Friday Follow Up

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On Monday I posted my weekly plan HERE. As promised, here is my Friday Follow up with completed tasks highlighted. I think I did pretty good! 

Home & Garden: 

1. Continue cleaning out girls closets, bagging outgrown items for donation.  (Work in Progress).
2. Price compare mulch for front flower beds, replant Jade, trellis rose bush, clean planters, bird bath, bird feeders.
3.  Clip coupons, sort, put in car! ( Will complete this afternoon for Saturday shopping).
4.  Research easy meal plans (blogs)?  ( Work in Progress, but I like Faithful Provisions so far).
5.   Help Ms. T & Ms. M sort books to sell or donate. ( Work in Progress, Ms. T, done, Ms. M resisting). 

Business & Blog:
1. Put contact stickers on JAFRA products in stock.
2. Add 15 minutes per day on increasing blog readership.
3. Share April/May JAFRA brochure with e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y who seems approachable. ( Work in Progress, shared 3). 
4. Join local women’s group(s).
5. Pick and post about a JAFRA product of the week.  (Posted HERE.)

So as you can see, some projects are easier to complete than others AND some projects require continuous effort. 

How productive was your week? Please share your thoughts!

What's blooming

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The weather is lovely here in middle TN. and my daughters and I enjoyed spending time outside yesterday afternoon.

 Instead of digging or pruning, or ugh! weeding yesterday, I just evaluated and enjoyed my blooms.

 In gardening as in most things in life, we should stop and take in where we are right in the moment.

As my children laughed and ran and played all around me,  I made mental notes of my progress and work still to do.


Clematis #blooms
What should I do about my Clematis reaching the top of the Trellis already?

What's eating on my Hosta?

Peony blooms
Why didn't I stake my Peonies before blooming?

Red Roses
The Rose that will not die has rewarded me, but I'm gonna need hubby's help to trellis it.

Shade Coleus
Cutting back my shade Coleus in fall was a good idea.

Plant more Viola's. They are so pretty and dainty.

White Roses
Research this white Rose that everybody thinks is a Gardenia upon 1st look.

Do you enjoy gardening? If so, I'd love to know what's blooming in your garden right now.  

Happy Monday!  I am feeling much like my old happy self and wanted to use this spirit to revive a concept of sharing my weekly plan of action.
Every Monday I’m going to post my plan outlining 5 key tasks I’d like to accomplish.
These are my “extras” that I hope to accomplish, beyond the normal day to day tasks of life.

 Then on Friday I’ll post a follow up.
 Accountability and structure have served me well in other aspects of my life.
Why not here?
I think doing so will clearly show that working at home requires commitment, self-motivation and a healthy dose of patience and humor. And that no matter how much we plan, we may not reach our goals every time and that’s okay!
Healthy Life Design is all about taking positive, accountable steps in your life and offers several free downloadable planners and trackers. Go visit them HERE I bet you’ll find something you like!

Here is my Plan for Monday 4/23/12:
Home & Garden:
1.  Continue cleaning out the girl’s closets, bagging outgrown items for donation.
2.  Price compare mulch for front flower beds, replant Jade, trellis rose bush, clean planters, bird bath, bird feeders.
3.  Clip coupons, sort, put in car! * Anybody else forget their coupons this weekend?*
4. Research easy meal plans (blogs)?
5.  Help Ms. T & Ms. M sort books to sell or donate.

Businesses & Blog:
1. Put contact stickers on JAFRA products in stock.
2.  Add 15 minutes per day on increasing blog readership.
3.  Share April/May JAFRA brochure with e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y who seems approachable.
4. Join local women’s group(s).
5.  Pick and post about a JAFRA product of the week.

That’s it for this week. I’ll follow up on Friday. Until then, I’d love to hear what you are working on this week and ask if you would like to see my April/May JAFRA brochure?

Heart Smiles

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Today I was reminded of what true un-conditional love looks and feels like. 

There should have been no way that my dearest, oldest friend – (who also happens to be my sis-in law) should know that I have had one yucky week. 

Here I was thinking I’d kept my stress and worry all to myself.

I had went out of my way to be my normal happy- go- lucky self when speaking in emails to the aforementioned lady.
So imagine my surprise when I got a brief email from her via Facebook letting me know she’d been thinking of me a lot the last couple of days and she wondered if I was sad or blue.

How did she know?

She asked me too if I’d received her smile. I erroneously thought she meant an e-card, which would have just made my day. Goodness, just reading her short email had me misty.

I doubled checked both email accounts. No e-card. Then it hit me, this is my BF we are dealing with here, she is a gift giver. I smile and run to the front door. Sure enough, while I’d been out grocery shopping a package had been delivered.

Here’s what was inside: 

My Heart Smiles

The note enclosed wished all of us a Happy Spring Day from all of them with lots of Love. 
 By now I am really crying because I can’t believe it. 

This woman’s heart is so full of love and caring that she would worry and concern herself about us, about ME on her birthday. 

Come to think of it, I shouldn't have been surprised at all.

When I texted her to jokingly ask her if she wasn’t the one that should be opening gifts. Her response was simple. 

I'll share the main sentiment: Her gift was in the giving.

That is what un-conditional love looks and feels like.

Work at Home job: Apple at home advisor

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I received this information courtesy of Telecommuting Moms and I wanted to share it with my readers who may have a student, or know of one in need of a job.

Work at Home Job: Apple at Home Advisor
Posted: 13 Apr 2012 08:08 AM PDT

Apple is currently hiring students at Arizona State University to work part-time from home. This position will provide technical support to customers.

Key Qualifications

Currently enrolled student at ASU through May 2013
Cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher
Minimum 35 WPM
Customer service focus and ability to work independently
Available to work full-time over the summer and during school breaks
Committed to working part-time for a minimum of 16 hours per week while school is in session
Satisfactory criminal background check

At-Home Qualifications
Home residence located within 100 miles of ASU
A quiet workspace, ergonomic chair, and desk
High-speed Internet service (2Mbps or better) from a reliable provider and a dedicated telephone landline

Visit the job posting at Apple to apply. 

Have a great weekend!


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Freebies to good not to share: Here's what I snagged for my family.


This post does contain affiliate links and I may be compensated depending on readers actions. 

Wordless Wednesday

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