January 2019 - My WAHM Plan

Help provide a new beginning for Pakistani women through education

The first month of the new year is slowly ending and while I was reflecting on my accomplishments to date, I realized that while I’ve been pouring into my family and home, (which is as it should be), I haven’t really gotten back into full work mode, especially when it comes to sharing the good works from Trades of Hope, the company that won my heart during the rush leading up to Christmas. I’d like to change that today by sharing our New Beginnings Hostess Incentive, which gives you a way to help provide a new beginning for Pakistani women through education.

Trades of Hope Pakistan Women new beginnings #brandpartner

Day by Day Chronological Bible Giveaway

Happy Friday my friends and welcome to my first giveaway of 2019. Hosting giveaways is something I truly love doing and today’s giveaway is simply perfect for the new year- a newly released bible that puts a fresh spin on how we interact with the bible in our daily lives. I think you’ll like it as much as I do, so read on to learn more, read my review and of course, enter the giveaway!

Day by Day Chronological Bible Giveaway #ad #csbBibleL3

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset drives

Here's our first Wordless Wednesday of 2019. I'm sharing my attempts to capture the sunset as we drive. My husband isn't going to pull over so I can snap a perfect pic, so these are candid shots from my passenger seat.

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset drives