Last month we went on a wonderful family beach vacation where I got to try out this life-changing beauty case. You may be thinking, life-changing, really? I’m here to tell you, yes, it completely changed the way we packed and stored our toiletries for the better!  I’ll never leave home without this roomy Better Beauty Case. Read on to learn how it can help you keep your toiletries organized when traveling.

The Better Beauty Case by Joy Mangano:

The Better Beauty Case

I received a complimentary extra-large Joy Mangano Better Beauty Case to share my thoughts with you. All opinions and love of organized toiletries are my own.

About the original Better Beauty Case by Joy Mangano:

If you are an HSN shopper, then you probably know Joy Mangano, the inventor of this amazing case. What’s so cool about this case is that not only does it roll up to a convenient size for storing; you can grab any of the 4 compartments and go! Just unroll the case, lay it flat and pull a compartment free. The hook and loop straps make it easy to detach and reattach the compartments.

The Better Beauty Case

One thing I noticed right away when packing up for our trip was how roomy each compartment was. I had plenty of room to store multiple products for our family of four.  From hair care to sunscreen, there was plenty of room for all our toiletries which stayed neatly organized throughout our whole trip because everyone could see clearly where items belonged. Amazing! 

The Better Beauty Case

Features of the Better Beauty Roll –Up Case: 

  • Offers grab-and-go convenience
  • Keeps your cosmetics, toiletries, scrapbooking and accessories organized
  • Eliminates clutter
  • Designed to display, organize and protect items
  • Unrolls or hangs to display contents
  • Great for home and travel
  • Keep all your beauty and other needs in one central location
  • Store everything from beauty products, to jewelry, to crafts and more
  • Stores compactly
  • Earned Good Housekeeping Seal
  • Perfect for each member of the family
  • Use at home, while traveling, in an RV, boat or camper or at the beach

My Thoughts:

I cannot sing the praises of this dynamo storage/travel case enough! Not only is it stylish, it is easy to use whether folded up and riding in the trunk, in your carry-on bag or fully rolled out on the vanity or bed. Even full, it was still compact! Here is a side view to give you an idea of its size when full. 

The Better Beauty Case

Another great feature of this case is the velcro closure holds fast. Even loaded down with all our stuff, the velcro held as we moved it from place to place! If counter space is an issue, You can also hang it from a doorknob or coat hanger in a closet. 

The Better Beauty Case

After a week of use, it did get a few water marks and toothpaste on it, but it came cleaning easily with a wipe of a damp cloth. I did notice marks and indentions on the outside that I attribute to normal use for a family of four for a full week and being in a light duffle bag for part of the road trip where heavy luggage may have bumped it.  To me, that’s just normal wear and tear and my Better Beauty Case is still in great condition!

I’ve stored her with my other totes and carry-on bags because I have a feeling this case will be pressed into service often. We have a few weekend trips in mind and this case will be my go-to for our toiletries. 

My Take Away:

I think this case would make a perfect gift for anybody who travels or wants to. If you have teen daughters like I do, I highly recommend this case for a gift! You can learn more about the Better Beauty Case and all of Joy Mangano products by visiting her website here

Are you planning to travel this fall where you could use this beauty case? I’d love to hear about your plans in comments. 

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