Wordless Wednesday





  1. Jealous that you can have flowers already!

  2. Our daffodils are just now opening up. We have a tulip festival here that's a big deal. You can look out from the road over the fields and see bands of color with the mountains as a backdrop.

    Your flowers have a good start!

  3. Hi Katy,

    It has been so unseasonably warm here that everything is blooming early. I hope the sudden dip in temps this weekend doesn't harm anything.

    I hope you get blooms soon!

  4. Thanks Karen! I'm most proud of getting all the weeds pulled in almost 90 degree temps. Normally the 1st weeding is in cooler weather, but Mother Nature has her own plans.

  5. Hi Donna,
    Yay for wonderful Daffodils! I'd love to see pictures of the Tulips. Please share!

  6. I wish this could be my work in progress! Someday when the kiddos are older (4, 3, & 6 mos. are not cooperative ages) I'm going to really get into gardening. I recently realized that if I could spend all day working outside, I so would. This past week, my spring break included push-mowing my lawn and I LOVED all 1.5 hours of it!

    Btw- thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Easter to you and your family too!

  7. Hi Ashley,

    We had a wonderful Easter and I hope your family did too.

    An hour and a half with a push mower is good for mind, body and soul. :-)

    It is tricky to garden with little ones, even bigger little ones!
    My youngest, who is nine was helping me with the front flower beds and somehow managed to dig up a large portion of my mum... right from the center of it! :-)) Still deciding if I should dig them up and re plant or just let it go and see what happens.


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