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10 No Tech Holiday Gift Ideas Sure To Please

in , , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Monday, November 13, 2023

In an effort to not rush headlong into everything Christmas, I waited until I knew most people had started holiday shopping, or at the very least, asking for their loved ones' gift lists. This year has found me enjoying offline hobbies and events, which led me to compile 10 no tech holiday gift ideas sure to please most adults on your list. This is a switch from my previous holiday gift idea lists because I’m not covering kids' gifts. As an almost empty nester, it’s going to be a few years before I need to shop for little ones again.

No Tech Gifts Sure To Please!

10 No Tech Holiday Gift Ideas Sure To Please

We are just nine days away from the second most celebrated holiday of the year in the United States! Whether you go all out with your decorations, host an epic block party, or are known for your crazy witch cackle, Halloween spending across the country is expected to exceed 8 billion dollars!
 That’s a whole lot of decorating and candy buying for our trick or treaters. If you plan on heading out with your family for a night of fun, check out this handy list of the top 20 cities for the best candy haul courtesy of my friends at Zillow. Did your city make the list this year?

Trick or Treat list of top U.S. cities for candy haul

There were some major shifts in the top ten city ranking from last year’s trick or treat map folks. Philadelphia came on strong and took the number one spot from San Francisco! My beloved bay area did well in overall standing with San Jose keeping its number two spot of the list and San Francisco coming in a respectable third. Click here to see my map share from last year. 

Top ten U.S. cities for trick or treating 2016

As you can see from this infographic, Zillow comes up with their lists by using four equally weighted variables: median home value, housing density, population age and crime. 

The Top 20 Cities for trick or treating 2016 are:

Top 20 cities for trick or treating 2016

I’m proud to see that Nashville moved up one spot in the rankings to 19th! If you are in the greater metro Nashville area, here are the top five neighborhoods to go trick or treating in for the best candy haul, walkability and safety.

  • Green Hills
  • Tulip Grove
  • Cherokee Park
  •  Sylvan Heights
  •  Historic Old Hickory Village

I love that Zillow compiles this yearly list and hope they make this an annual Halloween tradition! I invite you to stop by Zillow today to read their trick or treat post for even more neighborhood rankings, and to learn more about their mission to help you find your way home by helping you find your perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.

From my family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe Halloween!

Please share in comments: Did your city make either list? Are you surprised to see a certain city or region listed? 

The Greeting Card Cut List

in , , , , , , by Linda A Kinsman, Friday, December 14, 2012
I have always enjoyed the giving and receiving of Holiday Greeting cards. I am a classic; less is more kind of card sender; preferring to send a festive card with a short hand written note inside.As I sat down to start on my cards this week, I realized I needed to re-vamp my list completely since my master list was riddled with notes beside almost every name.
It was time for the Greeting Card cut list.
 I don’t enter into this area lightly, because I know how I would feel if I were off the list. But wait a minute, I think that shipped has sailed if my notes are any indication!
Over the course of the last 3 years, we have received more e-cards from friends and family who once sent out mailed cards. Is this just a product of our societies need for all things “online”? Is it the downed economy? Have we Kinsman’s somehow fallen off the short list of worthy stamped greetings? Maybe, probably and I hope not!
The point is I feel obliged to follow the path in front of me and do my own form of cutting.
Here was my method:
If we haven’t heard from you in any form or fashion, like you have fallen off the face of the earth in 4 years: you are cut completely.
If you always thank me for my Christmas card in your e-card on my birthday in May:  you are cut from my mailed list and bumped to e-card status.
If you have never us sent a mailed card, preferring e-cards, but haven’t sent me one in 2 yrs.: you are cut from my mailed card list, put on my e-card list, but only for this year.
If you send us your annual newsletter, complete with a call to donate to your charity: e-card!
If you sent us an e-card last year: e-card.
Did making these cuts make me feel Grinch-ish? Nope, it was liberating! 
My new Greeting card list is clean and tidy and shows me that I have a nice balance of mailed cards at 60% and e-cards at 40%.
How does your Greeting Card list look? Is it time to update it?
Have you had to make cuts as well?
I'd love to hear from you!