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Family Fun Magazine Subscription Giveaway

in , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Thursday, May 15, 2014

With summertime almost here and the kids getting out of school next week, this giveaway sponsored by Purex and Family Fun Magazine comes right on time for me and I'm betting you are going to love it too. As a Purex Insider, I will have a chance to win a gift card for sharing this, however all opinions are my own.


About the Giveaway:

Ready, set, GO! Summer is right around the corner and what a great way to prepare for all that summer fun than with a subscription to Family Fun Magazine! Enjoy all things fun with a magazine that celebrates families, cooking, vacations, parties, crafts and more.

Fifteen thousand (15,000) grand prize winners will receive a FREE subscription to Family Fun Magazine. Enter to win a subscription for your family to enjoy!

Entering is easy peasy- just use this link and please share it with any family or friends you think would like to win as well. Giveaway ends on May 30 2014 at 3pm PST. 

 Enter Now and Good luck!

Share in comments: What section would you read first if you won this subscription?

  1. Families
  2. Cooking
  3. Vacations
  4. Parties
  5. Crafts

I'd pick crafts!

I helped kill the Ladies Home Journal

in , , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Friday, April 25, 2014

There, I’ve said it. I’ve owned right up to the fact that even though I am a homemaker and a devout lover of magazines and print media- I never read or subscribed to the Ladies Home Journal.  Never once found myself flipping through the pages while waiting anywhere and today was my very first time visiting their website, just so I could see their cover.

Magazine cover

Ads sell magazines, pure and simple- and you can read what the Ladies Home Journal Magazine parent company Meredith said to The New York Times to fully understand the drop in numbers. But to sell ads, a magazine has to have readers. 

Looking at this cover I have to ask myself why didn't I read this magazine? 

The sad answer, in my opinion,  is the very reason the Ladies Home Journal is laying people off, stopping monthly printing and going to quarterly - it was my Grandma’s magazine.  It was proudly displayed on her highly polished coffee table; right beside the big ashtray nobody ever dared use.

My Mom got it only when somebody gifted a yearly subscription to her (usually my Grandma) and I can remember watching her flip through it while she was on the phone. She wasn’t really reading it, just looking- and as a teen, I picked up on her cues and figured that was one boring magazine- so I didn’t bother picking it up.

Even though I didn’t read the Ladies Home Journal, the reality is this is another blow to the art of Homemaking and that saddens me. I know so many women who have shared with me in confidence that they don’t know how to cook or clean or sew or “do” anything domestic and they blame their Moms. 

I’m not saying I agree with all that blame- I know most Moms need to work outside of the home. I get that.  What I am saying is our children need resources on how to be a homemaker even if that is after working 8 hours a day.  My Mom worked outside the home and still managed to instill in me the love of a clean home, a hot meal and freshly washed sheets. My Mom taught me because her Mom taught her so I teach my girls.

But what if you are one of the countless women whose Moms didn't get taught domestic skills to pass down to you? What resources do you have? What about our kids? 

Most schools don’t teach home economics anymore, most Moms work outside the home as did their Moms and maybe even their Grandma’s- so is the art of homemaking going the way of print magazines?

I hope not.

It is my hope that we Moms will get in touch with our inner domestic goddess and pass that on to our kids so they don’t grow up, move out and then blame us for not equipping them with basic life skills. 

Our kids already move easily in this digital age- why not toss them a curve ball and put a broom in their hand and teach them to properly sweep a floor? And if you are already teaching homemaking skills to your children, I say thank you!

I'll be adding more homemaking posts here on my blog to help Moms who may need another resource too, so please check back in.

I am sorry to say I won’t be subscribing to the Ladies Home Journal just to try and save it.  Now, if my favorite magazines, Better Home and Gardens and Good Housekeeping find themselves in trouble?

Count me in.

Share in comments: What magazines do you subscribe to and read in print form?

Super Savings on Shape Magazine

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If you are trying to get in better shape this year like I am, you will probably love this offer.

For a limited time, you can get a one year subscription to Shape Magazine for only $4.00 thanks to Discount Mags! Yearly subscription is normally $ 18.97 so this is a huge savings.

About Shape Magazine:

Shape your body, Shape your life. Designed to help women get their life in shape, each issue explores diet, fitness, beauty and how living healthy gives you the tools to enjoy a better life. This magazine subscription isn't just about body building, it's about self-image building. Get started on the new you today!

get in shape

Sounds good to me.   Go HERE and enter savings code MYSAVINGS

Please let me know if you snag this deal and share a getting healthy tip in the comments.

My healthy tip? Drink more water. If you wait until you are thirsty, you are already a quart low.

Disclosure: This post contains affliliate links. I may receive compensation if you click and subscribe.