Paper Trails

in , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am surrounded by paper of one sort or another. Each day I set out to follow the Golden Rule of organization: Touch the item only once. Make a decision and put it in its home. 

This has always been tricky for me in our his & mine small business family. Some weeks its tough enough to handle the barrage of mail, school papers, appointments, coupons, invitations, etc. that makes up our family paper trail.  

Today as I set down at my laptop (which resides in my office, which is the dining room table). I have to move piles of paper. I’m covered up with note pads, planners and pens.  So that’s why my hubby couldn’t find a pen last night! Oops.

 I am an old school note taker and have notepads strategically placed throughout the house. Except for the bathrooms and our bedroom. Some rooms are work and call free zones.

Clearly, I have broken the Golden Rule. Several times in fact.  And, I’m teaching my girls to be awesome notepad users as well.  

 I started the frustrating task of clearing my work station; and un-earth notes from the girls.  One note says “I love you Mama, what’s for dinner?  Ah, I love the little hearts and cute little furry-baby! My oldest is so artistic.   

Another note says “Can I watch TV?” This one has highly decorated yes or no boxes for me to make my choice. This one is from my youngest. Again, my heart squeezes with that special Mom love feeling.

  I try to think back to what I was doing that made them write to me rather than talk with me.  I swallow my Mom Guilt and decide to save these notes to put in their memento books.

Which are,  of course, labeled and filed in their forever home with only one touch.


How do you handle your paper trail?

What is your paper style? Are you a stacker, a filer, a tosser?

Please share your thoughts.