Sweet Summer Sipping with Eppa SupraFruta Sangria

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Confession, I’ve gone all my adult life and never tried Sangria until last weekend.  Crazy as it sounds; I am not much of a wine drinker, so passing on the Sangria wasn’t hard. But, I kept hearing from friends how wonderful Sangria is, so when an opportunity to try Eppa’s SupraFruta Sangria free of charge came along, I decided to go for it.  Adding this Sangria to our Memorial Day weekend was a wonderful decision I must say! 

About Eppa SupraFruta Sangria:

chilled #Sangria

Crafted in beautiful Mendocino California, Eppa SupraFruta Sangria is a blend of organic, antioxidant rich superfruit juices and wine made from organically grown grapes.  That sounds healthy and good doesn’t it? 

My husband and I couldn’t wait to try these.  As a Red Wine drinker, my husband was intrigued by the Eppa Red which has Pomegranate, Blueberry, Blood orange and Acai juices.

I wanted to try the Eppa White which contains Mangosteen, Peach, Mango and Mediterranean Blood Orange juices.

After chilling the Sangria’s over night as per the bottles instructions we poured a small serving of each and took turns sipping.

The Eppa Red was a little tart for my taste, but my husband true to form, loved the tart citrusy taste of it.  

#Summer Sipper
Chilled Red Eppa Sangria

We both picked up the hint of berry and orange which balanced beautifully with the red wine. This Sangria is very smooth, not too dry and would pair well with any summer dish. 

The Eppa White was sweet and delightfully fruity! 

#Summer Sipper
Chilled White Eppa Sangria

We both loved the aroma and the taste is a cross between the best fruit juice you’ve ever tasted and a nice white wine. I would serve this anytime!
My friends were right to sing the praises of Sangria. I’m sold on this Sangria and will happily purchase Eppa SupraFruta Sangria’s to share with friends. Now that I'm not a Sangria newbie, the next glass of Eppa Sangria we share will be served over ice so it will be super chilled and I’ll add some fruit for good measure.
I invite you to learn more about Eppa SupraFruta Sangria by visiting their Facebook page and their website  to find out more about Eppa and where you can purchase their products.

For more drink ideas, visit my Drinks tab here. 

In comments please share if you are a Sangria drinker and if so, do you prefer Red or White wine types?

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Purex Scent-sational Spring Giveaway

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Spring Scents

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Wordless Wednesday- May Blooms

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As May draws to a close, it's time to bid farewell to some of my favorite spring flowers and get ready to welcome in the summer bloomers.

May #flowers
Purple Clematis

May #Garden
Light Pink Peony

May flowering bushes
White Azalea

Red #Roses
Red Rambling Rose

What was your favorite May bloom in your garden?

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    Today isn’t the Luau

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    That’s what my 5th grade daughter said to me as soon as I picked up the phone rather frantically this morning. I say frantically because I was driving to the school to volunteer at the Luau when her phone call came in.

    Seeing it was the school calling at this time of morning makes a Mom’s mind jump into sick or hurt kid mode. But no- it was my sweet daughter saving her over tired Mom from showing up at the wrong event on the wrong day.

    After I thanked her and hung up, I started laughing as I turned around to head back home.  I found it quite funny that Mrs. Planner me, Mrs. “I’ve got this handled” me was heading to school to be keep my “appointment” with the 5th grade classes who would need me to guide them in all things crafty at my table from 10 am to 11am. It said so on my planner. 

    A portion of my planning tools

    I even had my daughter convinced that it must be a combo event-  a field day and Luau party day because it was on my planner and on the family calendar and since I am very rarely wrong on scheduling and even more rarely miss an appointment, we believed me.

    I even had Melissa lug a bag full of Bubbles and drink pouches on the bus with her this morning so they would be there, ready for the parents arriving early to set up for the Luau. 

    Except that I was wrong and it’s not Luau day. 

    It’s field day.  I didn’t volunteer to help on field day because it’s Friday and I always work on billing etc. for my husband’s business on Friday’s.

    So why did I find myself half way to school, still air drying the back of my hair on a Friday morning?

    I can come up with several plausible explanations-

    •  I am sleep deprived (says every parent on the planet trying to finish out the school year strong).
    •  I looked at the wrong planner/calendar/notepad/notebook/post it notes. (Which is true, I had the right info on the family calendar.)
    • Melissa thought it was Luau day too.

    But in the end, I think this little “Oops” was much needed comic relief. The universes way of saying “Hey Linda, slow down and quit white knuckling yourself to the end of the school year”.  

    Message received loud and clear Universe!

    I took a look at my planner just now and surprisingly, happily, the only thing I have on my planner for Friday May 23rd is: Our Summer starts!

    Whew- I think I’m going to make it after all!

    Share with me in comments: Have you ever showed up at an event on the wrong day or time?  And when do your kids get out of school for summer?

    Family Fun Magazine Subscription Giveaway

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    Share in comments: What section would you read first if you won this subscription?

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    I'd pick crafts!

    Wordless Wednesday- On a Cloudy Day

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    Purple/Blue puffy clouds

    Fluffy White Clouds

    Yoshi Cloud

    We really thought it was going to storm until we saw the Yoshi Cloud. Do you and your family spot "figures" in clouds too?

    Happy Hump Day!