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Even though some parts of the country are covered in snow, today marks the unofficial start to the gardening season for a lot of us. If you’re like me and hope to have healthy gardens in 2023, The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook is a must-read! Not only do I love growing vegetables, but I’m also an avid flower gardener as well, so I’ve been learning all I can from this book.  I’m excited to be able to host a giveaway for a copy as well. Read on to learn more about what the book covers and how to enter to win.

The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook:

The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook

I first learned about today’s book author, Nicole Johnsey Burke on my Instagram feed. Her account, GardenaryCo. is a lush, colorful garden paradise! If you love to garden, or want to start, you’ll want to follow that Instagram account for sure. Today’s post is about her newest book-  Kitchen Garden Revival- A modern guide to creating a stylish, small scale, low maintenance edible garden. I am thrilled to hold this book in my hands! I have talked myself out of having another garden for one too many seasons, but not this summer. It’s not too late for me or you to have a small kitchen garden this year, so let’s get started.

Fresh from the Garden!

Kitchen Garden Revival Book shares garden crop

Happy New Year and happy Friday dear blog readers! I’m pretty stoked to be starting my tenth year of blogging this year! My blogoversary isn’t until September, but I’m counting this whole year as a victory! Which leads me to today’s post about a really cool book I received last month to share with you called The Pollinator Victory Garden Book by Kin Eierman. In the Pollinator Victory Garden Book, Kim will teach us how to win the war on pollinator decline with ecological gardening. Don’t worry if you have never gardened before, this book will take you by the hand walk you through the process and winter is the perfect time to plan for this year’s garden!

The Pollinator Victory Garden Book Review and Giveaway #ad