when I have a big assignment, and then be ready to delegate when people ask me how they can help me. It’s easy for us to shrug off offers of help, but we really shouldn’t. Whether we need task oriented help, like please unload the dishwasher, or we just need an ally to help us remember to drink more water, by asking others to help you, you are inviting them into your life on a more personal level, which helps you be a better you!

Hopefully, my 5 easy tips will help you stay, or get back on track with your yearly business goals! 

Please share in comments: What goal do you hope to accomplish before the end of the year?