10 No Tech Holiday Gift Ideas Sure To Please

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In an effort to not rush headlong into everything Christmas, I waited until I knew most people had started holiday shopping, or at the very least, asking for their loved ones' gift lists. This year has found me enjoying offline hobbies and events, which led me to compile 10 no tech holiday gift ideas sure to please most adults on your list. This is a switch from my previous holiday gift idea lists because I’m not covering kids' gifts. As an almost empty nester, it’s going to be a few years before I need to shop for little ones again.

No Tech Gifts Sure To Please!

10 No Tech Holiday Gift Ideas Sure To Please

My thanks to The Pearl Source and listed affiliates for sponsoring today's post.I received information to facilitate my post as well as promotional items to thank me for my participation. This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission should you shop via them. Thank you. 

Gift Ideas- Jewelry and Fragrance:

Gift Ideas- Jewelry and Fragrance:

I took a quick poll of my lady friends, and my young adult daughters and they all agreed, that receiving jewelry is always a treat. Bonus points if the jewelry is pearls! There is something so timeless and classy about them. 

Maybe part of that mystique is that they can be expensive, but I’ve found the perfect solution for that in The Pearl Source, where you’ll get premium pearls at 75% off retail prices and each beautifully boxed piece of their jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity. I’ve had the privilege of wearing their pearl earrings and can attest to their high quality and beauty! My full review is here.

Both my daughters complimented my earrings from The Pearl Source, so I knew gifting them a set of pearl earrings would delight them. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas. You can shop and save 15% now at the above link.

Gifting Fragrance can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with a person's scent style and preference, yet it remains one of the most gifted items all year round, especially during the holidays. If someone on your wishlist has asked for a fragrance, I suggest you go to a nice retailer, like Saks Fifth Avenue, where you’ll be assured their fragrance selection is authentic. The Gucci Memoire D'Une Odeur Eau de Parfum shown in the photo above is a unisex scent, sure to please most scent preferences. 

Gift Ideas- Mugs and Boards:

Gift Ideas- Mugs and Boards

I received this Central Perk coffee mug for my gift guide before the sad news of Matthew Perry’s death, may he rest in peace.  I am a forever Friends fan, and I know many of you are as well, so its limited edition Central Perk Boston mug would make a delightful gift for coffee enthusiasts and of course, Friends fans who want to commemorate the opening of Central Perk Coffee Co. in Boston on 11/14/23. Shop with them today and get 10% off your first order.  

The Charcuterie board has been having a moment and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. Whether you're gifting a traditionalist who loves meat, cheese, fruit, and crackers, or a more trendy person who likes butter or even frosting boards, you simply can’t go wrong in gifting one. I found several great options at Target

Gift Ideas- Garden and Hand Tools:

Gift Ideas- Garden and Hand Tools

These two gifts are near and dear to me because they came about from a recent conversation Had with my husband. I explained to him that I wanted a special type of garden tool that would help me be able to plant bulbs faster. He thought it was a great idea and asked if I’d be willing to get him a couple new hand tools he had his eye on. So we are going together for these.

We’re heading to Home Depot for his gift, and then Walmart for mine, because those are the stores having a sale on what we want. If you have a gardener or handy person on your gift list this year, don’t be afraid to give them a useful garden or hand tool! 

Gift Ideas- Puzzles and Books:

It doesn’t get much more no tech than a good puzzle or book. Now, before you dismiss these as ordinary gifts, let me assure you both have huge communities, offline and on. The great thing about these two gifts is they are immersive, fun, and easy to do in just a few minutes a day and you can ask your family to join in the fun. 

I started puzzling again a couple of years ago and love it! My family even buys puzzles now for me to work and back, so they can hang them as art, making them a special personalized gift. Target has a great selection of puzzles right now. 

Target is also a great book resource! I was surprised to see they carried several of my most recent books received as a book ambassador. I’m a firm believer in shopping locally, so I am happy to see lots of great book titles available on sale just in time for gift giving since I need to buy for five avid book readers. 

Gift Ideas- Houseplants and Candles:

Gift Ideas- Houseplants and Candles

Much like charcuterie boards, houseplants have come back in style. For some of us, they never left! If you know a plant would make someone happy, I say give it! Just keep in mind the light situation in their home. When in doubt, give a Pothos or a fern. Etsy has a vibrant plant community full of knowledgeable, small business sellers who’d love to help you select a great plant gift. 

I can never have too many candles, because I love the ambiance they bring to my home. I’m sure you’ve got at least one candle lover on your list as well, so I’d love to share a local small business candle company AmberVale Home. These candles are a clean-burning, healthier, plant-derived option. Each wonderfully scented candle burns for several hours.

I love their candles and have used them for years, so I was thrilled to become a brand ambassador for them. If you shop my Ambervale link, you'll save 15% on single candle purchases!

That's a Wrap!

I hope you’ve found my 10 no tech holiday gift ideas helpful. I really enjoy putting these posts together for you. I’ll be adding more holiday goodness soon, so please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. Sign up is easy using the Subscribe tab on the right sidebar.

Happy Holidays!

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