Weekly Chore Prompt: Organizing Shoes

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Happy Monday dear readers! As I was trying to get out the door to my very first blog conference on a recent Saturday morning, I tried multiple times to shut our foyer closet door but couldn’t because there was a rogue sneaker blocking the door. I picked the shoe up, looked for a free space to call its temporary home and found zero free space. Zip, nada. I couldn’t even find the sneaker's mate, so I did what any sane mom would do when she’s pressed for time - I chucked in the shoe and slammed the closet door. I knew the weekly chore prompt had to be organizing shoes!

Time To Corral Shoes:


Having two daughters - a teen and a tween - means a lot of shoes, so I allotted more time for this chore. If you have an overflowing amount of shoes too, you have to pick a day and time you’ll have at least one hour to go through your closet or shoe storage space and pull out all the foot wear. Yes, all of it - even the winter boots. 

If you’ve already tested out-of-season footwear for fit, feel and wear level - score one for you! Set those aside and focus on the shoes that you and your family will be wearing now and into summer.

Start Here:

  • Separate the shoes by person and season.
  • Next, separate those shoes by style (sneakers, sandals, flats, and boots).
  • Check shoes for wear, stains etc.  If shoes are in good condition, place in try on pile. There’s no reason to keep shoes that no longer fit the owner. This is especially important with kids!
  • Grab each kid and have them try on their shoes. 

Ask these questions:

  • Does the footwear fit properly without hurting? If their toes and pinched, or if the heel rubs, think carefully if these shoes are worth saving.
  • Do you still like these shoes? This is a really important question with teens/tweens.
  • Can you pull together an outfit with these shoes? If your kids can’t, you may be holding on to shoes that no longer fit their style.
  • Continue to work through all your footwear in the house until you have your final keep pile. 
  • Now it comes to picking the best storage solution for your family’s shoes.

Shoe organizing/storage solutions:

shoe storage bench

Some people prefer putting needed shoes in bedroom closets, but I prefer a more central location. We put our in-season shoes in the front foyer closet on a shoe organizer shelf and in shoe storage boxes.  We store out of season shoes and boots in their original boxes if possible, or shoe storage containers in the front foyer closet. 

Storage Ideas:

For summer flip flops, water shoes, slides, sneakers, etc. I allow family members to leave them under a bench in the mudroom/back hall for ease of use as we tend to use the garage and back door more often than the front door. You can find a variety on benches on sale like this one on Amazon (affiliate link). 

Your cleaning and organizing style will help determine how best to store your family’s shoes. Cute baskets and bins, over the door shoe storage or a shelf organizing system are all perfectly good options that are affordable. 

There’s no right or wrong way to store shoes. The hardest part is just getting started. Once this task is done though, you’ll be surprised at how good it feels to mark this off your chore list!

Please share in comments: Do you set a limit on how many pairs of shoes you own?

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