Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate it! This year, it’s just my husband and I celebrating now that we’re empty nesters. Our youngest daughter moved out just before Thanksgiving. I’m still adjusting to this new normal, which has had some ups and downs. One of the downs is I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut. When I read a friend's blog post this morning with this fun writing prompt, I knew it was just the thing to spark my creativity. I’m joining Mix and Match Mama and her monthly writing prompts where we share little peaks into our lives. 

 Let’s Look at the Little Things We Do Every Single Day!

Let’s Look at the Little Things We Do Every Single Day!

All of my shares are pretty basic, but it’s the little things that we do each day, that make up the fabric of our lives right? When I read the link hosts Let's Talk list, I was happy to see we had several things in common. Maybe you’ll discover we have daily things in common too. 

Let's Talk monthly prompt and linky

One: Drink Water First:

One: Drink Water First:

Every morning before I pour a cup of coffee, I drink water. More often than not, I just fill my coffee cup with water and quickly drink it. Starting my day with at least 6 ounces or more of water is an instant win that I catalog on my health app, along with my morning stretches.

Two: Slow Morning Coffee and Cat Cuddles:

Slow morning coffee

I pour my first cup of coffee once the house is quiet, which now means after my husband leaves for work. I sit in my favorite spot on the couch, where my cat joins me. She is a lap cat which I love. I’ll pet her, sip my coffee, and catch up on texts/emails/social media. 

Three: Daily Nature/Garden Walks:

Daily Nature/Garden Walks: Lavender

During the winter months, my daily nature walks tend to be shorter. I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, so I’ll walk down our long drive to get the mail, or walk over to our pond and then sit for a bit on our front porch. As it gets warmer and the growing season returns, I spend a great deal of time outside gardening. I love flower and herb gardening, but intend on adding more vegetables to the mix this year. 

Four: Reading:


I consume a lot of words on any given day. From bible verses to books I’ve been sent to review, to the magazines I read at lunchtime, to emails, blogs, and all that comes into my life as a content creator and film critic, reading is a daily must. I’d be lost without reading. 

Five: Daily Notes on Calendars & Planners:

Calendars & Planners

I’ve been blogging since 2010, so taking notes and planning out my week/month is the only way to control all the spinning plates that are the life of a content creator, film critic, and homemaker.  I’ve tried going digital but always come back to writing things down. I couldn’t function without my yearly planner, a large spiral-bound notebook (I take notes and write my creative ideas here first, then transfer the keepers to my planner) several pens, and post-it notes to mark important pages/excerpts in books, things to do.

Six: Keep up to date on the Film Community:

Film: Priscilla

Last month, I turned in my third official Oscar Ballot! Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I get this honor. In September, I’ll celebrate my third full year as an accredited film critic for The Music City Film Critics Association, and the more fully immersed I become in the film community, the more I realize I need to learn about films and film criticism. One such lesson is that my job has no ending. There are always new films on deck for me to read about, see, and then write about. You can find my recent reviews under the entertainment tab.

Wrapping Up Let’s Look at the Little Things We Do Every Single Day!

Make our bed daily

More things I do every single day keep popping into my mind, so I’m going to list them below so this post doesn’t become too long! 

  • I take supplements, especially a women’s multivitamin 
  • I talk/text with my daughters and husband all day every day
  • I do toe touches and balance on one foot (alternating) 
  • I give our cat lots of love and playtime
  • I tend to my houseplants and/or container plants
  • I say nightly prayers for family, friends, myself, the world 
  • I smile often and laugh daily 
  • I make our bed every morning (our Beddy's set makes this a breeze)
  • I clean a room daily 

I hope you've enjoyed this new writing prompt and you'll join us next month for a new writing prompt on what's in our grocery carts. Go check out Mix and Match Mama to join in on the fun if you are a blogger!

Your Turn!

Please share in the comments if we have daily little things in common.

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