Hello June and hello to summer with all it’s fun activities! One of my families favorite summer activities is having cookouts or bonfires where we serve S’mores for dessert. There’s just something so wholesome and fun about serving this dessert and now, thanks to Stuffed Puffs latest creation, we can have yummy double chocolate S'mores dessert to welcome summer!

Stuffed Puffs for the Summer Dessert Win- S’mores!

Yummy Double Chocolate S’mores dessert to welcome summer

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stuffed Puffs.  I received information to facilitate today’s post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

About Stuffed Puffs:

Stuffed Puffs® is the first commercially available marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate. Founded in 2019 by Michael Tierney, Stuffed Puffs® believes that that life is more fun filled™ and that is meant quite literally. Stuffed Puffs® delivers a traditional treat stuffed with delicious and creamy milk chocolate to show the world that not all marshmallows are created equal.

My Love for Stuffed Puffs on the blog:

Stuffed Puffs S'mores Kit #ad

I’ve been a fan of Stuffed Puffs products since last year when I was asked if I’d like to try this new marshmallow product from Stuffed Puffs and I also got to enjoy their S’mores kit, shown in the photo above.  You can read my posts here and here for  more details.  Basically, Stuffed Puffs puts the chocolate inside the marshmallow which makes S’mores easy to assemble and enjoy both indoors and outdoors at cookouts, BBQ’s campfires etc. If it’s a family gathering, there’s a great chance S’mores is on the menu.

New Stuffed Puffs Flavor- Chocolate on Chocolate: 

yummy double chocolate S'mores with Stuffed Puffs #ad

I’m a true chocolate lover and will ask for a chocolate dessert choice over any other flavor, so when I was asked if I’d like to try the newest member of the Stuffed Puffs family, chocolate on Chocolate, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! My bag of goodies arrived just in time for our very first warm day and I couldn’t wait to surprise my family with our first S’mores of the year!

My Thoughts on Stuffed Puffs Flavor- Double Chocolate:

These Stuffed Puffs are milk chocolate through and through. They have a nice light brown color on the outside, which reminded me on a warm mug of cocoa, and a darker milk chocolate inside. I loved them straight from the bag like I did the original Stuffed Puffs. There is just something special about the flavor and consistency of these marshmallows that sets them apart from other marshmallows. I will eventually try a chocolate on chocolate puff in my cocoa, but today, it’s all about the S’mores!

Chocolate on Chocolate S'mores

I made my first set of Chocolate S’mores in the microwave and it took 9 seconds, just like before. I love being able to have a dessert done that quickly with less mess than I would normally, thanks to the built-in chocolate. The Chocolate marshmallows seemed to be a little gooier than the original with a nice string effect the kids of all ages like. The sweetness level was the same for me and my family, but the extra hint of chocolate was so tasty and good!

Double Chocolate S'mores are gooey, stringy, tasty fun! #ad

I’m going to keep these on hand all summer long, because you never know when a cookout just might need a yummy double chocolate S’mores dessert!

I invite you to learn more about double Chocolate Stuffed Puffs and their whole line of products by visiting their website here. Be sure to follow them on social for ideas, coupons, giveaways and more here:  FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Please share in comments: Does your family love S’more as a summer dessert?

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